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By Mike Johnson, Dave Scherer, Richard Trionfo, Anthony Pires & Cory Strode on 2022-05-28 11:42:00

AEW will present their 2022 Double or Nothing PPV Sunday night from Las Vegas, NV.  Here's our take on what will happen at the show.

AEW Champion Hangman Page vs. CM Punk.

Dave: This is one of the two things I am really looking forward to.  In this case, it's in spite of the build.  Page being a tool has made no sense.  Punk didn't jump the line like Danielson did.  Punk didn't disrespect the champ, just the opposite in fact.  Page went from a normal babyface to a whiner whose issue with Punk hasn't ever been explained to my satisfaction.  With that said, this match should be great and in AEW the Title matters so that alone will give it juice.  The question is, what do you do if you are Tony Khan.  Punk is a made man and doesn't need the belt.  AEW is still working on elevated Page, so if it's me, I put him over.  He can always use a questionable ploy since has been heeling throughout the build up anyway.

Mike:  You would think from the Hangman Page promo on Wednesday that CM Punk was the one-man NWO coming to suck all the money and life out of AEW!    That aside, this match will be remembered as the bout that drew the first ever $1 million-plus gate for AEW.  The key here is to have the right finish, since we KNOW these guys can pull out a great bout.  Do you want to put Punk over and recalibrate everything around Punk?  If so, is Punk turning heel and was the Page stuff some out of left field hint of that?  Or, do you want Page to get a big win and get some extra juice out of defeating Punk?  Or, do you just go 60 minutes and do a draw?  All of those have some interesting ramifications.  I'm always for continuing to build the talents up and to me, the right call in theory would be Page going over, but the idea of Punk winning and the entire company being against him for it is an interesting twist if that's what they were hinting at Wednesday.  We haven't seen pissed off, evil Punk in a long time and every time we have seen him in the path, he's drawn money and pissed off a lot of people.  Maybe this can be the moment where we see that side of him emerge.  Hell, put Punk and MJF together as two pissed off a-holes against the world and print the money!  Now that I think about it more, Punk should get the belt and then tell everyone this proves why he's better than everyone, just like he's said all along.  It'll take him 15 seconds to turn the crowd. 

Richard: Adam Page has not had a great run on top and this is the night where he can cement his position with a win or a strong performance in defeat.  Why is Page a heel (or heelish)?  I am afraid that this match goes over 30 minutes because it is THE MAIN EVENT.  Most people expect Punk to win the title, but I don't see the crowd rejecting a Page title retention.  I say have Page retain the title, and then at the end of the show, since it would be time to start the Road to the Forbidden Door show, that maybe Okada appears either in the building or on the KhanTron to tease a champion vs champion match in Chicago (I would do the Tron tease so Okada appearing makes the LA debut a big deal).

Anthony: The Hangman title reign has been underwhelming to me as it always seemed like AEW forgot to tell us at the end why him winning was such a big deal. They’ve invested a lot in CM Punk. He’s interesting, cuts awesome promos and,make no mistake, is a star. The time is right for Punk’s journey to the top to climax.

Cory: The build for this was badly fumbled. Page’s promos have made no sense and have hurt his character. Punk has been eating him alive on any segment where they are together. Page could have cleared it up on Wednesday by just saying “When you won the ROH title, you turned on the company, when you won the WWE title you turned on the company. I’m going to stop you from doing that here.” Instead, he just fumbled about and left us all confused. I think it’s time to pull the trigger and have Punk win the title. In that role he can give some dream matches over the summer, allow Page to chase him (even though they don’t seem to do that in AEW) so that Page can build up the underdog fire he had leading up to his match with Omega as well as work on his promos.

AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb.

Dave: This one just came out of left field didn't it?  I like Deeb a lot but Rosa needs to win here.  She also needs to be given more time to connect with the audience and stop being cut off all of the time.

Mike: I expect a lot of damn good action inside the ring, but I don't see this as being Deeb's moment.  However, Rosa needs to have a great match here.  If they have a great match and Rosa looks strong in winning, it's better for the entire division as they'll have given Rosa a great bout against someone beyond Britt and Deeb will move up another level due to the work in the match.  But, Rosa should retain.

Richard:  In terms of wrestling ability, this is a great match.  In terms of building this match for a PPV, this is not a great build.  Is this because of the gap within the women's division?  There is some good talent on the women's roster, but they are not pushed that way.  If Britt isn't involved, does the crowd care?  This feels like a bridge match for Rosa's next opponent.  Will it be Soho, Storm, or someone else who gets the next match against Rosa.  I guess you can tell I think Rosa retains.

Anthony: This is THE match I’m looking forward to the most. I almost feel like Deeb is in the Rosa spot from a year ago. Deeb will have an excellent showing here but will fall just short. And Deeb fans need not worry. I say that before 2023 is over, Serena will have her moment in the sun. Just not here.

Cory: This match will blow the roof off the place. Their previous matches have been fantastic, and Deeb is having the run of her lifetime here. I think they ended the Rookie Challenge too soon for Deeb, but she’s one of the more compelling characters in AEW. Rosa’s promos have been spotty, but her go home promo Wednesday was the first time since she won the title that I have felt like she was a True Champion. She needs the win more than Deeb, and with her new gig on Busted Open Radio, her as champion is good for the company, so she’ll keep the belt.

AEW Tag Team Champions Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy vs. Ricky Starks & Will Hobbs vs. Keith Lee & Shane Strickland.

Dave: My rule of thumb is that in a three way the champs should win since the announcers always say how the odds are against them.  Lee and Swerve have only been together for a minute so it's too soon for them.  Starks and Hobbs are more like two singles on a team to me.  Champs should retain, their run has been good thus far.

Mike: I can see Lee and Swerve as champions.  I am a big Hobbs fan but don't see him and Starks as the Tag guys carrying the division at this juncture.  I do think the best move is to have the champs retain.  They have become a big signature part of the company.  No need to change that at this point and time.

Richard:  This feels like the time for a title change, but with my luck in picking tag title matches (or the NHL playoffs) they will probably retain.  If they do a title change, I only think Starks and Hobbs should win.  Strickland and Lee are great talents, but they have spent more time on Dark and Dark Elevation than on Dynamite.  In the same way that MJF and Wardlow have been talents that have grown during the history of AEW, Will Hobbs came up through Dark to get a contract and why not point out that they have been able to cultivate talent and make them champions.  Will this be the night for Team Taz to celebrate?

Anthony: Can you say “underwhelming”? In a world where FTR is in the company, these are the teams batting for the gold? Don’t get me wrong, I like all 6 of these guys, but I couldn’t care less about the story they are allegedly trying to tell. It’s high time Team Taz gets a signature moment. I’m going with them as the new champions.

Cory:  This will be a fun match, with a mix of stunt show and hoss fight, but I can’t see anyone but Jurassic Express being an actual tag team. It’s odd to me that AEW has so many great tag teams, but for the title, they have short term teams involved. The true feud is between Team Taz vs Lee and Swerve. The smart booking to have them fight it out and Jurassic Express picks the bones to keep their title since they don’t have any heat with the other teams.

MJF vs. Wardlow.

Dave: This is the THE match on the show for me.  They have done a fantastic job with this storyline.  Wardlow has grown so much and I would argue that this is a battle between the top two guys that AEW has created since its inception (I don't count guys like Punk, I am talking new talent).  The crowd loves Wardlow too, and the irony is not lost on me.  It just goes to show that wrestling fans will always pop for charismatic talents that ascend through bookings.  Moves are secondary.  Oh yeah, if Wardlow doesn't go over here Tony Khan has lost his mind.  Don't get cute, give the fans what they want (after a few false finishes of course).

Mike:  There is only one right finish and that's Wardlow completely decimating MJF, only to Shawn Spears and whoever else try to interfere and get decimated.  MJF hits a low blow and covers Wardlow, who kicks up at one and then powerbombs Max into oblivion and gets the pinfall.  Short and simple.  This doesn't need to be a 25 minute back and forth competitive bout.  It's about Wardlow ascending into his place as the Goldberg of the company, a force of nature who crushes what's in his path.

Richard:  This is one of the best feuds in wrestling right now (especially with the one I have been hyping is on hold for a few months [Get well soon Nikkita]).  There is so much that can happen in this match, but I think simplicity is the best thing for this match.  Don't have Spears interfere (I wouldn't mind having FTR come out to stop him from interfering to make it a one-on-one match [and they don't have anything else to do on the PPV]).  MJF should try to do everything possible to cheat to win, but Wardlow should also be able to shake it off and laugh at MJF about his futile efforts to beat him.  Both of these men are the future of this brand and will this be the AEW World title match at Double or Nothing in 2023 or 2024?  Both men could use the victory but this is all about Wardlow breaking free of MJF's control and becoming his own man.  The one thing I don't want to see from Wardlow is the multiple power bomb sequence for the finish.  One and done.

Anthony: Part of me hates the fact that MJF will lose (again) on PPV but this ABSOLUTELY needs to happen. Why? Really simple to me. Wardlow’s road to the AEW world title starts here. He’ll need a champion to beat. I say MJF will be that guy and, man, the story they’ll tell.

Cory: So. This whole match has been throwing into disarray with MJF’s issues bursting out publicly. IF MJF sits out the show, it’s different than Sasha and Naomi or Steve Austin doing so, since this is the match to make Wardlow as a monster star, This is the match where MJF gives back after a three years build. If he no shows, the best thing to do is have Wardlow tear through a bunch of guards backstage and have him obliterate Shawn Spears in the ring without a match in hopes things can be ironed out.  Wardlow has to win. MJF always seems to have the upper hand in his feuds, but then allows the babyface to get their revenge in the end because that is what a great heel does. Wardlow wins and is freed of his contract and they had better have another big feud for him, because this story in the past has usually gotten over big, but falls apart when the talent who frees himself has no other story to tell.

The Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament Final: Adam Cole vs. ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe. 

Dave: Cole really needs a win after getting flogged against Page.  If he beats Joe, we have a feud over the Title.  That works for me.  Joe has enemies that can cost him the match.

Mike:  I am in 100% agreement with Dave here.  I think we get more out of Cole winning, and honestly, I think Cole could use the win as something to sink his teeth into character-wise.  If the winners get a trophy, he carry it around like Owen used to carry the Slammies.  I expect this to be nothing short of excellent if they are given enough time.

Richard:  I was hoping for Kyle vs Cole but this is only a 4 hour pay per view (when you consider their NXT matches).  Cole should win this match, but the question is 'Who interferes to cost Joe the match?'  Will it be Fish and O'Reilly?  Will it be Sonjay, Lethal, and Singh?  Will someone else get involved?  Will it be the entire roster?  I expect this to be a decent 12 to 18 minute match but don't let any potential interference hurt the match.

Anthony: Cole absolutely needs this. Joe is the monster who can get shafted by his enemies. A win here would help re jump Cole’s momentum, which has come to a grinding halt.

Cory: This is part of the Undisputed Elite redouble their efforts story, and while Joe is a title holder, Cole needs the win after being on the losing end of his last few feuds. I expect this match to be on eof the top matches on a show that is a packed card. Joe showed he can have a match with a smaller opponent without making it seem like he’s sandbagging it. I see him losing and Cole chasing him for the Ring of Honor title.

The Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Final: Dr. Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho.

Dave: Ruby really needs a big win but Britt is an AEW favorite and hasn't done much since losing the belt.  I think she goes over here.

Mike: I feel like we need a big Ruby win here.  Britt is a made woman in the company.   Soho has needed a little more ooomph lately.  This has the potential to be something really fun here.  I say at the end Ruby is the one holding the Owen trophy or belt or whatever it is that the winners get.

Richard:  Ruby has had a lackluster run so far in AEW so a victory here would be a great bump for her.  If it happens, will it be a clean victory or will someone (Jamie Hayter) get involved?  If Baker wins, can we start asking if she is a Flair?  

Anthony: Ruby Soho needs this badly. As in a loss here puts her in the Nyla Rose “why are we supposed to consider her a star” category. Tonight’s the night Jamie Hayters interference backfires. Ruby gets the win and the trophy, while Baker stays busy with Hayter for a few weeks.

Cory: I am a big fan of Ruby, and think her run in AEW has not been all that good. Her matches in the tournament have been solid, but with Baker cheating to win on Wednesday, I can see her cheating to win this as well, giving her a platform to talk about how she is the best without having the title. Baker goes over in this one.

The Young Bucks vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Dave: At the end of the day, I have to put the younger team over here.  I think Matt and Jeff would agree.  This should be a spectacle.

Mike:  The matches they had a few years back in Ring of Honor were so much fun and I expect this will be a big showcase for all the signature stuff each side does.  While I am always a proponent of the heels going over in the first meeting to propel the story forward, I think the Hardys should go over here to give the Bucks something to be pissed about and continue their bitter presentation.

Richard:  The match that should be sponsored by Looper.  There will be crazy stuff in this match, but will it be overshadowed by the other crazy stuff on the show?  Brandon Cutler will probably take a Twist of Fate and Swanton.  The Bucks will be too much for the Hardys.  

Anthony: The Hardys can lose this and win the AEW tag title next week and it would have credibility. Bucks haven’t had a focus or spotlight in a while (much credit to them, it helps make them feel special when they’re in there). Bucks win and become even more insufferable as heels as if that was possible. I’m sensing bullet points in the write up.

Cory: The Bucks as well as the rest of the Undisputed Elite said a while back that they are tired of losing, and the team members have been winning, for the most part. This will continue that streak, with both teams going full out spot fest and the Bucks getting the win via cheating so that we can have more matches in the future.

Anarchy in the Arena: The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Blackpool Combat Club & Eddie Kingston & Santana & Ortiz.

Dave: I enjoy Jericho's group for their comedy.  The Blackpool guys don't joke around though so they come out on top here.

Mike:  This is going to be an all out brawl.  Unless they are going to have Kingston and crew end up at odds with the Blackpool Combat Club to set up a future Three-Way Dance, my guess is that Jericho's team goes over to keep the feud running.  The most "offensive" finish in the eyes of the fans I could think of is Jericho submitting a KO'd Bryan in some way that mocks him, so that's what I will go with here.

Richard: Will we ever have a match without a stipulation for Chris Jericho or Jon Moxley?  The crowd should love this, but it is not a match that interests me much.   What will the 'Human Green Screen' Jake Hager do in this match?  Let this be a chance for Santana and Ortiz to shine and let people who might have the ability to do so PUT THEM BACK IN THE TITLE PICTURE.  Regal should knock out Jericho again to set up the finish and allow Danielson to get revenge for his loss on the first episode of NXT (LONG TERM BOOKING)

Anthony: speaking of bullet points…The Jericho Appreciation Society needs this badly. As in losing here destroys their credibility. Danielson and Kingston Don’t get along so they can use that as an out. JAS gets the nod from me here.

Cory: Any feud Jericho has is a big deal, and the Blackpool Combat Club is red hot. BCC should NOT lose in their first big feud, and Jericho’s team can lose, since he always gets his heat back. This will just be a big, brutal brawl all through the arena and give us tons of plunder and violence for the sake of violence. The BCC wins.

The House of Black vs. Death Triangle.

Dave: I keep up the push of House of Black and put them over here.

Mike:  This has the potential to be AWESOME. I am actually looking forward to this more than most of the card.  Just let them GO.    There's no reason for House of Black to lose at this juncture.  I feel like they are still being established as a force.

Richard:  At least House of Black gets promoted to the PPV proper.   Why did Alex go back to his old ringside attire instead of the extra from the video for Rock of Ages?  Even if he does not get the victory for his team, this should be a showcase for Buddy.

Anthony: I’m almost to the point with both of these factions where I don’t care to be honest. This hasn’t grabbed my attention and I see this as something that’ll take away time from the matches we care about. I say House of Black wins here.

Cory: We have had nothing about this feud since it was announced, which is a damn shame. Both of these teams are great in the ring and over with the crowd. House of Black should win as they have other irons in the fire, and this seems like a placeholder feud.

TBS Champion Jade Cargill vs. Anna Jay

Dave: I see Jade retaining here because they are investing in her and I don't see that coming to an end at this time.  Jay has a ton of potential but I don't see it as her time.

Mike: I like Anna but Jade is a force of nature at this point and continues to improve and radiate as a star.  She's not losing here.

Richard:   While Jade Cargill is a great story for AEW and her undefeated streak has been something they are building with her, the Baddies Section does nothing for me to enhance the character.  I have the same feeling about this match as I did for Jade's match at Revolution against Tay Conti.  You need someone to lead this match and I don't know who will.  Jade retains.

Cory: They just did this match a couple of months ago, and it wasn’t anything worth revisiting. Anna is in it because “She’s better now”? I get that they want to build Jade, but it’s time to have her in matches where she has to struggle a little bit to win. And her “Cut the sh**” catch phrase has to go. A catch phrase works when it is a reaction to a situation instead of just something you say every time you see poor Tony Schiavone.

Anthony: I have to give Jade her due. She’s a star and they’ve stuck to the formula. Jay is a nice serviceable opponent who will go down in what should be a quick and decisive win for the champ.

Darby Allin vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Dave: This is one of two matches at the last minute and I have to ask, WHY?  The show was already long enough.  Two more matches?  WHY?  Anyway, Kyle should go over here.

Mike:  The word making the rounds is Sting won't be there this weekend.  This could be a really fun bout and I like the idea of Kyle the shooter using all his in-ring wizardry to prevent Darby from doing his madness, so that Darby truly has to fight from underneath to get himself into a position to do some crazy spots.  I also feel like Kyle needs a big win here.

Richard:  I hope Kyle kicks Darby hard when he tries for the coffin drop.  Can we get Bobby to interfere so we can get an "IT'S STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE' WHY IS THIS GUY IN HIS 60s DOING THIS SPOT spots.  Kyle should win.

Anthony: This. Show. Is. Already. Too. Long. Huge insult to these guys, being thrown in at the last second just to “get them on the show”. Darby wins, I suppose. This match should and could main event next week’s Dynamite.

Cory: This a last minute add so that Darby, one of their biggest stars, is on the show. He’ll win so the crowd is happy.

Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Paige VanZant vs. Sammy Guevara, Frankie Kazarian, and Tay Conti (if Sky wins Guevara and Kazarian cannot challenge for the TNT Title)

Dave: Also, why?  This is a TV match.  I hope that Sky's team wins just so I don't ever have hear Sammy talk about leaving fluids on the belt again.

Mike:  It's crazy Paige VanZant's first ever wrestling match was announced with 48 hours to go before belltime.  I'm not sure who the babyfaces are here, except Kazarian is a babyface.  Everyone involved does some pretty heinous, antagonistic stuff.  My guess is Page is the one who ends up getting pinned here, because I don't see Kazarian and Sammy being DQ'd out of their big title programs.

Richard:  I only hope that Sky and Page can get to Vegas in time since the gauntlet was laid down during the late night attack at American Top Team's facility while Page and Sky were STANDING IN AN ARENA IN LAS VEGAS.  It is time for new blood to challenge for the TNT title, but if Sky wins, what does it mean for Sammy and Frankie?  Let's find out.

Anthony: Again. Why here? Why last minute? This should be a Rampage or Dynamite match. THIS is how they decide to formally debut PVZ? Cant really say any planning went into this all at but l, congratulations on WWE moving Money in the Bank. I guess Sammy, Frankie and Tay will win. Any no one will care.

The Buy In: Hook & Danhausen vs. Tony Nese & Smart Mark Sterling.

Dave: Unless Danhausen messes things up, Hook goes over, BROTHA!

Mike:  Nese pins Hook in 30 seconds with an armbar.  Yeah, right.  Danhaused curses Sterling en route to Hook choking him out.

Richard:  Hook kicks ass for a few minutes and Danhausen does Danhausen stuff.

Anthony: Very nice, very evil team that Hookhausen. They’ll get the duke .

Cory: This is going to be silly, and the training video they had last week shows it. Hook is going to win because that’s his thing, and Tony Nese is going to continue to mean nothing. I still wish they would give us an introduction to Danhausen so people can start to understand the character.

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