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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-08-02 19:31:00

IWTV Southeast First Uncharted Territory Season 4 Finale

8/1/22 - Red Bank, TN

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So I was SUPPOSED to be in Chattanooga this week but Covid had other plans for me. This was not how I planned to spent my vacation week but luckily, IWTV streams are consistent and reliable. XD Anyways, here we are at the end of the road, 12 episodes down and one supersized jam-packed episode to go. As always, Dylan Hales & Jumpin’ Johnny Mosley are on commentary. Scott Hensley is your announcer. Let’s gooooo!

We go live as the participants of our opening scramble are working their way to the ring. Is that JIMMY LLOYD in a GCW shirt?!? XD

Match 1: Billy Tipton vs Derek Neal vs Jimmy Lloyd vs Marc Angel vs White Mike vs Dillion McQueen vs Nick Iggy

Last Laugh have two members in the scramble tonight? Right to the chaos as Lloyd suicide dives out at Angel. Dillion twerks at White Mike and gets a pelvis thrust and body toss. Angel spikes a cutter and Lloyd with a split legged moonsault. Tipton almost takes it with a sunset flip bomb on Neal. Last Laugh with a double DVD and a double pin on Tipton. How does that work if they pull that off? White Mike with a can opener on Iggy. Angel with a step up destroyer to Lloyd! Tipton throwing hard hands…Neal blasts Last Laugh with a double spear. Tipton has Angel in a bully choke…Dillion slides in and prevents the tap. Iggy barely grabs McQueen and Dillion taps out for his partner. Wild match with an utter BS finish.…but it’s exactly what you’d expect from Last Laugh.

Winner: Nick Iggy

Match 2: “Space Jesus” Billie Starkz (w/ Billy Tipton) vs Kenzie Paige (w/ Hunter Drake)

Paige blasts Billie with a superkick as she makes her entrance. Package piledriver! Billie kicks out! Billie catches her with a gut kick and a tombstone! Kenzie kicks out! This is all heavy artillery from the outset! Billie pulled down by the hair and double stomped for a two. Billie dodges the hair pull and blasts a lariat for two. Kenzie hits a destroyer but they’re both wiped out. Trade Germans, Kenzie hits a senton. Kenzie takes Billie off the top with a superplex. She tries to pick her back up but Billie hoists her up and rams them both into the buckles. Almost a double KO. Flurry of back and forth punches. Electric chair driver from Starkz! Billie to the top but Drake interferes. Billie tries her senton, Kenzie is pulled out. Nick Iggy is in and blasts Billie with his chain. Kenzie is in and gets the pin. Welp.

Winner: Kenzie Paige

Hunter Drake has been demanding a match all week and he refuses to vacate the ring until he gets one. “HAHA YOU’RE F***ED” says Dylan Hales as the Bulldozer enters.

Match 3: Hunter Drake (w/ Last Laugh) vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Tremont clears Last Laugh out of the ring. He drags Drake around the front row and lets the fans takes some shots at Drake. The numbers game is adding up though. Drake with a top rope double stomp. He comes running…into a Tremont uranage. Last Laugh wraps Tremont in the ropes…Billie Starkz and Billy Tipton here to make the save! Nick Iggy wiped out and Tremont blasts a DVD to Drake onto Iggy’s lifeless body!

Winner: Matt Tremont

We get word that Tony Deppen can’t be here tonight due to injury so Jaden Newman’s Any Match contract is still in play. Scott Hensley brings out our IWTV champ to address the crowd. AC Mack sent 3 open contracts out to other regions of the United States. He’s going to reveal his upcoming destinations. Mack now has dates at New Texas Pro & Prestige! As for the third one? Danny Demanto signed it for ICW NHB?!? Mack looks terrified. 

Hit the music…Jaden Newman is here! He asks Mack if he’s scared of the chains, the pits and Demanto. Also Jaden’s dance card is open…he wants a match right now. AC Mack isn’t event until his ring gear….but we’re doing this!

Match 4: AC Mack(c) vs Jaden Newman (for the IWTV championship)

You can tell Mack is thrown off because he lets Scott Hensley introduce him on the mic. Alec Price is here! He wipes out Mack with the remnants of the SUP Bonestorm title. Newman wiped up. Suprize kick to Mack! Did the bell even ring?

Winner: No contest

Price on the mic says no one is on his level. He demands his IWTV title shot since he’s the official number one contender and tries to leave with the IWTV belt. Krule’s music hits and he has a problem now…and a title defense.

Match 5: “The Prize” Alec Price vs Krule (for the SUP Bonestorm Championship)

Price with a superkick and a series of chops but Krule just takes everything and chops the life out of Price in a single shot. Great pop for that one hit. Krule outside and Price tries to dive but Krule keeps catching him. Chokeslam to the apron. Fallaway into the chairs. Price looks dead. Krule just yeets Alex back into the ring and tag rolls him around the ring. Price fights out of Scorched Earth but turns into a chokebreaker. Price wants out but Krule ain’t letting that happen. Price with a tilt a whirl facebuster but Krule doesn’t even take a one count. Leg lariat to the back of the head! Frog splash double knee! Krule out before one again! He tries a reverse chokeslam but Price throws a knee! Block Bustah! Kick out at two! Price comes running but Krule sits up and Price is scared. Price grabs the Bonestorm nameplate and blasts Krule to draw the DQ. He keeps pummeling Krule with the plate until he stays down.

Winner: Krule (by DQ)

Alec screaming at the hard cam as Krule comes back to life (as he does) and blasts the Northeast Beast with Scorched Earth and gets a visual pinfall before he leaves the arena. Huge pop here but the Northeast still owns that SUP belt.

Match 6: Ashton Starr vs Rico Gonzalez vs Rob Killjoy (3-way elimination match)

These three have been at each other for the last several weeks and it comes to a head here. Very even exchange of sequences early. Rico might be overcommitting a little with his two more experienced opponents. Ashton with an apron sharpshooter but Killjoy kicks them off. Rico seems to be the target here, Killjoy slingshots in but Rico dropkicks him out of the air. Killjoy with a base slide to Ashton with a German off the second. Double stomp for two! Rico counters a slingshot to suplex Killjoy into Starr! Rico rana’d off of Starr’s shoulders. Starr powerbombed! DVD into Starr’s back! Killjoy is looking like a combo monster. Rob sent to the floor, Rico trying pin after pin. Starr with a vicious backbreaker! Rico with an apron curbstomp! Rico springboards but Starr dodges and Killjoy eats it. Rico tossed to the wall, scissor kick to Killjoy and Starr picks up the elimination. Starr is smiling wickedly as Rico gets back in the ring. Starr going for the kill, Rico dropped on his head again. Cross body to the corner. Rico out with a stomp! Starr with a rude awakening on the rope. Scissor kick! Rico out at one?!? He’s mad and comes running…right into a knee that KO’s him for the three. 

Winner: Ashton Starr

It’s Discovery Gauntlet time! Can Noah Hossman win tonight and break the record for most consecutive victory or will he remain tied with Thomas Santell? He has a heck of a test in H20’s Austin Luke.

Match 7: Noah Hossman vs Austin Luke

Luke targeting the arm early, Noah slamming repeatedly but Luke hanging on. Luke knows Noah is desperate for this win and is playing it cool. Hossman with a handspring back elbow?!? Vertical delay suplex. Luke grabs the hair and lands a pile of Kawada kicks. For all his control, Noah cant be contained. Trapped chest headbutts! Cannonbaaaaaaall! Northern lights for two! Crowd is feeling it with Hossman. Austin escapes the doctor Bomb, trading heavy bombs. Luke reading Noah well, huge PK for two. Luke with the ripcord…Doctor bomb! Kick out! Noah is stunned! Luke catches him with a brain buster. Noah staggered and trying for his lariat but getting dropped repeatedly. Luke comes running, the lariat connects! Doctor Bomb! Hossman wins the Discovery Gauntlet!!!!

Winner: Noah Hossman

Hossman is excited in the winner’s circle with Scott Hensley. 8 weeks, 8 wins. A new record. 2022? It’s not the year of the pig or the rat. It’s the year of the HOSS. 

Match 8: Marcus Mathers vs Tank (w/ The Reverend)

Marcus Mathers WANTED this fight? He throws his jacket in Tank’s face and powders immediately. The crowd prescribes Mather’s death. Tank offers his services as a brick wall for Mathers to bounce off of. Tank had enough of Marcus trying to be a tough guy and drags him to the floor. Chop the kid up, set up a chair and door. Mathers dropkicks the doors into Tank. This isn’t supposed to be no DQ but….well….it’s Tank? Who’s gonna stop him? Mathers throws the chair into Tank’s face and that brings the Behemoth to life. Mathers with a dive into Tank through the door! Double-double stomp! Mathers scouts the chokebreaker but comes running into a pop up powerbomb. Mathers rolls under the ring and disappears…he’s got another door and hits a 450 double knees! Tank wakes up and fighting back about going through the door. Mathers turns into an eye poke. Tank hits the backfist and saito through the door and holds the legs back for what could have been a 10 count. 

Winner: Tank

Match 9: Suge D vs “Sir Knight” Merrik Donovan (No Holds Barred)

It’s time for Suge’s reckoning from Merrik Donovan, who is furious still that Suge took his spot in the Discovery Gauntlet. Suge has a turnbuckle hook and comes running but Donovan cleans his clock with a lariat. Dragon suplex crashes Suge to the mat. The crowd with a Huzzah as Suge tries to escape to the floor…where he finds a chair and evens the odds. “Off with his head” says Suge as he blasts a chair shot. Running knee into the support pole. Suge has a metal playing card and carves into Merrik’s head until he’s a bloody mess. Suge covering himself in Donovan’s blood as he laughs and torments the crowd. Suge on the attack, corkscrew neckbreaker for two. Merrik trying to fight back but stumbling into these big shots. Donovan is a full crimson mask and Suge is loving this. Merrik finally landing solid. He gets a torture rack! Suge rakes the eyes and snowplows him. Suge is mad that he didn’t get the three and gets in ref Kim’s face. She tries to back him off but Suge relents. Ref Kim knees him in the balls!!!! Merrik back up! Lariat! Falcon arrow! Suge is begging for mercy and Donovan is full of rage. Suge goes so far as to kiss Merrik’s feet…Donovan pulls him up to his spinning torture rack uranage. Suge is limp but Donovan hits that big move two more times to make sure his season long for is definitely DONE. After the pinfall, Merrik grabs Suge’s staple gun. “This territory is now CHARTED” he yells as he staples his uncharted territory flag into Suge’s face. Owwwwww!

Winner: Merrik Donovan

They are airing a promo for this weekend’s SCI Tournament and we can still hear Suge screaming in pain in the background. Yeow.

Match 10: “ACEGAWD” Arik Royal vs “The Black Cloud” Joe Black (KO or Tap Out Only)

These two had a war to a double count out a few weeks back and have had a vicious war of words on either side of it. Tonight, Joe Black looks to prove his worth to his friend and mentor.   It’s worth noting that Joe Black is coming to the ring with a KEYBLADE. Awesome. They test with slaps and chops early. They know how this is going to feel. Standing and trading, they firing up over and over and trying to get the KO. Joe staggers Arik to the buckles with a forearm. Heavy suplex, Joe throwing more hands but Arik catches him off guard and hits a seated senton off the apron. Arik pulls Joe into the same corner they double KO’s themselves last time. Trading slaps around the post, Black pulls Arik in for the stun. Arik looks rocked but he baits him in for a dragon screw and a Kobe! Joe isn’t out though. Acegawd working that leg with a Spinning toe hold and sharpshooter. Joe Black fighting…almost passes out….final push to the rope and gets it! Joe reverses Royal into a series of Germans. Joe drops a knee to the face and wraps up a crossface. Royal’s legs get him free at the rope but he’s looking worse for wear after that flurry. Royal catches Joe with a backward slam into a rings of Saturn! Black out, big lariat! Royal barely makes the ten count. Royal tries a springboard Kobe but Joe dodges, blasts a forearm to the back of the head. Royal is on dream street as Joe Black leaps into a guillotine choke, Acegawd crumbles and the ref shakes his arm limp and calls for the bell. Clash of titans here!

Winner: Joe Black

Main Event: Kevin Ku vs “Any Style” Adam Priest (Relaxed Rules)

11-0 vs 12-0. Undefeated vs Undefeated. These two have a date for the ACTION championship on August 12th but we need to settle the question of who walks away with the undisputed claim of running the table at Uncharted Territory. Scott Hensley calls this the “Southeast First National Championship Match”. There may not be a belt here but this feels as important as any title match. Ku wears ALL his belts to the ring, maybe to get in Priest’s head. Hales points out these guys are 1:1 against each other so we also have a high stakes rubber match. Ku with the initial advantage and sends Adam to the floor to recover….and holds the rope to let his opponent back in. Ku goes for the finish early but Priest rolls it up. So close. Pretty even grappling back and forth but Ku driving Priest to the floor again to take a lap. Adam with a cloverleaf, almost pulls Ku back into a dragon sleeper. Double knee bar, roll off the apron to the concrete. Ku wraps up the legs and does that muscle man pose of his. Priest bites free and all semblance of sportsmanship is out the window, it seems. Priest nursing his shoulder and decides to give Ku something to worry about and tweaks the knee. Figure four! Ku gets the rope and Priest feigns like he’s stuck in the hold to get a few more seconds of pain in. Priest with a double fishhook muta lock variant?!? Ku just chomps down on those fingers. Priest yells as Ku twists up the ankle. Priest trying to work his own leg holds but opts to just toss Ku to the floor. Priest working the shoulder over on the posts. Ku nearly snags a RNC, Priest reverse to the pin and chop block. Ku with a schoolboy! Regal plex and boots Priest to the floor. Adam with a blatant eye poke. Ku eats the post as they might up the ramp. Priest uses the curtain as a distraction and hits a brain buster on the ramp. Ref Gina pushes Priest off of Ku and Dylan Hales runs to check on Ku. The room is dead quiet as it looks like Ku might be hurt. Lot of people emptying out of the back to check on the surgically repaired neck of Ku. Priest staring a hole in Ku as Ku is lifted to his feet and walked to the back. Adam decides to give chase and drag Ku back into the fight. The crowd booing Priest as he stomps Ku out. Ku is refusing to stop fighting. Dylan Hales sounding uncomfortable & says this should not be happening. Priest laser focused on the neck now, and just walking all over Ku. Priest to the top, Ku catches him up there…superplex! Half crab! Priest fights free, Ku can’t keep the hold on. Priest tries for a top rope dropkick, Ku dodges…Ref Gina eats it! Olympic slam from Ku! Ref Shiny Shoes is out here! Trading strikes. Ku firing kicks….he snags Priest with his own ddt! Adam kicks out! Fight into the chairs, backdrop off of them into the concrete! Priest is hurting! Ku comes running in, Alabama slam! Ku looks ROUGH. Priest up to the top, thrown the Alabama jam…Ref Shiny Shoes eats it! Ku with a huge lariat! Double down and we need another ref! Ref Gina is back! They struggle to their feet, Ku with another Olympic slam, choo choo clothesline and a tiger suplex for two! Firing up with back and forth forearms! Ku throwing chest kicks! Priest charges in but Ku hits the ddt again! He tries the fisherman’s buster, Priest kicks the leg out. Piledriver! Kick out! Ku with a flurry but Priest kicks the knee and hits the ddt. Kick out?!? Priest pulls Ku up for another DDT and one more for good measure. Kevin Ku is down for the three count! 

Winner: Adam Priest

A 40-min war! Adam Priest went 13-0 at Uncharted Territory AND pinned the ACTION champion cleanly in our main event. Priest offers a hand but Ku bats it away. Priest grabs the mic. “I told you.” - This might be Jaden’s house. AC Mack might be IWTV champ. But Adam Priest went undefeated at Uncharted Territory. Roll. Tide. 

And that’s it for Season 4 of Uncharted Territory! The Southeast is walking into a huge weekend with TWE on Thursday, The SCI Tournament starting Friday and the ACTION Futures Tournament on Saturday afternoon! It’s a big weekend and I’ll be watching it live on IWTV. Until then!

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