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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-08 09:59:00

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How crazy is Cody Rhodes, working through that injury?

He is one tough SOB, that’s for sure.  After watching the video that Richard Trionfo posted on the site, it mostly came down to how much pain he could tolerate and being able to work in a way that wouldn’t cause a secondary injury.  So maybe he’s a little crazy, but he’s definitely super tough.

During The Hell In A Cell match between Theory and Mustafa Ali, at one point Corey Graves mentioned that Theory was showing “Ruthless Aggression”.  Is this lending credit to Theory being this generation’s Cena or just a coincidence?

To me it was an homage to Vince McMahon and his endorsement of Theory more than anything else.  Vince said that phrase so many times it burned it into my ears.

I saw one of your competitors gave a match four stars, even though he admitted he hadn't see it.  He said it was due to the reaction from the fans.  The same person rated pretty much every Ultimate Warrior match with one star or less.  Does that make any sense to you?

First and foremost, I hate star ratings.  What someone thinks of a match is purely subjective and is based on what they want from their wrestling.  With that said, I don’t see how anyone can rate things that they haven’t seen.  “You know, that new steakhouse has the best food that I never ate.  FIVE STARS!!!!”  It’s ridiculous.  With that said, if whoever it was did say he/she gave it four stars due to fan reaction, you point is spot on.  The rating should have been the same for Warrior matches.

A lot of fans groan at the decisions Vince McMahon makes of late, and for good reason.  But do you think there is a realm of possibility that after Vince passes away, Nick Khan would bring back Triple H to run things again? Does Nick have that level of power?

Khan definitely has that power, for sure.  He has a big hand in what is going on now in WWE, with Vince around.  My take is that the only way he would do that with HHH is if the product and its finances started to seriously flounder.

Can you see any way with Punk’s injury and subsequent title tourney that TK would somehow book MJF as a late entrant and put the belt on him until Punk is back? Would be relatively short term and it would get some attention?

There are plenty of ways that they could do that, for sure.  I could even see a way where they turn it into MJF in a Steve Austin/anti authority babyface.  MJF got a lot of cheers when he shot on Tony Khan so I think everything is on the table at this point.

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