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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-06-23 18:47:00

Your announcers are Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness.

We start off with a look at Trent Seven’s betrayal of Tyler Bate.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith make their way to the ring and it appears that Ashton is wearing a significant knee brace.

Smith says they appreciate everyone and he has been thinking back to a few years ago when he was at the lowest point of his career. He couldn’t buy a win or even get on the card. He told himself that people did not come to the shows to see Ashton Smith. That changed when Oliver became my tag team partner. Then I was able to come out every time with a smile on my face. All I ever wanted to be was a WWE Champion. I have watched the match 100 times and every time I look at the crowd’s reaction.

All of the love and energy makes every single moment worth it. I am proud to say that we did it. We are your NXT UK tag team champions.

At the same time, it makes what I have to say next makes what I have to say next twice as hard. I suffered a serious knee injury during the match and I ruptured my MCL. We need to vacate the NXT UK Tag Titles. We were looking forward to coming out here for our first defense, but instead, we are out here to let everyone down. I did not want to come into this ring to tell Oliver I let him down.

Oliver says Ashton did not let him down. Their goal was to become tag team champions and we said we would do anything to get there. We created a bond three years ago. Anything you do or decide, I will always have your back.

Ashton tells Oliver he appreciates that. Ashton says he will need to take some time to heal. Ashton tells Oliver that he is the freshest flavor on this brand and he cannot wait for everyone to see how good he is. He will be there as Oliver’s number one fan and his brother. Ashton says he will be back stronger than ever and they will achieve their dream twice.

Ashton asks for Sid Scala to come out to the ring.

Sid says he saw the x-rays and it is important that this brand has tag team champions.

Ashton asks Sid to say it one more time.

Sid asks the crowd to show their appreciation to the tag team champions Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith.

Ashton and Oliver give Sid the tag title belts and leave the ring.

Sid says he has been in meetings with Johnny Saint . . .

Die Familie interrupt and Rohan Raja says they were never pinned in the tag title match. Technically, those titles are theirs. Raja wants them to be declared as the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

Sid says he understands their position, but there are other teams hungry for an opportunity.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen come out to the ring.

Mark Andrews and Wild Boar also make their way out to the ringside area.

Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz also come out to the ring.

Does this mean . . . (Of course it does)

Sid announces the Four Way Elimination Match to determine the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

We see Sarray knocking on Meiko Satomura’s locker room door and she enters. Meiko welcomes Sarray to NXT UK and then Sarray leaves.

Meiko tells Emilia McKenzie that Sarray is not the only visitor and that Emilia will face Fallon Henley next week. Meiko says she hopes to see Fighting Spirit.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sha Samuels is asked why is he at the building today.

Sha says he is here to make some money. He says a bookie’s work . . .

Sha asks Sid about what happened last week. Sha wants the match stricken from the record. Sid says that is not going to happen. Sha asks for a match against Wolfgang. Sha tells Sid what he is going to do to Wolfgang while Wolfgang shows up behind Sha.

Sha assumes that Wolfgang is behind him and then he puts Sid between himself and Wolfgang.

Wolfgang suggests they make this interesting.

Sha walks away and says he will embarrass Wolfgang.

Match Number One: Myla Grace versus Isla Dawn

Dawn pie faces Grace before locking up and Grace is sent to the mat. Grace with a waist lock and take down into a rollup for a near fall. Dawn with a back slide for a near fall. Grace with a near fall. Grace takes Dawn down and hits a drop kick that forces Dawn to the floor. Dawn drops Grace on the top rope and hits a drop kick.

Dawn pushes Grace into the corner and Dawn with forearms and she gets a near fall. Dawn with a rear chin lock and she stretches Grace. Dawn with a knee to the back. Dawn keeps Grace on the mat. Grace gets to her feet and she kicks Dawn away. Grace with clotheslines. Grace with a leg drop and she misses a splash into the corner. Grace with a head scissors and a Tiger Feint Kick. Grace with a tornado DDT for a near fall.

Dawn with a forearm and Irish whip followed by a kick into the corner. Grace with a kick but she misses a cross body off the turnbuckles. Dawn with a round kick to the temple and a half and half uranage for the three count.

Winners: Isla Dawn

We are told that Tyler Bate has taken a Leave of Absence.

We see Kenny Williams going further into darkness as he deals with Tiger Turan. He says someone is stalking and harassing him. Kenny says he will rip whoever did this, limb from limb.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Sid Scala being interviewed earlier in the week about Sarray’s debut. Sid says it will be a challenge, but Noam Dar enters the office.

Noam says he is a bit concerned. As the longest reigning Heritage Cup Champion, I have become a victim of his own success. He has knocked down everyone presented to him. Noam says he had an epiphany and he says he might have to retire on top.

Noam says Sid is right, one more match. It needs to take place in a stadium with fireworks, confetti, and cake. Noam tells Sid to get on that. He says he will need double pay since it will be a farewell match.

Match Number Two: Nina Samuels versus Sarray

The bell rings and Sarray with a rollup for a near fall. Sarray with a single leg crab but Samuels gets to the ropes. Samuels wants Sarray to stand back. Sarray with a wrist lock and Samuels tries for a reversal but Sarray maintains control. Sarray holds on on a wrist lock take down. Samuels with a reversal. Sarray with a wrist lock take down and a drop kick. Sarray with a cross body but Samuels catches Sarray and hits a back breaker. Samuels with a kick to the back. Samuels with kicks in the corner.

Sarray kicks Samuels out of the corner but Samuels with a forearm to the back. Samuels with a hard Irish whip. Samuels with another hard Irish whip. Samuels fish hooks Sarray in the ropes and then stretches Sarray in the ropes. Samuels with a drop kick to the back and she gets a near fall. Samuels with an elbow in the back and she works on the legs.

Samuels with a bow and arrow but Sarary with a lateral press for the near fall. Sarray with a rollup for a near fall. Sarray with forearms and a drop kick. Sarray goes for a suplex but Samuels blocks it. Samuels sends Sarray into the turnbuckles and puts her on the turnbuckles. Sarray with forearms and a head butt. Sarray with a kick and a double stomp for a near afll. Sarray with the running drop kick against the ropes. Sarray with a Saito suplex for the three count.

Winner: Sarray

We take a look at Blair Davenport. She says she is putting all of you on notice. She says Meiko should be scared. She has to show Meiko how cold hearted she can get. She says she is the rightful heir to the NXT UK Women’s Championship. I will make it perfectly clear that Blair Davenport is back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sarray is congratulated on her victory as she walks through the back.

Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander are in the hallway and they feign excitement for Sarray. Eliza asks Sarray what her medallion is and Xia tells Eliza not to touch it because she might be turned into a Power Ranger. Xia says this is their division and you don’t get to take opportunities from them. Eliza says it is time for them to show Sarray whose division it is.

Meiko Satomura walks over to stand at Sarray’s side.

Eliza and Xia have to do something else.

Meiko and Sarray speak in Japanese.

Next week, Trent Seven will address the fans.

Match Number Three: Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff versus Teoman and Rohan Raja versus Mark Andrews and Wild Boar versus Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

Starz and Andrews start things off and Andrews with a side head lock and wrist lock. Starz with an arm wringer and Andrews lands on his feet. Andrews kicks Starz away and Raja tags in. Raja sends Andrews face first to the mat. Boar tags in and Andrews with a dragon screw. Boar with a dragon screw and Raja tags in Jensen. Boar with a kick and punches to Jensen. Jensen blocks an Irish whip and Jensen with a power slam and elbow drop. Jensen sends Boar into the corner and hits a clothesline. Briggs tags in and Jensen with a reverse atomic drop and Briggs with a boot. Teoman tags in and he kicks Boar. Teoman with more kicks and he punches Boar in the back of the head. Boar with a back elbow and punches. Teoman with a slam to Boar. Teoman with an Irish whip and Raja tags in. Raja and Teoman kick Boar and then Raja chokes Boar in the corner. Teoman tags in and Raja with an Irish whip. Raja with a clothesline in the corner and Teoman punches Boar in the midsection. Teoman with a punch to Boar and a forearm to knock Andrews off the apron. Teoman with an Irish whip and Boar with a clothesline.

Mastiff tags in and he punches Teoman and slams him. Starz tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Starz gets a near fall. Starz with a forearm to the back and Mastiff tags in. Mastiff sends Starz shoulder first into Teoman. Mastiff with a snap mare and he tags Starz in and Mastiff sends Starz into Teoman with a European uppercut to the back for a near fall. Starz with a rear chin lock. Teoman backs Starz into the corner but Mastiff tags in. Mastiff with a delayed vertical suplex to Teoman. Dempsey gets on the apron and Mastiff is distracted long enough to allow Teoman to connect with a forearm to the back. Teoman tags Briggs into the match.

Teoman and Raja try to attack Mastiff and Briggs but Teoman and Raja are sent to the floor. Mastiff and Briggs knock Andrews and Boar off the apron. Mastiff knocks Jensen off the apron while Starz is sent to the floor after a forearm from Briggs. Briggs and Mastiff exchange forearms. Both men with clotheslines at the same time. Teoman tags in as Briggs clotheslines Mastiff. Teoman and Raja put Mastiff in the ring skirt and Raja kicks Boar. Teoman and Raja pose on the apron and Briggs with a forearm to knock Raja to the floor. Briggs choke slams Teoman onto almost everyone on the floor.

Andrews with an enzuigiri to Briggs on the apron and it is considered a tag. Andrews with a shooting star press onto everyone on the floor. Andrews sends Teoman back into the ring and Andrews with a forearm into the corner. Boar tags in and he hits a shoulder in the corner. Andrews with a knee off Boar’s back. Andrews with a drop kick to Teoman and Boar with a German suplex. Teoman tags Starz into the match. Starz with a sunset flip but Boar rolls through and punches Starz followed by a seated splash. Boar with a hammer lock clothesline for a near fall.

Andrews tags in and Boar with a shoulder to Mastiff. Starz with a forearm to Andrews and a drop kick to Boar. Andrews with a sit out uranage and Andrews goes up top. Andrew with a shooting star press but Mastiff breaks up the cover. Boar with a cannonboar to Mastiff. Starz with an inside cradle for the three count.

Mark Andrews and Wild Boar Eliminated

Teoman kicks Starz and the referee holds Teoman back as he checks on Starz. Teoman kicks Starz when he gets back to his feet. Starz with a forearm and waist lock. Raja tags in as Starz hits an O’Connor Roll. Raja sends Starz to the floor and Dempsey with a European uppercut when the referee deals with what is going on in the ring. Raja backs Starz into the corner and Teoman tags in. Raja with an Irish whip and Starzz avoids Raja and drop kicks Teoman. Jensen and Mastiff tag in and Mastiff with shoulder tackles and a back body drop.

Jensen and Mastiff with forearms. Jensen with a side head lock and Mastiff with a cross body. Mastiff with a Northern lariat and a back senton to Briggs. Mastiff with a German suplex to Teoman. Dempsey pulls Starz off the apron and hits a German suplex. Mastiff with a clothesline to Raja but Raja with two leaping flatliners for the three count.

Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff Eliminated

Jensen tags in and Teoman and Raja attack Briggs. Jensen with forearms to Teoman and Teoman stomps on the foot. Teoman kicks Briggs from the apron. Jensen with a hip toss into the ring. Teoman has a kick blocked. Raja tags in and he connects with a knee to the back from the apron. Teoman with a forearm and Raja with a suplex for a near fall. Teoman tags in and hits an enzuigiri. Raja with a sit out spinebuster and Teoman gets a near fall. Teoman goes for the crossface but Jensen blocks the hands. Jensen with a belly-to-back suplex to Teoman and both men are down. Briggs and Raja tag in. Briggs with punches to Teoman and Raja. Briggs with a boot to Raja and a side slam to Teoman. Briggs with a splash to Teoman. Dempsey distracts Briggs and Raja with a lungblower. Teoman tags in and Raja gets Briggs up and they hit a running power slam combination for a near fall.

Raja sends Jensen to the floor and Teoman with a double stomp to the back. Teoman with another double stomp to the back. Teoman with a third one and he applies the crossface. Teoman with elbows and Teoman rolls Briggs into the center of the ring. Brigs with a rollup for a near fall. Briggs with a back body drop and Jensen and Raja tag in. Jensen with punches and a discus punch. Briggs tags in and they kick Teoman and Dempsey off the apron. Briggs and Jensen with the high low combination for the three count.

Winners: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (new champions)

After the match, Fallon Henley comes out to celebrate with Josh and Brooks.

We go to credits.

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