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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-21 09:59:00

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Knowing that wrestling moves are executed to look real, while protecting an opponent, how does Finn Balor disguise his Coup de Grace finishing maneuver?  After watching it multiple times, Balor appears to land both feet (and his full weight) on an opponent’s midsection.  If the opponent tightens his abdominal muscles, is that enough to protect the individual from absorbing the impact and weight of a nearly 200 lb Balor?

From what I have been told, he is really, really good at pulling up the weight at the last minute to minimize impact.

So at this point and time, does Jeff Hardy not deserve the exact same treatment as sunny? Does he not deserve to be looked at just like her? Does he not deserve a lengthy prison sentence like her?

The only differences at this point is that he hasn't had as many incidents and he hasn't killed anyone.  Aside from that he is a huge menace to society and I think he should be incarcerated unless there is a legitimate circumstance we don't know about yet, such as what would come up on a brain scan.  3 DUIs in four years is the kind of behavior that should get anyone jail time.

Is it me or are they doing a poor job with Ronda. In her previous run she was like superwoman. Now she gets beaten down for the whole match and then scrapes through to get the win. Her opponents get in so much offense. It makes her look weak.

They definitely aren't booking her the way that they used to.  She's just another wrestler now.  WWE does that far too often with their talents.

I really hope Jeff Hardy gets the help he needs but I can't help to notice the hypocrisy on this site. You wanted Sunny locked away for life even before she killed someone. I've yet to see one article like that on Jeff. Why the different attitude?

As you can see above, there isn't one.  This is a Q and A column.  I answer questions.  No one asked about Jeff until today, and I answered it.  I don’t answer questions that were not asked.  However, if you were an Elite member and listened to audio, you would know that we have already said Jeff deserves to be treated exactly like Tammy.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

Soooo… Jeff Hardy is pretty much Tammy Sytch waiting to happen at this point, isn’t he?

It sure does look that way.  The one way he can show he is different from her is to admit he needs help, get it and turn his life around.  I hope that he does.

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