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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-06 11:00:00

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Tony Khan has a guy I never heard of (it was Mance Warner) bleed in the opening match of Rampage?  Please be honest with me, he isn’t serious with his booking is he?

Sadly, he is.  I guess it appeals to his core audience but man he is limiting his growth with all of the junk he has booked of late.  I feel better for the wrestlers.  They deserve better.

What are your thoughts on Ric Flair’s last match?

I am happy he made it through it and it’s over.  I hope he never does it again and he shouldn’t do it again.

Sasha Banks is rumoured to be returning to WWE and I think she's making a big mistake going back there. Vince McMahon made so many promises to her none of which he ever kept which led to her walking out multiple times. No talent in WWE during this era has been lied to more than Legit Boss. Booking speaks for itself - How many did Sasha win the women's title only to drop it first title defense? Lone exception is her last title reign which lasted longer than all the previous ones combined. It was only a few yrs ago when Charlotte & Sasha were hot shotitng the title back and forth weekly on Raw. 1-5 WrestleMania record and she has never won a singles match at the biggest show of the year which is absolutely mind blowing. HHH & Stephanie suck up to Sasha making promises, saying how they aren't Vince and things will be different this time. Nothing personal against them but I can only imagine how many times Sasha heard that from Vince especially to get her back when she walked out. If she's returning to the company, it should be as a singles wrestler and not teaming with Naomi with them showing up and predictably attacking the team that wins the tournament with them claiming they never lost the titles and recycling CM Punk storyline.

Take a deep breath.  Vince is gone.  HHH was great to Sasha in NXT.  Steph has always been a strong advocate of the Women and Sasha.  Vince is gone.  If you can't see the changes already, you aren't looking.  Relax.

Even though Vince is now gone, how much trouble could the WWE face from all the other outside investigations that have been launched against them over Vince's actions?  Does him being gone insulate them a good amount from those, or are they something that could still be major trouble for the company down the road?

If there are more stories of paid off women, they are fine.  They already dealt with the problem and forced him to leave the company.  That is all that they can do, rid the company of the problem, and they did that.

With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now running WWE, do you think that all-male match cards on RAW, SmackDown, NXT and the PLEs are a thing of the past considering that both Triple H and Stephanie are huge fans of women’s wrestling?

When was the last time we had an all male card on any of those shows?  When you can't remember the last time, you answered your own question.

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