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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-22 16:43:00

We go back to Bash at the Brew 16 for this week's episode of CCW Alive and it may be the most shocking episode ever in the nearly two-year run of our flagship production.

Elevated Status shockingly defeated the South American Alliance for the Coastal Championship Wrestling Tag Team titles. While that was huge news. Even bigger news was the shocking turn of events by Ariel Levy, leading to the disintegration of the SAA after holding the belts for longer than any team in the company's history.


New Coastal Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions were crowned Saturday night at Bash At The Brew 16. Elevated Status, comprised of E.R.A. and Jonny Knockout, ended the 475-day reign of the South American Alliance, Ariel Levy and Vinicious.

Just as shocking, if not more, than Elevated Status winning the titles after the SAA held them for close to a year and a half were the actions of Ariel Levy post-match.

In a brutal ladder match, that saw numerous competitors driven through tables, hit with chairs and ladders and tons of high-risk maneuvers off the ladders, in the end E.R.A. was able to find an opening and climb the ladder to retrieve the CCW Tag Team Championship belts that were hanging from the ceiling of Unbranded Brewing Company.

Nova and E.R.A. had only teamed for a while, but quickly drew the ire of Levy and Vinicious. E.R.A. recruited Nova to join him as Nova was constantly frustrated during his run in CCW as a singles competitor. The duo quickly made a name for themselves in the tag team ranks through victories, but also earned the attention of the SAA with acts such as attacking Levy in the parking lot after CCW Barely Legal.

It was a ladder match, so of course it was brutal throughout. But the end came shortly after Vinicious drove himself and Nova through a table with a bulldog off the ladder, effectively taking both men out of action for the time being. Meanwhile, Levy was climbing the ladder and close to retaining the titles.

ERA was locked up with Fonzie, but was able to break free of the Manager of Champions and stumbled into the ladder enough to knock Levy off, stunning him. ERA then hit a running knee strike to send Levy out of the ring. As the only man left standing, ERA quickly scaled the ladder and secured the title belts!

While Nova and E.R.A. were already headed backstage to celebrate, Nova couldn’t have been more accurate when he said the South American Alliance is broken to the CCW cameras backstage. Unbeknownst to him, he was more prophetic than he knew.

There had clearly been some tension between Alfonso’s men for the past few weeks and months. But nobody could have predicted what happened after the match. A bloody and visibly distraught Levy was finally coaxed into receiving the cheers of the SAA’s fans. As the fans chanted “SAA! SAA!” Alfonso raised the hands of his team. But Levy snapped.

The Chilean Superstar first punched Alfonso in the face. He then grabbed a steel chair and brutalized Vinicious with it, repeatedly hitting him over the head with the chair. He then turned the chair on Alfonso, throwing it in his face. Both Vinicious and Alfonso were left bloodied in the ring as Levy stormed off.

CCW cameras caught up to Levy backstage. While he didn’t have much to say, what he did say spoke volumes.

“All I can say is I feel relieved like I took a giant weight off my back,” Levy said, clearly referencing Vinicious who is often referred to as the Brazilian Giant. Levy then stormed off and slammed the door in the face of the CCW cameras.

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