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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-10 10:00:00

Do you think the new Elvis movie with Tom Hanks will show him going out on a date with The Fabulous Moolah?

No, because while Moolah wrote that story in her autobiography, it never happened.   Elvis did actually take out the late Penny Banner on several dates, however.

Do we know the nature of CM Punk's injury?  Is he just off making a TV show?

No, he's legitimately hurt.  We are told it was a foot injury that required surgery or it had no chance of healing properly.  Given how hard he worked while sick and hurt for WWE, when he was miserable, I think it's pretty fair to say that if he could have kept wrestling in AEW without surgery, he would have.  He wasn't taking time off to take an acting role.  AEW would have worked around that for him, the same way they are Samoa Joe.

Any chance of the Slammy Awards returning?

There's been no talk that we've heard, but WWE often resurrects forgotten concepts with zero warning, so probably!

Has there been any word on how Terry Funk is doing?  Any chance he'll be doing any signings?

The long answer: we have been told by several that since he's moved into an assisted living home, he is doing very well and that if you are talking about wrestling, he's still very passionate and deep-sighted on discussing the business.  However, he's not likely to be making any appearances anytime soon unless someone goes to him to do virtual style appearances like Highspots has done previously.  The short answer is, he's the best of all time and he's hanging in there.  If anyone deserves to be as happy as possible after what he gave to professional wrestling, it's Terry Funk and I sincerely hope he is.

Have you ever hoped you were wrong on a story?

Every single time I had to report on someone's passing.  

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