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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-10 10:00:00

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After The Wall Street Journal report of Vince McMahon allegedly paying off more women, would you allow him on TV if you ran FOX and USA?

No, there is no way I would allow him to appear on TV right now if I were them.  None.

In 2005 Vince was pushing 60 years old.  How could he think a young woman would want to be with an old man?

If what is alleged is true, frankly I don’t see how he would care what the woman wanted at all.  In that situation he would only care about what he wanted and again, if the allegations are true, he should be gone from WWE immediately.

I have seen people online saying what Vince McMahon is accused of is no big deal, including people who blame the women “because they took the money”.  What is wrong with people?

Those people have a really warped view of reality and frankly some of them aren’t good people, aren’t very bright or they are a bad mixture of both.  Here is the truth.  The only reason as victim takes compensation is because they are wronged.  If they weren’t wronged, the person that paid them wouldn’t have parted with his or her money.  It’s that simple.  And frankly, fans defending McMahon’s actions are making it really hard for WWE to sell to advertisers that their fans aren’t low rent dirtballs.  By supporting Vince, they may actually be hurting the WWE audience in the eyes of advertisers and partners.

I have a question about the controversy surrounding Vince and the way he seems to be thumbing his nose at it.  A few years ago, WWE was set to have the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal. Then there was some allegations made toward Moolah, which were never proven, and when Snickers heard about it, they threatened to pull sponsorship. WWE immediately renamed it! Now surely they're partners like FOX and Peacock and their advertisers are important enough to demand Vince be completely gone while the investigation is on going! So why don't they? Surely if WWE isn't willing to do anything about it, then the sponsors and partners hold a certain level of responsibility to step in and so something right!?

Obviously, the difference is that it’s Vince McMahon.  It was easy to rename the Moolah Battle Royal for them because Moolah had passed and she wasn’t the person identified with the company.  For now, while the investigation is still ongoing by the Board, I can understand the TV partners and advertisers waiting to see what comes out.  But after Friday’s Wall Street Journal report, it’s getting harder for them to do nothing. As I wrote in my column that day, Vince should do the right thing for all involved and step away completely at this point, at least while the investigation is still ongoing.  He knows whether the report about him allegedly coercing a female wrestler in to having sex with him is true or not.  If it is, I don’t see it going away and he shouldn’t either.  If he did it, his behavior is horrible and it should cost anyone their job, even Vince McMahon.

So I recently sent you a question where I basically said it seems like WWE is mocking the allegations by having Vince appear on tv for what amounted to pointless segments.  It was a bad look IMO.  Now more allegations have come out.  In hindsight, do you think those were in even poorer taste than we thought?  Also have you heard who exactly thought they were a good idea?  Was Vince just allowed to do what he wanted?

Last question first, yes Vince is in charge of creative so he can do what he wants.  My take on his first appearance, on Smackdown, was that he was kind of saying goodbye.  He looked worried.  Then over the weekend it seemed to me like he turned back into Vince and acted like his usual self.  Yes, to me it was a bad idea to put him on TV and it looks worse now.

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