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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-28 10:00:00

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I saw you answered a question about why Jericho won the Hair vs Hair match last week on dynamite. I understand that it was better for the heel to win in this case, but do you also think that the fact he is the frontman for FOZZY may have also had some influence in the booking of the match?

It shouldn't, in my opinion.  The dude is almost 52 years old and it's not like other guys his age have full heads of hair!

When I heard rumblings that Jeff Hardy was going to join AEW, I was worried that Tony Khan would overlook the potential liability he would have on his hands, and now it looks like I was right. I've always loved Hardy as a wrestler, but the man has substance abuse problems. He consistently gets himself in trouble with the law, jeopardizing his health and future every time. I have close friends and family in recovery, so all I want is for Jeff to get the help he needs and get better. Do you think that promotions need to really think about who they sign when a certain talent has this kind of baggage always bringing up the rear? Alcoholism is a disease, so I'm trying really hard not to be too judgmental of Hardy, but I also don't want this to eventually become another Sunny situation in the end.

I would think, and hope, that this situation will be a teaching moment for AEW when it comes to bringing in talents with a history of substance problems.

How long until WWE just splits the world and tag team titles into two brands again? I've never liked WWE having TWO world titles on their programming, as it cheapens their prestige. Roman winning the World and Universal belts is the third such unification in twenty years. I know I'm sounding like a mark for titles, but there's a good reason why the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is as prestigious as it is, even to this day; the constant absorption and splitting up of top belts in WWE just makes me care even less about the titles and the guys who hold them.

I can’t say for sure but I would guess before Survivor Series since they need the champ vs. champ aspect for the show.

Mickie James had a great presentation at the Royal Rumble. She came out to her current theme song and not her WWE-created one, she got to wear the Impact Women's Championship and the announcers recognized her as such, She got to face off a couple of times, she eliminated a good amount of people, she lasted a pretty long time, and when she got eliminated, it was to a HOF veteran (Lita) and it was opposite the hard camera and wasn't made a big deal. So my questions are: 1) What was in it for WWE? Did Mickie James film anything such as interviews while there? 2) Did the NWA receive any benefit since Mickie James is contracted to them? They weren't mentioned at all. 3) Impact seemed to benefit the most with WWE promoting their title and presented Mickie as their wrestler. Did Impact have to give anything to WWE? And 4) Why would WWE work with another promotion? I understand they were short on wrestlers, but I do remember hearing there were some brought in and not even used.

For me, what was in it for WWE was a way to try and make up for the way they sent her things to her in a trash bag.  I don’t think the NWA got a whole lot, if anything, out of it.  I don’t believe Impact gave anything to WWE.  WWE got a good name for the Rumble when they needed it and that’s probably at least partially why they did it.  It’s not like Impact is a threat to them.

I saw Tony Khan take a shot at WWE when they had to move their PPV to a smaller venue due to the UFC having a PPV in Las Vegas. Smart to call them out or childish?

I think it was petty.  I think Tony should just focus on AEW and not worry about WWE.  Taking shots does him no good in the long run.

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