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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-04 08:50:00

WWE Celebrity wrestler Bad Bunny will appear in the new Brad Pitt action film Bullet Train and has been praised for his work as an actor.

Kai sent the following...I'm watching the new Netflix docuseries on Woodstock and in the opening a pre-Real World Miz is shown in a clips at 1 minute, 17 seconds in. 

Cole Karter filed for a trademark on his ring name on 7/29

Time Out in Australia featured a piece on independent wrestling there with comments from Robbie Eagles and Shazza McKenzie, at this link.

This Saturday's Battleground Championship Wrestling return to the 2300 Arena will feature FMW legend Atsushi Onita teaming with FMW Leather vs. Bully Ray and PCO, with Onita returning to the United States seeking revenge against Bully, who beat him at the previous Battleground event.  That show featured Sabu turning on Onita in favor of his fellow former ECW alumni.  This would be the third time over the last year that Onita has come to the Northeast to compete.  The show will stream live on FITE.TV.

T-Mart Promotions' The Gathering kicks off today in Charlotte, NC at the University Hilton, running through through Sunday 8/7 in Charlotte, NC at the University Hilton with Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, Paul Ellering, Haku, Francine, Tito Santana, Jacques Rougeau, The Beverly Brothers, Ricky Morton, Shane Douglas, The Sandman, Paul Roma, The Tonga Kid, John Nord, Kim Duk aka Tiger Chung Lee (first ever convention appearance), Nikita Koloff, Marc Mero, Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker (first ever convention appearance), Randy & Bill Mulkey, Eddie Sharkey (first ever convention appearance), Bill Irwin and Bill Apter appearing over the course of the weekend for autographs and photo opportunities. 

There will be six Q&A Sessions over the course of the weekend.  The official schedule will feature:

Today 8/4 at 4 PM - Bill Apter Q&A.
Today 8/4 at 8 PM - Eddie Sharkey Q&A.
Friday 8/5 at 10:30 AM - Nikita Koloff Q&A.
Friday 8/5 at 4 PM - Jeff Jarrett Q&A.
Friday 8/5 evening - Paul Roma Q&A.
Saturday 8/6 - Jerry Jarrett Q&A.

There will be a Tribute Dinner on Friday 8/4 honoring The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering, The Triple Threat, Nikita Koloff, Bill Apter, Kevin Sullivan and the late Peggy Lathan, one of the most beloved and popular Carolinas-based wrestling fans ever.  Ellering will be in attendance to accept on behalf of the Legion of Doom.  Douglas and Francine will accept the Triple Threat's honor.  Apter, Koloff and Sullivan will be in attendance.

The Gathering III will also feature a live wrestling event on Saturday 8/5 featuring Ricky & Kerry Morton vs. Colby Corino & George South, NWA Women's Champion Kamille vs. Rachael Ellering, Nick Aldis vs. Thom Latimer, Anthony Greene vs. Caleb Konley, Shane Douglas & 2 Cold Scorpio with Kimona vs. CW Anderson & Andrew Anderson with Kevin Sullivan and more.

Vendor guests announced for the weekend are a newly announced reunion of Ronnie and Jimmy Garvin, A Glamour Girls reunion with Judy Martin and Leilani Kai, Bret Hart, Bill Eadie, Barry Darsow, Col. Robert Parker, Ken Resnick, Kevin Sullivan, Jimmy Valiant, Bryan "Adam Bomb" Clarke, Kerry Morton, Scott Norton, Earl Hebner, Fred Ottman, George South, Savannah Evans, Steve Lombardi (who will be appearing in his many personas over the course of the weekend), Jimmy Golden aka Bunkhouse Buck, CW Anderson, Anthony Greene, The Powers of Pain, Sam Houston, Stacy Carter and former Nitro Girls Fyre, Spice, Chae and AC Jazz and more. 

For more details on what is always a tremendously well done weekend, click here

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