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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-01 09:59:00

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I just don't get why WWE edits down Raw on Hulu to 90 minutes.

That is the deal that they agreed to, that simple.  It expires later this year and whoever gets the rights to it I highly doubt will want an abbreviated version.  They are looking for a significantly better deal than they signed back then and given the advances in streaming since then, I think they will get it.

We don't know if MJF had an issue with the creative direction of his match at Double or Nothing, but let's say for the sake of argument that he did.  Would he have a valid argument for him, arguably the top heel in the company, to not be squashed in the manner that he was?

I don't think so in any way, shape or form.  Max got a ton of heat on Wardlow, called him a pig, put him through hell.  Max is MUCH smaller than Wardlow and has been running away from him for a while now.  To me, even if the events that were going on weren't happening, the proper booking was for Wardlow to destroy MJF.

Let's say MJF ends up staying with AEW at least until the end of his current contract, which is in about a year and a half.  Do you think he should get a world title run at some point, and if so, how do you get him there after being squashed by Wardlow so decisively?

First off, a good booker can get his heat back.  Max is a heel.  Just give him the mic and let him make excuses for why it happened, that's what good heels do.  He could even say he wrestled with a concussion after taking the chair shot and he still "gave Wardlow all he can handle".  As for a Title run?  To be honest, I wouldn't put the belt on him unless he was re-signing with the company.  Even if I felt he deserved the strap, I would never put the Title on a guy who is leaving.  Plus, if he does go to WWE and Vince McMahon sees nothing in him, you have your former champ being used badly on WWE TV.

“Wrestling has more than one royal family,” is what opens Cody Rhodes‘s theme.  But when you think about it, is there really only one royal family in Wrestling?  Not McMahon,  not roads, but Anoa’i/Fatu/Maivia?  The sheer amount of Samoans that have been in the business for decades, that feels like a royal family to me.

The Anoa’i tree is a great one, for sure, but I think anyone who wouldn’t see the McMahons as a royal family in wrestling just isn’t being fair.

I know the odds are extremely against this, do you think we could see a WWE wrestler being so entertaining that they get nominated for an Emmy? And if it happened, do you think Vince would do one of his lame attempts at keeping kayfabe by not letting them accept? Or would the press coverage be too much for him to pass up?

To me, if it didn’t happen during The Attitude Era, it probably never will but if a WWE star go an Emmy, I think Vince would absolutely let them go accept it.  He would be crazy not to.

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