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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-02 10:12:00

W. Morrisey, aka the former Big Cass in WWE, has departed Impact Wrestling, has confirmed.  Tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV, featuring PCO & Morrisey vs. Moose & Steve Maclin will be his final appearance for the company.

Morrisey came to Impact in April 2021 and had one hell of a redemption run with great matches against Moose, Matt Cardona and more. He initially came in as a heel who was only out for himself saying that after everything he had endured, he realized he neehded no one's help and didn't want to pretend he liked anyone in the locker room or the crowd. 

Over time, Morrisey was turned into a kickass babyface, including one of the best promos of his career on an episode of Impact on AXS from Philadelphia, the same venue he had a seizure in while dealing with his personal issues, noting that the last time he was there, he was not in control and ended up in an ambulance at the lowest point of his life.  Now, he's back clean, sober and in the best shape of his life.  He said that for the first time in his 33 years, he can admit that he's not alone and thanked the fans for showing him support.  He was given a second chance.  He was given opportunities and he's going to take full advantage of every single one of them.

Morrisey recently made an appearance for AEW, facing Wardlow on Dynamite several weeks ago.  One can easily connect the dots as to where his next destination is likely to be, but his time in Impact, sparked by Doc Gallows booking him on Gallows' Lariato Pro Wrestling events in Georgia, should be seen as a textbook example of someone who fought back from the fringes to make himself once more a strong, marketable performer and absolutely proved himself in the process.  It's a run he should look back upon and be very proud of and it's one that Impact should be commended for putting together, in my opinion.

The last 48 hours are here to donate to Don West with Impact Wrestling's Scott D'Amore matching 100% of all donations made to Don West's GoFundMe Campaign through this Friday.  As we reported this Saturday, there had been plans for Don to undergo a stem cell treatment this week as part of the battle against brain lymphoma, but his tumor is now twice the size it had been.  Unfortunately, this led to doctors decreeing they had to cancel the stem cell treatment.  West noted he is now scheduled to start a new, different treatment next week.  As anyone who has ever come into contact with Don knows, he's one of the nicest, most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet in life.  If you can, please assist him by donating to his GoFundMe Campaign at this link, which D'Amore will match through this Friday.  EVERYONE from sends our best wishes and hopes to Don and his family as he continues to fight this big battle.

AXS will broadcast air the 2022 Hard to Kill PPV for the first time ever next Thursday.

Impact has released an official shirt for Pride month at this link as well several new Impact 20th anniversary shirts.

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