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By Anthony Pires on 2022-08-03 20:29:00

It's Wedensday Nigth! And that means I'm back! Thanks to Cory Strode for covering solo last week on my sojourn to Nashville.  We are LIVE for AEw Dynamite. Taz, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone are on the call.

Orange Cassidy vs. Jay Lethal w/Sonjay Dutt & Satnim Singh

I'd say Lethal had a unique weekend.  Casidy with a signal for delay.  Lethal charged and het gets rolled up for 1.  Headlock/shoulderblock for 1 by Cassidy. Throw odd and shoulder block by Lethal for 1.  Lethal misses an arm drag. Hands in pockets by Cassidy, he eventually gets a dropkick. Lethal to the floor. Cassidy with a tope suicida.  "Kicks" by Cassidy in the floor, Lethal scrambles away. Singh to the ramp to help. Best Friends come out with Trent on Chucks shoulders. Back in the ring, it's Lethal with a dragon screw, he stomps Cassidy's foor on the steps.  Lathal dropkicks Cassidy's leg into the stwps as we go to commercial.

We are back to live action, Lethal teases the Figure 4 but insteads stomps the leg. Cassidy kicks him off. Cassidy throws LEthal into the buckle and climbs the ropes. Lethal with an avalanche screw driver. Figure 4 by Lethal, Cassidy makes the ropes.  Suplex by Lethal turns into a Stundog by Cassidy. Backbreaker by Lethal for 2.  Lethal to the top but Cassidy rolls to the corner. Caassidy sends him into the bottom buckle and climbs the ropes. Lrthal meets him but gets shoved off. Diving DDT by Cassidy for 2. Cassidy tosses the elbow pad.  He goes for the ORange Punch but the knee goes out.  Piledriver by Lethal turns into a Beach Break.  Cassidy tries the punch and gets chop blocked. Lethal kicks the knee and hits Lethal Injection for the pin.


Dutt and Singh come to the ring to praise Lethal. Lethal wants the TNT title. He wants Wardlow. Lethal slaps the figure 4 on Cassidy but Best Friends and Wardlow make the save. Lethal and Co. head for the high ground.  Dutt challenges Wardlow at Battle of the Belts 3, this Saturday. Wardlow accepts.

We see the highlights from last week where Hook won the FTW title from Ricky Starks.

Adam Cole and The Undisputed Elite come out. Storytime.  Cole says it's great to have everyone back together. He is still not medically cleared.  He puts over their talent and then speaks of loyalty.  He says he came to AEW because of the Bucks.  That's loyalty. What he wants to do is talk about the Trios Tournament.  He says he and O'Reilly aren't cleared and The Young Bucks didn't choose Fish.  reDRagon attack the Bucks and Brandon Cutler. Cole stomps down Matt Jackson.  Cole is about to Pillmanize the leg but Adam Page makes the saver and runs off Cole & reDRagon.  Page helps Matt Jackson to his feet and walks off.

Jon Moxley is in the back and talks about tonight's #1 contenders match.  He doesn't care who wins. He's ready to destroy whoever comes out on top.

We see footage from earlier today as Tony Schiavone tried to interview Christian Cage. Jungle Boy showed up and ran him off.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Jamie Hayter w/Rebel vs. Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm

Rosa and Baker kick us off. Double leg and punches by Rosa, Hayter makes the save.  Baker with a crossface, Rosa rolls back and back suplexes Baker. Hayter tags in.  Clotheslines by Rosa.  Storm tags in and stops Hayter in the corner. rosa tags in and hits a chop and slams Hayter into the buckle. Big dropkick by Rosa.  Rosa with a hard forearm and back elbows.  Baker with a distraction, Hayterc with a forearm and crushes Rosa in the corner. Baker tags in as we go to commercial.

Backn to live action and it's Baker throwing hard forearms to Rosa's skull.  Hayter tags in and Rosa hits a stunner and Storm tags in. Cross body for 2 by Storm. Storm and Baker get into it. Storm gets the better of it and nails Hayter with a cross body. Rosa tags in. Hayter with a suplex to both opponents.  Baker tags in and eats a Death Valley Driver.  Storm tags in but gets distracted by Rebel. Avalanche by Baker, Hayter gets tagged in. She scores a 2 after Baker nailed Storm with a stomp. We've lost absolute control here.  Hayter laid out Storm. Thunder Storm with double Germans. They hit stereo hip attacks. Baker throws Rosa into a Storm hip attack. Hayter pins Storm after a lariat.


Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti have a wedding video package. Eddie Kingston saves us from the wedding which is none of my business.  The upcoming match between Kingston and Guevara appears to be a go for All Out.  

We see footage of Powerhouse Hobbs betraying Ricky Starks. Taz swears he knew nothing and formally dissolves Team Taz.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ren Jones

Avalanche by Hobbs.  Runnig stampede into the corner and a powerslam by Hobbs. Clothesline by Hobbs and he scores the pin


Ricky Starks runs in and eats a spinebuster. Overzealousness was not Starks' friend here.

Miro is backstage complaining about God and the messengers he's sending after him.  

Darby Allin reveals that it was him who went to Tony Kahn and pushed for him to hire Brody King.  Next week it's a coffin match between the 2.

Jim Ross comes out to announce with Taz and Excalibur.  

Matt Hardy vs. Christian Cage

Double leg by Hardy he nails shoulder blocks in the corner.  Slap to the face by Cage, he follows up with 2 more. Cage punches him in the corner.  Matt turns the tables and punches Cage, sending him to the floor. Hardy sets up a table but Cage gets back in the ring.  They brawl in the corner. Hardy hits a quick powerbomb for 2.  Cage rolls out and Hardy follows him.  Hardy slams him into the apron but Cage shoves him into the steps. Cage runs his body into Hardy's on the steps as we go to commercial.

Back live, Hardy nails a superplex. He scores a 2.  They exchange right hands. Back body drop by Matt.  Matt with a 10 count od punches and come dows with an ax handle. Hardy misses a corner charge but nails a backdrop off the middle and an elbow drop for 2. Killswitch blocked by Hardy. Cage with a whiplash neckbreaker and a diving headbutt for 2. Cage misses a punch and Hardy with a side effect for 2.  Side effect on the apron by Hardy and it's time to reinstroduce the table. Cage gets out of the way and Hardy drops the elbow through it.  Killswitch and Cage scores the pin.


Cage pulls out 2 chairs. It's Con-Chair-to time.  Luchasaurus comes out.  It's a ruse as Jungle Boy comes in through the crowd and grabs the chair from Cage.  Cage runs off.

Daniel Garcia reminds us that he submitted The American Dragon. He wants him again, as he has Danielson's number.

We see video of Pac's most recent AEW All Atlantic Title defense.

All Ego Ethan Page is in the ring and wants to know WHY he's not on TV.  WHY isn't he getting any respect. Stokley Hathaway comes out. Page complains that no one buys his T shirts.  He finally sees Hathaway.  Hathaway whispers into his ear and gives Page his business card. Page and Hathaway walk off together.

Anna Jay, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker are backstage. Anna is to be known as Anna J.A.S. Anna chokes out a cameraman.  

Dumpster Match: Austin & Colton Gunn w/Billy Gunn vs. The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed attack Billy Gunn on the ramp and we got a brawl in the aisle. Acclaimed lay them out and then Caster gets his music. He raps and then The Ass Bo...Gunn Club attack.  Bowens suplexes both Austin and Colton.  Bowens with a huge superkick to Austin. Colton with a side slam and lays Bowens across the dumpster. Bowens gets powerbombed in the dumpster and Caster gets backdropped into it. They escape just before the lid gets shut.  We go to commercial.

Bowens and Austinn and fighting on top of the dumpster and Bowens gets thrown off through a garbage can. Caster takes on the Gunns on the stage. The Gunns pull out a table. Caster gets suplexed on a grate. Bowens comes to and tries to help but gets Colt45'd.  There's a second dumpster out there. Are they both legal dumpsters? Caster shoves Austin off the ramp into the dumpster. Caster with a Mic Drop through a table and throw Colton into the dumpster and close the lid.


The Acclaimed roll the dumpster off the stage. 

We see highlights of Mance Warner winning the Bunkhouse Stampede Sunday night. He'll face Moxley in a qualifier Friday night.

This Saturday at Battle of the Belts III it's ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs Kenosuke Takeshita

AEW World Championship #1 contenders match: Chris Jericho vs. Wheeler Yuta

William Regal has joined the booth. Jericho has Parker and Menard with him.  ROH World Champion Claudio Castignoli comes out to second Yuta. Palm strike by JEricho, Yuta flicks Jericho's broken nose.  Yuta claws away at the nose.  Jericho bails but Yuta meets him and wails down the right hands.  Parker is caught grabbing Yuta's leg.  2.0 gets ejected by referee Aubrey Edwards.  Kick by Yuta.  Yuta with kicks in the corner as we go to commercial.

We return to our main event and JEricho is in full control, egging on the crowd.  Yuta fires back with forearms. Reverse atomic drop and an enziguiri by Yuta, followed by a forearm off the top.  They have  across body mid ait collision.  They trade palm strikes. Yuta with a German, followed by 5 more.  Yuta scores a 2 count. Jericho steps through another German and applies the Walls of Jericho. Yuta makes the ropes. Yuta backdrops him to the floor and hits 3 tope suicidas.  Cross body off the top for 2 by Yuta. Back breaker and a clothesline by Jericho. He goes for the Lionsault but Yuta gets the knees up.  Yuta off the top rope and Jericho with a codebreaker for 2. Hammer elbows by Jericho. Yuta rakes the nose and applies an instep stretch.  Jericho grabs the bat and Edwards grabs it away. With her distracted, JEricho nails a low blow and a Liontamer. Yuta taps out.


Jericho won't release the hold. Jon Moxley comes out to make the save. It's Jericho vs. Moxley next week. 

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