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By on 2022-05-27 23:04:00

House Of Glory “Holy Grail” Results From 5/27/22

Will Ospreay is off the show due to his ongoing kidney infection. He was supposed to take on Low Ki this evening. ACH will now face Low Ki.

This event begins the first round of a tournament for the vacant HOG World Title. The Tag Team Championship, Crown Jewel Title, and Women’s Title are also on the line tonight.

Low Ki defeated ACH by referee stoppage with a chokehold.

Mantequilla came out to the ring and said he doesn’t have anyone to wrestle tonight and made an open challenge. Michael Fayne came out to answer it. He said they should make it more interesting and do a 6-man tag team match where they pick partners.

Mantequilla, Encore, and Joey Silver defeated Michael Fayne, Brian Burgundy, and Carlos Ramirez when Mantequilla pinned Fayne with a Code Red. Ramirez turned on his partners before the finish and beat them up. He called in Roach to help him attack Silver after the match. The other two members of HOGPD ran down to make the save. Ramirez walked away and left Roach by himself to get beat up. HOGPD arrested Roach.

HOG Women’s Champion Natalia Markova pinned Sumie Sakai by bridging over into a cover when Sakai had her in a submission hold.

HOG Tag Team Champions The Briscoe Brothers (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe) defeated The Mane Event (Jay Lyon and Midas Black) when Mark pinned Lyon after the Froggy Bow.

HOG Crown Jewels Champion Charles Mason pinned Ken Broadway with a roll up and a fast count by a heel referee. The first referee was bumped out of the ring by a kick from Mason. A second referee came down and counted slow when Broadway had Mason pinned. After the match, Carlos Ramirez handed the heel ref an envelope of money but then choke slammed him and took it back. Mason put Broadway in the sleeper and left him laying.

Jonah pinned Jeff Cobb after a top rope splash in a 1st Round Tournament Match. They announced Eddie Kingston will face Jonah in the next round.

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