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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-11 10:02:00

Did Paige quit or was she fired?

Neither.  Her deal is expiring and the two sides aren't signing a new deal.

I thought Paige signed a big multi-year deal?

She did.  They reconfigured it over time to expire this July.  There were some who believed her deal was actually up this past January, but it was this July.

With Paige making it clear she will return to the ring, do you think anyone will apologize to you for reporting years ago she could still wrestle but WWE wouldn't allow it?

No, I don't think they will and no, I don't care.  I knew what the correct story was and reported it and now, that's been backed up.  

Do you think she should return to the ring?

If her doctors say Paige can do it, and she's healthy enough to do it, I don't see why she doesn't at least do a limited series of matches to close things out her way.  Edge came back and was cleared after his neck issues.  I don't think we'd be seeing her take bumps through tables, etc.  If she's cautious and smart about it, I don't have an issue with her exploring the possibility.  I just don't want to see her get hurt again, nor do I think that's what she wants.

Why is she using Saraya and not another spelling of Paige?

It's her actual name.  I'd want to use a name no one else can lay claim to trademark, copyright etc. wise as well.  She's smart to do it.

Why did Rick Rude leave WWF?  Surely, it wasn't a real suspension for making fun of Big Bossman's Mama?

The first time, Rude had an issue with WWE over money owed. I was told by someone (and their memory may be faulty as this is a long time ago) that Rude was out injured but was still being advertised for events in a main event position - but wasn't being paid that money. So, Rude was upset that WWF was drawing money with his name but not paying him a proper percentage. He quit and walked out and when his WWE deal expired, moved on to WCW.  WWF used the Bossman storyline as the reason to suspend him for life, aka until he came back.  The second time he quit was out of respect to Bret Hart when they pulled the Montreal Screwjob on Hart.

How is it Jerry Lawler is still wrestling?

What it comes down to is that Lawler's doctors cleared him to wrestle, although WWE's doctors never did. As long as Lawler has a deal where he can wrestle and perform outside of his WWE responsibilities (and he wants to wrestle), he will.



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