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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-19 10:00:00

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What do you think should happen to John Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon?

Well, they both know the truth as to what happened, be it real or not.  If the story is true and they had a relationship with the woman and then paid her millions to go away and keep her mouth shut, if it were me I would resign now, for a couple of reasons.  One, if I know I did it, and the Board is investigating it, the odds of it going away with it are are pretty low.  Plus, they are investigating other potential incidents.  Vince could do a lot of damage to the company if this gets dragged out.  If I am him, I don’t want to bring down the company I created.  If I were Stephanie, I would call Laurinaitis and tell him I accept his resignation, whether he sent it or not.  Mike Eps and I discussed this issue in full detail yesterday.  Even if you have never subscribed before, I think this show is worth you paying for a month to the site, especially when you will also get all of the other great Elite content.

If this situation costs Vince McMahon his role in WWE, do you think it’s fair?

If he did it?  Absolutely.  As the CEO of the company you are held to the highest of standards.  You set the tone.  If this is the tone he set, and I emphasize IF, then yes it’s extremely fair. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.  And keep your eye, on the sparrow (only the old folks in the crowd will get that reference).

So Stephanie went from stepping down to interim CEO.  Do you think she had any idea this was coming and stepped down for that reason?

She’s on the Board.  The Board was informed of the situation.  Is that why she stepped down?  Beats me.  But I will say this.  If Vince is forced out (and by that I mean he would never leave otherwise but may have no choice), I think Stephanie will not only be the right choice to take over, but I also think she will grow the company in ways that her father never did.  She is a very smart person and knows the business inside and out.  Plus, she is in her mid forties and can actually identify with the target audience.  Again, Mike Eps and I talked about that in great detail yesterday.

Where did the Dynamite audience go this week?

I guess you could make a case that part of it is due to CM Punk being out but to me the big thing is the plethora of New Japan talent that has invaded the show in the build up to Forbidden Door.  I have always said that when you do a lot of debuts at once, they end up not mattering.  Beyond that, AEW assumes that the casual fans know who these men are.  Sure, the hardcores do, but to the average fan who doesn’t watch New Japan it’s like WTF?  Also, some things just don’t make sense to the casual viewer.  Like Lance Archer, we know the guy but suddenly he’s part of a different group.  Huh?  I just hope it’s short term and people come back after Forbidden Door.

Didn’t the Vince McMahon appearance on Smackdown seem sad?

It sure did.  It sure looked like he was taking one last bow in front of the crowd in case he can never do it again.

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