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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-13 10:00:00

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Now that Apollo Crews is back minus the fake accent and spear, would you say that his Nigerian Prince gimmick was a failure?

I would have called it a failure if he was still doing it.  It was a bad gimmick, should have never happened.

On multiple occasions, you have called Rick Knox the worst referee in wrestling.  Can you explain why you think this is so?   In a company where the rules for tag team wrestling are commonly thrown out the window, regardless of who the referee is, would you not give him some slack for simply doing the job required to present a typical match in the style of teams such as the Young Bucks, Lucha Bros, etc?

No slack given.  When he is in those situations he is far more lax than any other ref on the roster.  He knows what the Bucks want to do in their matches since he is their friend, so he lets them do it.  He does know how to call a match the right way, but he drops that when he is in the midst of spot fests.  Some people like it, but people like me, who think rules matter and should be enforced, do not.

Why are the women main eventing Monday Night RAW for several weeks now and when will the men get a chance to main event RAW?

Yes, exactly.  Seriously, the women main event when WWE thinks they should, and the men will do the same.

Recent in the beef between Dave Meltzer and Jim Cornette, Meltzer claimed that Cornette didn’t move the needle for ROH when he was in charge and Cornette countered with he “moved ROH’s needle from ‘out of business’ to ‘on television.’    I remember you wrote an article saying Jim Cornette is responsible for the creation of AEW because he kept ROH alive, so I guess I’m asking how instrumental Cornette was in saving ROH from the brink of death?

I really don’t understand why Dave keeps going after Jim.  Those guys were friends for over 30 years and Dave blew up the friendship because Jim doesn’t like the work of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega while Dave does.  Mike Johnson likes things in wrestling that I vehemently dislike, and vice versa.  The same with Eps, Richard, Paul, etc.  We would never attack the other guy for what they like, and we certainly wouldn’t blow up the friendship over it.  It’s not like Jim had sex with Dave’s wife or kidnapped his dog, he just disagrees on the talent of some wrestlers.  I don’t see what there is to get so hot about.  Losing someone over something like that is one of the stupidest reasons that I can think of to give up a friend of over three decades.  Each man has a right to like what he likes, and should respect the other man’s right to do the same thing.  Dave wouldn’t do that, for whatever reason, and has sniped at Cornette on Twitter ever since, and not just occasionally.  Why?  I have no idea and for the sake of his own sanity, I wish he would stop already and move on.  My advice is worry about what you like and don’t concern yourself with trying to convince others to like it too.  And certainly, don’t take offense when someone doesn’t like something that you do.  That brings us to the comments on Ring Of Honor.  I will side with Cornette on this matter.  I don’t know what needle he was supposed to move when Cary Silkin owned it as it was a hand to mouth promotion.  Cornette booked it for about two years before Sinclair came in and purchased it.  Cornette definitely helped keep the company alive for that.  I would call that moving the needle, if that’s the terminology one wants to use.

I’m gonna make a bet that WWE turned Edge back babyface on Raw to fill the void that Cody left with his injury.  They the same thing to Braun Strowman when Roman had to go fight Lukemia and turn Kevin Owens back heel real quick when Daniel Brian was hurt.  Do you find those turns forgivable, even if they make no sense storywise, just because they had to pivot due to injury?  Do you think WWE’s audience gives a company a mulligan on those grounds?

You are probably right but here is the thing, EDGE DIDN’T TURN BABYFACE!  He got beaten up by heels, the day after he acted like a heel.  It was weak storytelling.  They could have easily had Priest and Ripley start attacking people and Edge saying that isn’t what they do, and then they attacked him, after he did something noble.  But no, they just did an angle that makes no logical sense.  It was bad booking, but the fans are used to that.

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