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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-08-03 09:40:00

WWE has always enjoyed great viewing figures since its inception in 1953 as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. It has mainly attracted a large crowd within the USA thanks to its constant touring and availability on prevalent television networks but also has dedicated fans around the world.

However, it was recently reported that viewing figures were declining. The stats suggest that the wrestling industry needs to do more if it is to stay relevant and continue to engage modern viewers. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which changes could be implemented to boost viewership worldwide, from greater accessibility across streaming services, to an improved representation within the iGaming industry: there are options galore and WWE should certainly take note before it's too late.

WWE Adapted to the Rise of Streaming Services

There has been some progression with the WWE. The good news is that the organisation realised it needed to adapt to the age of streaming services, which is a massive relief in that the days of paying for television subscriptions and watching live options could be coming to an end over the next decade. Wrestling needs to be represented on modern platforms.

Unfortunately, WWE has not struck deals with any of the big names on the streaming circuit like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Instead, people who want to watch wrestling matches need to subscribe to Peacock Premium. There are only around 13 million paid monthly subscribers of the Comcast-owned company that launched two years ago, highlighting how far behind the big guns it is. The WWE, therefore, will need Peacock to boost its viewing figures if it is to attract a vast number of new spectators from this source.

More Representation in Gaming Could be Key

Aside from streaming, there are various other ways for the WWE to boost itself in different areas of the entertainment industry. One of the common strategies for successful brands nowadays is to franchise across games on different platforms. This can include mobile, console, and iGaming.

Admittedly, the WWE has had regular representation in the gaming industry over the years, with options like the WWE 2K series from Visual Concepts and 2K Sports often lauded for its detailed and rich gameplay. There are also mobile offerings like WWE Champions and WWE Mayhem. However, the wrestling industry may be missing out on one of the most lucrative places to pick up new viewers.

It's no secret that the online casino industry is booming in recent years. With a seemingly infinite array of games inspired by all sorts from TV shows to notable celebrities, there are often officially franchised slot/table game titles on the 'most popular' pages for big online casino brands. For instance, there’s the casino online slot Narcos inspired by the critically acclaimed Netflix original show. The globalised success of the show means that the slot game is universally accessible, whether players are engaging from the US or the Netherlands, where brands like Casino777 are based.

 There are also sport-themed titles like Football Studio that encourage more people to watch the beautiful game thanks to the inclusion of elements such as commentary. Perhaps if the WWE looked to collaborate with more casino gaming developers, and thus created more licenced games in this market, they would be looking at a boost in viewing figures. It certainly wouldn't hurt to consider branching out into new territories.

Actors Like John Cena and Dwayne Johnson Have Helped Boost WWE

Something that is promising for the WWE is the fact that it has produced several high-profile Hollywood actors in recent years. These famous faces can serve as a way to retroactively spark interest in WWE, as fans of them in cinema go back to look at their past work. These people may then fall in love with the industry and develop a hunger for more WWE content.

The biggest name to hit the big time in Hollywood is Dwayne Johnson, who was more commonly known as The Rock when he was in the WWE. The 50-year-old is now one of the hottest actors in the business, after making his first appearance in The Mummy Returns back in 2001. John Cena is another who is following the same trajectory, with key roles in The Suicide Squad and the Fast & Furious franchise.

The WWE is doing plenty of things right, with its move to streaming highly positive. It also has a strong presence on social media, which is essential for reaching people in the modern age. However, it may need more representation in different forms of gaming if it is to win back viewers and attract new ones.

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