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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-02 10:00:00


Does CM Punk's AEW title reign make him one of the best of all time since he held the ROH, WWE and ECW titles as well?  I do!

If you think Punk is one of the best of all time, then that's all that matters.  You certainly can use the title runs to point to how important (and honestly, trusted) he was and is by promotions he worked for.  I would say he already cemented himself in that position many, many years ago.

Who exactly owns the old Memphis/USWA footage? Some of it has been out on the Wrestling Gold DVDs, yet there are occasional bits of Memphis footage on other DVDs (Lawler's leg being broken by La Duc on the Wrestling Stars of the 1980s DVD, as well as Lawler's win over Henning on the AWA DVD). Who owns this footage? 

The mystery of the Memphis Wrestling library ownership is one that likely has several answers. WMC in Memphis is likely the owner of much of the library that ran on their channel, although whether that footage was even archived is unknown. It wasn't customary for a lot of older tapes to be kept; in fact, they were often re-used during that time period due to financial costcutting. Some of the library may have been lost in the red tape that saw the company sold to investors named "The Selkers" which ended up as a major mess in court.   Jerry Jarrett told me one in an interview that he thought when he sold his side of the business, there went the tape rights.  There likely has never been an attempt to track down exactly what is out there although at one point I believe Jerry Lawler did want to make that happen.  To try and assemble decades' worth  of 90 minutes of live TV plus house show footage is probably a near-impossible task at this point in time.

Whatever happened to Super Crazy?

He's still wrestling and worked just over the weekend in Las Vegas.

I saw the new A&E WWE Legend Biographies were announced.  Is the Lex Luger one the old WWE Network documentary we never saw?  Where is the Dusty Rhodes one?

I can't say whether the Luger one is the still or will even feature some of the same material at this point.  There are LOTS of other documentaries that are still being worked on, so I would assume Dusty will be in the next batch.

Months ago you reported Kimber Lee had wrestled her last match with Impact.  She denied it.  She hasn't wrestled for Impact since.  Did you win this war?

There was no war.  I reported what I was told by trusted sources at the time and it was correct.  I acknowledged her claims, but never issued a correction, because it was correct.  She last wrestled for Impact in December 2021.  


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