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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-16 10:00:00


Do you think John Laurinaitis lasts the week in WWE?  Does he end up the scapegoat?

I think we are going to have to wait and see on this, but one would think that he wouldn't be as protected as Vince McMahon might be in terms of having his position innoculated and safe against these sort of allegations.  We know the Board of Directors have an outside legal firm investigating and Laurinaitis' name has come up in regard to a relationship with someone and a NDA.  One has to think that if this is more than an isolated, one-time issue, Laurinaitis' ability to be in that position will have to be questioned by the Board and even if it's a one-time thing, it may very well be questioned and scrutinized anyway.  Whether any of this means he's done or moved out of power, we have to wait and see as the process runs its course.  I caution it likely would not happen immediately, at least publicly, as WWE removing him that swiftly would give the impression there was indeed wrong-doing on his part.  If they imply that about Laurinaitis, the implication could then be made that Vince McMahon is at fault as well, and WWE isn't going to show that unless absolutely necessary, especially this early in the process.

If Laurinaitis gone, who handles Talent Relations?  Brother Love?

Bruce Prichard has a lot of responsibilities right now, so I don't see it being him.  Jason Jordan gets raves from all corners of the company for his professionalism and ability as the lead Producer, so it could be he gets groomed for that role.  John Cohn is in that mix as well, so perhaps he would get more responsibilities.

With Stephanie taking time off, has anyone wondered if there's a correlation between that exit and the allegations against her in the MLW lawsuit?

That was something that came to mind.  My feeling on it is that someone asked that question, no one's going to admit it was the case.  If and when the facts at hand for the MLW lawsuit come to light via depositions or testimony in open court - if it ever gets to that point and isn't settled or dropped, we'll know exactly what the meat and potatoes of that allegation truly are.

With all the Vince McMahon allegations, how is it that the stock hasn't crashed?

First of all, it's not like WWE's revenue crashed overnight.  Second, I could see investors buying in advance just in case this means a sale is more likely, so they can get their piece if it does happen.

How do we know the Vince McMahon relationship story is even true?  Do we know this woman ever really worked for WWE?

We know there was a relationship.  WWE's own attorney Jerry McDevitt commented to the Wall Street Journal that there was a consensual relationship and a payment made to the woman, so there's zero denial that there was a relationship.  We have independently confirmed the woman in question did work for the company in the Talent Relations end.

How can we trust that the WWE Board of Directors even cares?

Again, we know they have hired an outside legal firm to handle the investigation.  They are doing their due dilligence.  That's how this process works.    They are publicly traded, so one would think at some point, they would likely release the results and whatever action (if any) are taking place.  But, this isn't an episode of Raw - it's not going to be done in three hours and off to the next thing.

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