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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-23 22:00:00

Impact Wrestling on AXS TV opened with a video package on this past weekend's Slammiversary PPV.

Your hosts are Tom Hanifan and Matt Rehwodlt.

Honor No More came to the ring.  Maria Kanellis said they have something to say.  Mike Bennett took a camera from one of the ringside cameramen and the group took control of the ring.  Edwards mockingly joked they were sorry.  He said that the Slammiversary celebration never wants to end but the reality is that Impact wanted to get out of Nashville to accomplish something more.  He said the Impact originals didn't win at the PPV and Honor No More didn't lose, except for one of them - PCO.  The crowd chanted for PCO.  Vincent said that he didn't bring PCO back to life for Impact, but for Honor No More.  Vincent said Traci Brooks attacked Maria from behind.  The fans chanted for Traci. 

Vincent said D'Lo Brown tried to save the day.  Earl Hebner was the "hero of the night, man" and Scott D'Amore sat at ringside with a smile on his face as if Impact set up the entire thing.  Matt Taven said all Impact has been for 20 years was mediocrity until Honor No More showed up.  The company trends every week because of them.  People want to blame them and him for the mistakes of the "other place" (ROH), it would have closed in 2019 without him.  He gave it his life, but everyone blames him for every problem they ever had.  Taven said he didn't kill ROH, he saved Impact Wrestling.

Out came America's Most Wanted.   James Storm said it's the same dog and pony show.    He said that they broke in when you had to punch and claw to earn the respect of your peers and the fans.  They've done that for 20 years and have since a time when you had to look like wrestlers and not bums.  He knocked Honor No More, telling them that they sucked.  Kenny King asked what year were they in.  They were talking a whole lot of crap for someone who came out behind himself.  He said nothing is sadder than a drunken cowboy than a "half lame, half dead Pussycat Chris Harris."  

Harris told King that if he keeps mouthing off, Harris will make him cry harder than he did on The Bachelorette.  Harris said all the years in the ring may have broken him down a little bit, but he's proud of everything he accomplished in the ring.  They were the backbone of TNA Impact, with wars against The New Church, Team Canada, XXX.  The Good Brothers come out to back America's Most Wanted and there's a brawl with Honor No More getting the better of them.  Harris, who they explained not getting involved via the announcers stating that due to his multiple injuries over the years, he had promised his family he wouldn't step back into the ring, was cornered by members of Honor No More, was rescued by Mark and Jay Briscoe hitting the ring.  They clear the ring, including double clotheslining PCO over the top, leading to him crashing into an overturned set of ring steps, which didn't look like it was planned.  They cleared Honor No More with America's Most Wanted, The Briscoes and The Good Brothers standing tall.

Backstage, Gisele Shaw and Alisha Edwards spoke.  Shaw mocked Edwards for losing last week.  Edwards said she was supposed to be there.  Shaw said she wants nothing to do with Masha Slamovich.  Edwards said that they were supposed to team.  Gisele said they teamed once, that doesn't make a team.  Edwards said she would go team with Lady Frost and find others who hate Gisele.  Shaw said she would find her own partner.

Honor No More approached Scott D'Amore backstage.  Scott said this is what happens when they want to try and take over the show.  Scott D'Amore made a ten man tag for Against All Odds - The Briscoes & The Good Brothers & James Storm vs. Honor No More.  That's actually a hell of a tag.  Scott then said they need a main event for tonight and declared it will be HNM vs. The Briscoes and James Storm.

Chelsea Green with Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mia Yim

Green tried to attack Mia but was rolled up for a two count.  Green nailed an enziguiri and smashed Yim into the turnbuckles.  She nailed a curb stomp.  Yim rolled to the outside to regain her compsure.  Green nailed a sliding kick to the outside.  Green went for a suplex on the floor but Mia reversed it.  Green cut her off in the ring and worked her over, smothering her in the corner with her boot.  Yim was whipped hard into the buckles several times.   Yim snatched her into a Tarantula in the ropes, then nailed a boot.  She went to springboard into the ring but Green drilled her and knocked Yim back to the floor.

Green slammed Yim into the announcers' desk, right in front of Deonna Purrazzo, who applauded.   Yim fought back and regained control, nailing several kicks and near falls.  Green avoided the Eat Defeat and nailed a double knee strike and a stomp off the ropes, scoring several two counts.  Green nailed Eat Defeat but Yim kicked out.  Yim started racking up a series of kicks.  Green went for one of her own but Yim caught her leg and nailed a sit-out powerbomb for a two count.

Yim went to the top but Deonna shoved her off the top.  How the referee missed that was beyond me.  Mickie James hit ringside and attacked Deonna. Green went for the Tomikaze but Yim avoided it and hit the Eat Defeat for the pinfall.

Your winner, Mia Yim!

Backstage, The Influence were interviewed by Gia Miller.  They are owed a Knockouts Tag Team title rematch after losing to Rosemary and Taya but won't be getting them anytime soon due to Madison Rayne breaking her nose.  Gia pondered if Tenille caused the injury when the two clunked heads at the PPV.  Tenille feigned that she couldn't remember that happening.  Gisele showed up and pitched herself to fill in as Tenille's partner.  Tenille blew her off, but Madison said that if Gisele could take out Rosemary or Taya, then perhaps they would consider teaming with her.  Shaw told them to consider it done.

Gujjar and Shark Boy vs. Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice.

Sharky controlled Dice early.  Gujjar tagged in but Dice snatched him in a side headlock.  Gujjar powered out and nailed a big flying jawjacker elbow.  He looked good in the ring.  Sharky was whipped into Dice in the corner.  Gujjar nailed a leaping splash in the corner.  Swinger hit the ring but Sharky bit him in the rear.  Swinger and Dice went to the floor to regroup but Sharky dragged Dice back in and worked him over, raining down punches in the corner.   Swinger distracted Sharky, allowing Dice to beat him down with punches and a big bodyslam.  Dice came off the ropes but was nailed with a punch to the mid-section  as he came down.  Gujjar tagged in and nailed a Slingblade.  Gujjar nailed a Samoan Drop and covered him but Swinger broke up the pinfall.  Gujjar nailed his spear on Dice and scored the pin.

Your winners, Guijjar and Shark Boy!

Deaner and Joe Doering hit the ring and attacked everyone.  Deaner took the mic and said they are going nowhere until Josh Alexander comes to the ring to face them right now.

After a commercial break, out came Alexander.   

Alexander said he was getting ready for their match tonight.  He wanted to know what Deaner wanted.  Deaner said it's not about what he wants but what he feels.  He asked how it feels to stand in the ring with the undefeated Joe Doering, who's going to take his title at Against All Odds.  Deaner said the fear is surging through his body.  Josh said he's not afraid.  Deaner said that the last time he stepped in the ring with Joe Doering, he lost.  He told Alexander that they will bring the title home to Violence by Design.  Alexander asked where Eric Young was.  Deaner said it wasn't his business.  Alexander said the World title is his business.  He said no one has seen or heard from Young since Alexander beat him at Slammiversary, so he thinks they are doing this on their own.  He said he was going to do the same on Doering and then Deaner will be all alone.  They started brawling.  Alexander was double-teamed and beaten down.  Security hit the ring but were being laid out by Doering.

Deaner convinced Doering to go to the back.  His match with Josh Alexander kicks off now.

Deaner vs. Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander.

They battled.  Alexander nailed a backbreaker for a two count.   Alexander was cut off by Deaner, who nailed a series of elbow strikes to the neck and shoulder.  Deaner choked Josh against the ring ropes.  Deaner went for a DDT but was caught with a series of big bridging German suplexes.  Deaner escaped the C4 Spike but was caught in an anklelock.  Deaner made it to the ropes to force the break.  Deaner blasted him and went for the Deaner DDT but it was blocked and Deaner was snatched into the anklelock again, this time forced to tap out.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

Gia Miller interviewed Frankie Kazarian.  He said Slammiversary was one of the best nights of his life.  A normal person would feel closure, but he's not a normal closure.  He came to issue a challenge against Chris Sabin.  20 years ago, there were two guys from different areas who called themselves The Future and it became the rivalry of his career.  He said next week, they settle that rivalry and prove that Kazarian is the Future.

They showed footage of Jordynne Grace's post-match promo from Slammiversary, thanking the other Queen of the Mountain competitors for getting her to the X-Division title.

Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans reacted.  Steelz was angry Grace was thanking her.  She said that Against All Odds, she's going to give Grace something, but only if Grace can get past Savannah Evans next week.  If Grace does, she'll see her at Against All Odds.  The champion has to earn a title match with the challenger?  That seems like its reversed!

Sami Callihan vs. Jack Price

They lock up and Sami backed him into the corner, only to break clean.  Callihan drilled him with a big clothesline and then followed up with another.  Callihan nailed the Cactus Jack piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Moose hit the ring and speared Callihan, then beat him over and over with a steel chair on the floor.  Moose nailed a big uranage through a table on the floor.

Backstage, The Good Brothers asked America's Most Wanted and The Briscoes if they were ready.  They said after tonight, they have The Briscoes' backs.  They went to go to the ring.  Storm stopped Chris Harris from going to the ring.  Storm said they were in a terrible place at one point and he's not going to be the reason Harris ends up back in that place.  He made Harris promise to stay in the back for him and his family.  Harris promised but it obviously was weighing on him.  

Sami Callihan approached Gail Kim and said he wanted this to end with Moose.  Kim asked what could be more violent than Monster's Ball.  Callihan said he wanted to have a Raven's Clockwork House of Fun match.  Kim said that he's got it at Against All Odds.

The Briscoes & James Storm vs. Eddie Edwards & The OGK with Maria Kanellis

Honor No More controlled the ring early but James Storm cleaned house when he made the tag.  The Briscoes and Storm cleared the ring.  Jay hit a big tope con hilo to the outside on HNM.  Jay went to the top and hit a big twisting moonsault to the floor as they went to commercial.  When they returned, Edwards battled Storm.  Storm was tossed over the top but skinned the cat.  They battled to the floor, where HNM turned the tide of battle and worked him over, sending Storm into the ring post face-first.  Storm was worked over for a long time as Taven, Bennett and Edwards all took turns tagging in and out.  The Briscoes tried to help but the referee prevented them from interceding, allowing HNM to continue to assault Storm.  

Storm finally tags out and The Briscoes shine with all their double-team maneuvers.  Edwards caught Mark Briscoe with a kick while the referee wasn't looking.  The OGK worked over Mark, who kicked out at the last second.  Storm nailed some Superkicks.  Everyone battled.  Mark nailed a DVDR and went for the Froggy Bow elbow but was nailed by Taven.    Bennett nailed the Proton Pack and scored the pinfall.

Your winners, Honor No More!

Honor No More swarmed the ring and attacked Storm and The Briscoes.  The Good Brothers hit the ring but they were also overwhelmed.  Honor No More laid waste to everyone and celebrated as the show went off the air.

I think Impact missed a moment here where they could have shown Harris agonizing over his decision not to help, but beyond that, good stuff to set up the ten man at the PPV.


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