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By on 2022-05-27 07:24:00

NOMADS' “Freelance Summit” debut event results from Tokyo, Japan ???????? at Shinjuku FACE on 5/20/22 live on Zaiko:

This project was announced a few months ago in a big press conference. Sumire Natsu, Maya Yukihi, Miyuki Takase, and Rina Yamashita are the Executive Committee and active roster members. They did more press conferences last month to announce the return of Kaho Kobayashi come back to pro wrestling along with the announcement of the live streaming outlet. The group's roster is freelancers currently on the joshi scene which explains the name.

Sumire Natsu went to a 5-minute draw Miyuki Takase in an Exhibition Match.

Tae Honma defeated Momoka Hanazono by submission in 8:15.

Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto, and Maika Ozaki defeated Hikari Shimizu, Rina Amikura, and Yuko Sakurai when Yoneyama pinned Sakurai in 10:13.

Hiroyo Matsumoto pinned Kaho Kobayashi with a Liger Bomb in 11:54.

SAKI and Saori Anou went to a Double Count Out with Asuka and Yuu in 19:23.

Miyuki Takase and Ryo Mizunami defeated Rina Yamashita and Maya Yukihi when Mizunami pinned Yukihi after the Hot Limit in 19:33.

The next show will be on 8/5/22 back here at the venue.

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