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By Cory Strode on 2022-08-03 20:46:00

It is Wednesday, and AEW Dynamite is in the Schottenstein Center in Columbus OH. Our commentary team is Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone.

Orange Cassidy vs Jay Lethal

Cassidy immediately gets a go behind and a roll up for a two. He then gets a side headlock on Lethal. When Lethal escapes, he and Cassidy trade arm drags. Cassidy’s hands are in his pockets and Lethal tries a series of moves, including a Lethal Injection that Cassidy stops with a drop kick to the back. Lethal goes to the outside and Cassidy dives onto him and then hits the soft kicks and Lethal crawls to Stanam Singh.

Satnam knocks Cassidy back down the ramp and then the Best Friends come front he back one on top of the other with a coat so that they are doing the “two kids pretending to be an adult thing.”  I laughed at it.  A nice little funny bit. 

Back in the ring Lethal is able to get a Dragon Screw on Cassidy and then is tossed to the floor. Lethal then attacks Cassidy’s leg with the steel steps. He keeps up the attack as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Cassidy is on his back trying to kick free from Lethal’s attack. Cassidy is up and he is able to attack Lethal in the corner. Lethal gets an avalanche Dragon Screw from the top and locks on a figure four. Cassidy is able to get to the ropes for a break. Lethal tries for a stalling suplex, but Cassidy reverses it to a stundog millionaire. Lethal Lethal is able to recover and turns Cassidy’s spinning DDT into a Lethal combination. Lethal goes to the top and as he sets up for the big elbow, Cassidy rolls to the other side of the ring, slowly. 

Cassidy then goes up and Lethal stop hi9m with a chop. They fight on the top and the crowd is LOUD for Cassidy. Cassidy gets the diving DDT and then a spinning DDT for a two count. Cassidy limps to the corner and is unable to run for the Orange Punch. Cassidy says he can’t stand on the knee, and Lethal pulls him up for a power bomb. Casssidy reverses it for a beach break. He goes for the Orange Punch and collapses. Lethal grabs him and Cassidy gets a small package for a two.  

Lethal hits the Lethal Injection and the three.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Sonjay goes to the ring with a mic and mocks Cassidy. He then asks Lethal for his thoughts on Wardlow. Lethal says he may want to come out right now, since he is going to put the figure four on Cassidy and break his leg.

The Best Friends come out to break it up and they are followed by Wardlow. Lethal, Singh and Dutt bail, and Dutt has a mic and says Wardlow should go train. Because he should put his TNT title against His Man. 

Notice he didn’t say Lethal.

Wardlow has a mic and says he will fight any time anywhere, and he will whoop that ass

We get a video package of Hook winning the FTW title. 

It’s time for the Undisputed Elite.

Story time with Adam Cole, and he’s happy to be back with his friends. He is still not medically cleared, but he has used the time off to think about things. He says he is thinking about what they can fix. He says it’s all about loyalty. 

This brings him to the trios tournament. He says he would love for them to win the trios tournament, but he’s not medically cleared, and Bobby Fish is cleared and the Young Bucks won’t team with Kyle O'Reilly. They won’t be in the tournament.  He then says he means they won’t be able to be in the tournament, and reDRagon attacks the Young Bucks. 

Adam Page runs to the ring with a steel pipe and runs off reDRagon and Adam Cole. 

The Bucks and Page are on opposite sides of the ring, and Page offers his hand to Matt and helps him up. Page then leaves.

We then get a promo from Jon Moxley about Wheeler Yuta vs Chris Jericho. He doesn’t care who wins. When he gets in the ring he is going after his opponent and he won’t stop until someone goes to the hospital. The BCC will make the Hart Dungeon look like a day care. Another great promo from Mox.

We get a video from earlier today when Jungle Boy drives up to Christian Cage in the middle of his interview, and security holds Jungle Boy back.

Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm

Rosa’s now wearing a shirt saying she’s been sandbagging since 2014. Leaning into internet trolls.  Dunno if that’s a good idea. 

Baker and Hayter are wearing similar ring gear.

Rosa tosses a shirt at Baker and takes her down. The tag bell siren must have played because everyone is in the ring. As the match gets under control, Baker goes for the Lock Jaw, lifts her and gets a back body drop. Hayter is tagged in and Rosa takes her out with a clothesline and keeps up the attack,

Storm tags in and keeps Hayter from getting any offense and Rosa tags in and then are keeping her in their corner. Hayter is able to recover and just punches Rosa in the face. She tags in Baker, who gets a two count as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Rosa gets an insigiri. Baker is able to tag and Hayter stops Rosa from the tag, but Rosa gets a stunner and tags in Storm. Storm then gets a spinning DDT on Baker on the floor. Rebel takes a shove and Storm hits a Cross body on Hayter and stacks her up for a two count. 

Rosa is tagged in and Hayter can drop the double vertical suplex and reverses it on Storm and Rosa. Baker is tagged in and Rosa takes a rip cord form Baker and is able to get a death valley driver on Baker. Rebel gets on the apron and stop the tag.  Storm is on the top and Baker goes up to meet her and hits an avalanche airplane crash. 

Hayter is tagged in and Baker and Hayter double team Storm for a two count broken up by Rosa. Baker and Rosa meet in the middle of the ring. They trade words, then chops and then attempts at suplex, where Baker gets the air raid crash on Rosa. Storm takes out Baker. Hayter is able to take out Storm with a back breaker slam.  All four are down.

Rosa and Storm are able to get double Germans and Storm hits a series of hip attacks. Baker pulls Rosa into the way of Storm’s last hip attack Hayter is able to get a clothesline and covers Storm for a three.

Winners: Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter

We then get a video of Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti’s engagement, and they are getting married this week.  Eddie Kingston interrupts them because it is a wrestling show and he says no one cares about the marriage. When Sammy gets back, he needs to sign the contract. 

We then get a recap of Powerhouse Hobbs turning on Ricky Starks. Taz says he didn’t know about any of that stuff, and he’s out fo the loop so Team Taz is done.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Ren Jones

I don’t get time to make a joke about if there is a Stimpy Jones and Hobbs just obliterates him and pins after a clothesline and then kneels on his chest.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Ricky Starks charges the ring and they throw hands. Hobbs gets a spinebuster and leaves Starks laying.

We get a Miro promo asking about how he’s been having a visitor who tells him things. He says he will reveal himself as they show video of the confrontation he had with the House of BLack.

Darby then has a video about his coffin match with Brody King.  So, we get Darby getting obliterated again.

JIm Ross joins the booth and Tony bows out.

Matt Hardy vs Christian Cage

Matt attacks Cage before the bell and they fight into the corner. Matt just pounds Cage down.  Cage is able to reverse it and he gets his chance to beat down Matt. Matt is able to knock Cage off the top and Cage hits the apron on the way down. They brawl on the outside and then go into the ring. Matt goes back to beating him down in the corner. Matt gets a power bong and a two count.

Cage gets out of the ring and Matt follows him again. Matt gets driven into the steel steps and Matt is able to drop him on the steps as well. We go picture in picture as Cage rolls into the ring. 

When we return to full screen, Matt gets a super plex on Cage from the top and gets a two count. They fight to their feet and Matt hits a back body drop and beats down Cage in the corner. Matt calls for the twist of fate and Cage pushes him off and gets the pendulum kick. They go tot he top and Matt hits a back body drop and then hits a diving elbow for a two count.

Cage tries for a killswitch and Matt escapes. Cage is able to get a whiplash and a diving head butt onto Matt for a two count. Cage does the second rop stretch on Matt and Matt is able to get a side effect for a two count.

They fight to the apron. Matt gets a side effect on the apron.  Matt brings the timekeeper's table over. Matt is able to fight Cage onto the table, tries for a running elbow and Cage gets out fo the way, letting Matt go through the table. Cage rolls him into the ring and hits the Killswitch for the three.

Winner: Christian Cage

Cage goes under the ring and pulls out a pair of chairs for a Conchairto.

We get Luchasaurus new scary music and Cage watches as he slowly comes to the ring. Jungler Boy instead comes in from the other side and chases off Cage with a chair. 

In the back, Daniel Garcia tells Tony how his win over Bryan Danielson Is the greatest victory in history. 

We then get a video package of Pac defending the All Atlantic title and yelling at the man int eh box, who we THINK is Kip Sabian. 

In the ring, Ethan Page has the mic. He is asking why is Ethan Page is not on TV every week, or have an action figure, or his picture on the bus.

What about me? WHAT ABOUT ETHAN?

Ethan Page says he deserves better.  He then yells at the crowd for cheering. They don’t buy his merch. Stokely Hathaway is in the ring with him.  Looks like Dan Lambert isn’t on his team any more. Stokely whispers in his ear and then hands him a business card.

Somewhere, Scorpio Sky is wondering why he isn’t involved in this.

We get the former members of 2.0 and Anna Jay with Tony. Danny Magic says Jericho will become champion next week. Anna Jay A S says she will choke anyone out and puts the Queenslayer on a random crew member.

The Acclaimed vs the Ass Boys…sorry, the Gunn Club in a Dumpster Match

The Acclaimed come out and attack Billy Gunn with a trash can before the bell.  They take out the Gunn Club and Max Caster then gives his rap.

The Gunn Club recover and the fight begins. The Gunns try to suplex Bowens, and he is able to reverse it.  Bowens and Austin fight in the ring and the Gunn Club are able to get the Acclaimed in the dumpster, but they fight their way free as we go picture in picture.  WHY IS THIS STIPULATION ON THE SMALL SCREEN??!!

When we return to full screen, Bowen is tossed off the top of the dumpster onto garbage cans. The Guns and Caster fight ont he stage. There’s a second dumpster on the stage that has a table in it. The table gets set up and after Caster takes a suplex on the steel, Bowens shows for the fight. 

Bowen is draped on the table and Colton has climbed to the top fo the entrance. Caster shows up behind him and he is tossed into the dumpster. Colton is put ont he table and Caster does a mic drop from the top of the entrance. Colton is put in the dumpster and the lid is closed.

Winners: The Acclaimed

The dumpster is zip tied shut and it’s then shoved off the stage.

We get a video from Ric Flair’s Last Match’s Bunkhouse Brawl where Mance Warner won a championship match, and it will be on Rampage Friday night.

We get a video recapping the feud between Swerve in our Glory vs Tony Nese and Josh Woods. Excalibur then fills us in the upcoming matches on upcoming shows at top speed.

Chris Jericho vs Wheeler Yuta and the winner face Jon MNoxley for the AEW Title next week on the rough streets of Minneapolis

William Regal joins commentary. Claudio Castagnoli comes to the right to keep the JAS from interfering. 

Yuta goes at Jericho and nails him int he nose and then takes him down. He then slams Jericho into the corner,m the next corner and then whips him into the ropes. Jericho bails out fo the ring to regroup. Yuta follows him and attacks him on the floor. Jericho is tossed into the ring and and Menard grabs Yuta’s boot.  He is now OUT OF HERE!!  As the JAS leaves, Jericho goes for a quick rolls up and Yuta escapes and attacks him again. He goes to the top and Jericho rams into the ropes to knock him off as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Yuta is firing up with punches and kicks, followed by a Manhattan drop and an insigiri. Yuta them comes off the top with a flying fist. They run the ropes and both hit a cross body on each other at the same time. As they recover, they slap each other as they get to their feet. Yuta get a German suplex and holds on for 5 in a row and holds on for a two count. Jericho counters another German and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Yuta has a LONG way to crawl. He bridges up and gets to the ropes and Jericho breaks and gets int he ref’s face.

Jericho is sent over the top and Yuta leaps onto him three times.  

This is an awesome match.

Yuta hits a high cross body on Jericho int eh ring and gets a two count. Jericho reverses Yuta’s next attack into a butterfly back breaker. Ericho goes for a Lion Sault and Yuta is able to stop it and goes to the top. Jericho hits Codebreaks on Yuta as he leaps and covers for a two count. Jericho goes for the hammer and anvil elbows, but Yuta pops his nose and starts to lock on a modified STF. Jericho is able to grab the bat, and as the ref gets rid of it, he gets a low blow on Yuta.

Yuta and Jerisho struggle for supremacy, and Yuta goes for the seat belt, but Jericho turns it into the Walls, forcing Yuta to tap.

Winner: Jericho

After the match he refuses to let go until Jon Moxley goes to the ring.  Jericho grabs a mic and says Mox has opened Pandora’s Box and if he wants the last survivor of Stu Hart’s dungeon, he will stretch the crap out of him.

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