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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-07 10:00:00

Why does WWE disrespect The Miz so much?

If by disrespect you mean having a consistent position with the company, a Wrestlemania main event, a reality show that pays his entire family to appear, mainstream media attention appearances with Logan Paul and always being tapped to represent the company on lots of media outlets, I don't know.

With all the talk about Karrion Kross and Scarlett returning, which is cool, has there been any talk about re-casting and using some of the talents that are under contract but have been meaningless?

The one name that has been bouncing around with that sort of talk in recent weeks is T-Bar, the former Dijak in WWE NXT and Ring of Honor.  I saw him work a few weeks ago in Madison Square Garden as part of a WWE Main Event taping and his offense looked so great, MSG began chanting for him.  So, we'll see what they do and how far they take it, but that's the name I've heard most prominently recently.

Do you think Omos, the WWE 24/7 stuff, etc. are all gone from WWE now?

I think the stuff that Vince McMahon loved personally will be toned down and eventually return in tweaked form, but no talents have been cut, etc.  Same with the 24/7 title.  Whatever was the standard in WWE, that all changes now, because there's not only a new boss, but a new overall perspective on what they believe will work for the audience.

Does Vince McMahon get the Chris Benoit treatment now, meaning he never gets his footage utilized, mentioned on TV, forever etc.?

I think that will certainly be the case going forward for at least the near future.  I don't expect that we'll see the Mr. McMahon character completely ignored if they were working on say a Steve Austin video package for example since he was such a major part of that era, but in terms of being downplayed, that's obviously going to be the case until whatever potential damage is completely mitigated and any potential criminal investigations and lawsuits are no longer a potential danger to the company.   But right now, there's no way they should want to put a spotlight on his name.  They have to protect the company, something he didn't with the actions that led to his resignation/retirement.  All that said, the entire idea that Vince McMahon is never ever mentioned again on WWE produced programming, 25 years from now, 50 years from now?  I don't believe that.  If Vince passed away tomorrow, they would obviously commemorate him.  Ignored Forever?  As I write this, no shot.  Should something else be unconvered, then obviously there could be a change.

With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now running WWE, do you think that all-male match cards on RAW, SmackDown, NXT and the PLEs are a thing of the past considering that both Triple H and Stephanie are huge fans of women’s wrestling?

Yes but I do believe that doing another Evolution show is probably more likely to happen now than it was 3 months ago.

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