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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-05 09:58:00

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I like Chris Jericho’s “Wizard” gimmick and popped huge when he threw the fireball in the face of that random tech person backstage. What do you think of throwing fireballs as a heel gimmick? I love it. I totally forgot that it used to be a regional staple back in the 80’s to start big grudge feuds. I think it’s a cool visual, violet, and immediately ratchets up a program to a blood feud. Your thoughts?

I think it can be really effective if used properly.  With Jericho, I liked when he did it Eddie Kingston.  When he did it to random backstage guy, it came across as comedy to me, especially when he started calling himself a Wizard.  I would like to see it be used as a serious thing since, well, it is!

I see you think it was legit heat according to your answer that people would've been annoyed by a no-show at the PPV, yet the my take is that the ensuing controversy was so intriguing that the anticipation was far more of a factor. "What's gonna happen?" and "Is MJF gonna show?" made it worth watching in real time to find out. I generally won't order a PPV because I can predict 90% of what happens, but this one was actually on my radar and I was much more curious about this show than any other AEW PPV in recent memory, so if you're going by if I was drawn into the drama surrounding the MJF issue, I definitely was and still am.

So are you saying that you don't usually buy PPVs but you would if he had no-showed it?  That seems counterintuitive to me.  I don't think it would have been a smart move to screw the paying fans out the match that most of them wanted to see the most.

Regardless, if it didn't start as a work, it certainly is now, right?

Of course it is a work now. It may have been from the start.

Curious question for you: Who do you personally see doing commentary at Forbidden Door? I would like to see some equal representation and have Chris Charlton involved in the broadcast. To be honest, I think Jim Ross should sit this one out because I feel he might be lost in the shuffle this entire pay-per-view. Am I being unreasonable?

I think there should be New Japan representation for sure but it's an AEW themed show and I think their announce team should all be present.

Am I seeing things or was that Joe Hennig as an agent/producer in the Rhodes/Rollins pull-apart brawl? Did WWE just recently re-hire him for that role?

Yes that’s him.  He returned to the company a couple of months ago.

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