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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-22 09:59:00

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What was your first thought when you saw that Brock was gonna wrestle Roman again for the main event of Summerslam?

My first thought (and tweet) when the NDA story broke was that I wish Vince McMahon would have stepped down from his job as head of creative as well as CEO.  The fact that this is all WWE has SummerSlam is an indictment on the poor job he has done in creating new stars.  It's embarrassing to be honest.

With the dearth of top talent in WWE, what if instead of Brock, WWE made an offer to New Japan to get Okada to challenge Roman for the Universal title for Summerslam?  Okada is the big name who ISN’T on Forbidden door and New Japan and Nick Khan have had talks.  Would that do better or worse business than Brock vs Roman?

Look at the Dynamite rating last week.  On a show filled with New Japan talent, the audience tanked.  And AEW fans are way more hardcore than WWE fans.  Okada is great but he wouldn't create a buzz with the average WWE fan.  Plus, I don't see New Japan letting Okada lose anyway.

If this scandal/investigation with Vince happened 20 years ago during the height of the Attitude Era, would it be a safe bet Vince would’ve leaned into it on air?  You think he would strutted onto Raw and talk about how much of a genetic jackhammer he was and go from there?

Well, pre taking the stock public it wouldn't have been an investigation.  Post taking the stock public, no he can't do that kind of thing.  It could hurt the stock price.

Has there ever been such of dearth of star power in WWE like now?  Even 1995 WWF had Diesel, Bret, Owen, Shawn, Razor, and Undertaker as stars?  2007 where everybody got injured still had Batista and Orton to consistently carry everything.

Star power is the word.  There is a ton of talent there.  But it has been booked poorly so everyone is interchangeable.  People want to see stars, not interchangeable parts.  This is bad as I can remember WWE for top talent.

If you were Stephanie McMahon, what would the first thing you do as the interim CEO?

I would find out who leaked the hatchet job piece to Business Insider and fire their ass!  Then again, I can be petty.

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