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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-05-28 13:13:00

Black Label Pro “Always Bet on Black (Label Pro)”

5/27/22 - Las Vegas, NV

Streaming on FITE

Live from the Silver Nugget Casino, BLP joins GCW for their Full Tilt weekend! Val Capone is your announcer is your announcer! Veda Scott is with her on commentary! Let’s go!

Match 1: Dark Sheik vs Dan the Dad

There’s a bit of confusion as Sheik comes into Anthony Greene’s music? It’s too late for this Dad to be awake so he has his coffee mug full. Dan is not ready for these “Butt Stuff” chants. Sheik reversing everything he’s bringing. He tries a kip up but he’s just not getting there until Mommy Brain gives him some encouragement. Dan gets her nose! Trading roll ups to a stalemate! They shove over Dad Stuff vs Butt Stuff. Trading atomic drops, Sheik with a rear view! Kick out! Slingshot legdrop and senton! Dad rolls through a cross body…big dad muscles up Sheik for a suplex for two. The glasses are off! Backbreaker! Trading slaps and forearms! Dan sent out, suicide dive follows! Battle on the apron! Sheik with a spinning back kick! Fighting on the corner! Dan blocks the rana! He tries a powerbomb but Sheik completes the rana! Famouser! Kick out! Top rope legdrop misses! Dan hits a headlock uranage, Sheik is stacked….close kick out! Dan tries a series of baseball winds up punches, Sheik with a split and punch to the gut. German for two! Sheik tripped to the ropes and Dad takes off his belt and gives her some punishment. Dan the Dad hits a backpack stunner and that’s it!

Winner: Dan the Dad

Dan says that Dark Sheik showed him the power of Butt Stuff as they hug. Dark Sheik gets her proper entrance music to leave to!

Match 2: Yuta Uemura & Josh Alexander vs Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku)

The BLP aren’t on the line tonight but that doesn’t mean the champs are taking their opponents lightly at all. Dom and Yuya trade their high level grappling skills, countering and reversing each other. Dom is flustered that he’s not just winning this contest and tags Ku in to test the Impact World Champion. They trade some fast holds, Alexander almost gets the ankle and Ku right to the ropes. Hip toss and Alexander wraps up the arm, Ku gets tagged on and Yuya keeps that focus on the limb. Ku sneaks the tag out and Dom turns on the hard chops and takes the life out of Yuya’s chest. Ku in confident and dares Yuya to fight his way out of the corner. Yuya is stuck and Dom gets a receipt for getting knocked off the apron earlier. Yuya with a quick dodge, Alexander in! Germans aplenty! Dom pulls Ku free of a bridge pin. Ku dodges the C4 spike! Total Elimination variation from VIF! Alexander slams Dom down, Rolling DVD to Ku over on partner! Kick out! Yuya crotched on the buckles, Ku hits a fisherman’s buster to Josh! Yuya crossbody for two! Dom makes the save again. Chasing the Dragon to Yuya! ViF wins! This was great.

Winners: Violence is Forever

Match 3: Marcus Mathers vs Anthony Greene

Mathers steps in for Davey Richards tonight for a Wrestival rematch! Card subject to change and all. Great high energy sequence to open up, Greene cuts it off and decks the kid in the corner. Mathers run into the buckles. “I came to Las Vegas to wrestle Davey Richards, NOT YOU” wakes Mathers up in indignation. Side kick to the head! Greene with a cross body for two! Straight right takes Mathers off his feet. Cutter on the top rope! Mathers out at two. Greene tries to twist up the neck and grind him down. Mathers eats an enziguri and Greene stalking him with forearms. The crowd bows as Greene talks down to him again, Mathers fires up! Double stomp to the back of Greene’s head! AG with a superkick! Double clothesline and double down. Mathers firing back up! Kip up to a cutter! Greene with a crucifix slam, piledriver for two! Superplex! Mathers reverses and plexes him to the buckles! Corkscrew flatliner! Greene kicks out! Mathers escapes the Unprettier bulldog! Mathers tries a lethal injection! AG kicks him in the back of the head. Flapjack toss! Unprettier bulldog connects and Mathers is done for the night!

Winner: Anthony Greene

Match 4: Super Crazy vs Joey Janela

It’s not Spring Break but this sure feels like it could be a main event of one. Crazy works out of a wrist lock, he picks the legs and Janela has to walk it off. Joey goes back to the wrist but Crazy twists it down to a half crab! Sweep sequence! Double dropkick to a stall. Janela puts his hair up and offers a handshake. Of course it’s a trap. Janela locks up the neck in a scissor and squeezes deep. Crazy fires back and escapes, he wants slaps. Joey pokes the eye like the bad boy he is. Big dropkicks from Crazy connect regardless. He goes for the moonsault but Joey powerbombs out of the corner! Joey to the top…crazy gets the knees up and wipes out the elbow drop. Crazy works to the top…Joey cuts it off…Spanish fly! Crazy locked in a crossface! Crazy out but eats a head kick! Kick out! DVD! Crazy kicks out! Trading forearms. Janela with a brain buster! Crazy hits one of his own! Tornado ddt! Moonsault! Janela kicks out! Trading close pin attempts! Janela makes space and hits a roaring elbow to get the pin!

Winner: Joey Janela

Match 5: Crash Jaxon vs Keita vs The Rotation vs Kobe Durst

This should be a fast and furious 4-way. Rotation is from Germany and makes his impact known immediately. Durst with a vertical suplex to the outside, looks like they both are hurt on that. Jaxon doing some big man beatdowns on Keita and fights him into the crowd. Kobe back in it and they brawl as Rotation SPRINGBOARDS ACROSS THE F***ING ENTRANCE AISLE AND WIPES THEM OUT!!! Crazy top rope balance and Rotation tries a vertical suplex, Jaxon back suplexes him through it! Wild. Pounce to Durst! Keita hits a jaw jacker! Tiger driver to Rotation! Michanoku driver from Durst! Driver to the buckles but Jaxon breaks it up! Rotation drops the big man! Tower of Doom DVD! Keita wipes out Jaxon with a German! Durst gives Keita a taste of that. Rotation firing up on Durst, tornado ddt! 450 connects! Jaxon picks him out of the pin and powerbombs him for the win! This almost fell apart towards the end but Jesus this match has some WILD spots! I’ve just been introduced to The Rotation and I think I need to see more.

Winner: Crash Jaxon 

Match 6: Nick Wayne vs Titus Alexander

This is a clash of some exciting young guns. Nick Wayne is only 16, Titus is 21. This is a futures showcase match for sure. Fast start with multiple quick pin attempts. Titus sent to the floor, Wayne runs him into the post, working that arm early! Wayne with a PK to the arm and Titus is very on the ropes. Titus finally reverses an up and over, knee breaker! Titus smacks that knee around the post. Wayne turns the tide with a double stomp but his knee is of concern. Titus’ arm dragged to the buckles, double stomp to the arm! Kick out! Titus punches out the back of the knee. This is a good “work the target hard” match. Both of these guys are hurting themselves to do more damage to their opponent. Wayne reverses a cutter and stomp the elbow! Titus grits his teeth and rolls him to the half crab. Slingshot Rolling cutter to Wayne! Kick out! Axe kick to the knee! Wayne with a superkick! Titus catches to the half crab! Wayne rolls it back and transitions to an armbar. Side kick and a standing Spanish fly! Titus kicks out but Wayne goes right back to the armbar and Titus taps out! This was fantastic!

Winner: Nick Wayne

Match 7: Cole Radrick vs Speedball Mike Bailey

Well now. WELL. NOW. This is a rematch from what was easily one of my favorite matches of Mania Weekend. Raddy Daddy goes right at Bailey with a knee off the apron. Speedball right back and hits the moonsault knees for two! Triangle moonsault! Radrick fighting back from the barricade! Bailey landing chest kicks!m and hard forearms against the metal. Round the world….big boot misses! Radrick cannonballs into the chairs! Radrick misses a springboard moonsault! Bailey walking him down with hard shots and applies a deep STF….radrick rolls to the rope. Punches in bunches, Speedball holds the arm and drags him into these brutal chest kick! Missile dropkick from Radrick! Axe kick from Bailey! Corkscrew shooting star misses! Radrick hits a swinging neckbreaker…lionsault for two! Speedball kicks! Buzzsaw misses but Speedball lands a straight head kick. They spin and drop each other with round house kicks! Trading strikes rapidly in the center. Hard chops to the chest and back! These clearly hurt. Radrick with a stunner! Springboard stunner! Kick out! Sweep on the apron, Speedball hits the kneesault on the apron! Tornado kick! Ultima Weapon misses! Radrick hits a gory bomb to the buckles! Suplex and a butterfly powerbomb for two! Both guys staggering hard and trading…Speedball hits Ultima Weapon! Flamingo Driver! Radrick is down for the three! These two are 1:1 now and the rubber match (wherever it happens) is going to rule.

Winner: Speedball Mike Bailey

Match 8: “Big Bully” Billie Starkz vs Effy

This is the one place where Billie Starkz gets to show how mean she can be. Effy offers a handshake and Billie just slaps him. Starkz uses a little of Effy’s tactics against him. Efffy grabs a chair out of frustration and tries to put the petulant Starkz in time out. Daddy Effy counts down but bratty Billie protests but eventually sits down, grabs the chair and spits in Effy’s face. She throws the chair, Effy boots her but she kicks the rope repeatedly and crotches him over and over. Rana off the stairs! Effy grabs the hair and tosses her across the ring. Rollup into the buckles and Billie stomps Daddy out. The ref keeps telling her to knock it off. Effy out with the senton. Billie reverses a chokeslam into a sleeper! F5 from Effy into a dragon sleeper! Billie bites free! Effy with a huge boot and drives her face to the mat with his leg. She rakes the eyes, spinning back kick and a swanton! Effy out at two but Billie goes to a crossface. She drops elbows to the side of the head but he gets the ropes. Billie grabs the chair and Effy dares her to do it. The ref talks her down, she hands over the chair. Effy gives her a hug and she kicks him in the crotch, lands a piledriver and gets the three!

Winner: Billie Starkz

Match 9: Jordan Oliver vs Filthy Tom Lawlor 

How short can Lawlor’s jorts get? Great scramble and sprawl at the start. Oliver getting chopped around the corners and Lawlor just stomps him out. Oliver hits a back crossbody! Speed up scramble of takedown, Oliver DDT’s the leg and starts to focus on that limb. Lawlor makes space and they throw hands. Lawlor with a Gutwrench rock bottom! Oliver fights from

His knees but Lawlor just kicking him up. Lawlor off the ropes and gets a standing guillotine…Oliver crumbles but lands into the ropes. Lawlor grapevine the legs and butterflies the arms….owwwwww. Jordan makes the rope but he looks pained. Oliver with a knee to the chin! He tries the clout cutter, pushed off, Lawlor runs into a big boot for two! Trading suplexes and hard tosses! Spike body slam from Lawlor. Grosssss move but Oliver kicks out! Oliver tosses Lawlor out to the floor. He tries a suicide dive but eats a kick. Guillotine on the top rope! Lawlor goes for the ankle but he’s in the ropes, Oliver springboards with a hangman’s cutter! Suicide dive connects! Lawlor catches him on the top and hits a release northern lights! Double down and they slowly fight their way back to the feet. Huge head kick to Lawlor! German! He tries the clout cutter but he flies into a rear naked choke. Jordan panics and is forced to tap out!

Winner: Tom Lawlor

Main Event: Shazza McKenzie vs Kevin Blackwood

One of the final stops on Shazza’s trip to the US and her last in BLP for this tour. Blackwood takes her down quickly but she’s ready to party, cartwheel out of way, huge head kick from Kevin and back drop. Blackwood is just grinding Shazza out until she pushes off, big boot! Blackwood reverses a suplex into a delay brain buster! Short kicks to the head and back. Shazza dodges the piledriver and hits a saito trio for two! High crossbody for two! Blackwood whips a hard kick to the chin. Shazza crotches him on the top buckle. Superplex! Shazza catches a kick combo, fisherman’s suplex! Split leg stunner! She applies a Shazzmission but Blackwood drags it to the rope. She’s clearly frustrated. Kicks on the apron! Blackwood stuns her and hits an apron DVD! Top rope double stomp! Shazza kicks out! Blackwood gutwrenches her up into a tombstone! Shazza kicks out! These counts seem so slow! Shazza looks messed up as Blackwood lands hard kicks. She rolls him up, kick out! Shazza throwing hands but Blackwood powerbombs her. She stands up into a top rope double stomp and this finally puts McKenzie down for the three!

Winner: Shazza McKenzie

Shazza grabs the mic and lets the crowd know that she’s headed home to Australia on Monday. She doesn’t know when she’s coming back so she makes a point to thank the BLP crowd and her friend Kevin Blackwood for their support before we fade to black.


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