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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-05-27 09:59:00

Wrestling Open Week 21

5/26/22 - Worcester, MA

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It’s about to be a wild night for our 21st straight week of Wrestling Open but before we get to this, we have our weekly Spotlight match!

Spotlight Match: The Church of Greatness (Brother Jay Heru & Sister Anastasia Morningstar) vs The Haven (Jay Onyx & Shawn Knyte)

THIS is a very intriguing spotlight match! Heru and Morningstar try to ambush early but The Haven dives over the double whip attempt. Corkscrew pop up splash to Heru for two! Onyx tries to finish but Morningstar takes Knyte off the apron and electric chairs him down. Onyx fighting Heru even until he gets folded up with a short uranage. Anastasia hits a splash for two. Onyx taking the heat while Knyte protests the double teams. Knyte finally tags in, goes hot. Tornado slingshot ddt to

Morningstar for two! Heru cuts it off. Morningstar hits a powerbomb! She goes for the splash off the corner but Heru tags himself in. Anastasia is MAD at him trying to steal the pin and she lets the hand hit their rolling cutter and take the pin! Brother Greatness has some negotiating to do backstage.

Winners: The Haven

And we’re liiiiiiive on IWTV! Paul Crockett is your commentator. Rich Palladino is your announcer. WELCOME BACK REFEREE KEVIN QUINN! Let’s gooooooo!

Match 1: Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando) vs The Brick City Boyz (Victor Chase & JCruz) 

Brick City comes out and they pick right up where they left off, brawling until the bell is able to sound. Safety Inspector Bobby wants the dab drop but JCruz throws him off the top. The crowd chanting “THE ROOF THE ROOF THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!” Chase tries a suplex but Orlando almost rolls him up. Victor up with a huge falcon arrow for two. Orlando dodges a splash and elbow, tag to Bryce! Springboard clothesline! Chase sent out, Cru does want to let the shirt come off, Bryce hits a spine buster and a peoples elbow! Black hole slam to Chase for two! Bryce isolates and BCB hits a leapfrog worlds strongest slam…this move ruled, tbh. Chase tries a tombstone but Orlando off the top and slams Bryce back on him for two! BCB out to the floor….Bobby comes flying! Sick trick! Chase thrown in for the dab drop! Kick out! Bobby misses moonsault set up a hot sequence of big moves. Bobby off the second with a cutter for two! Cruz in with a Brick, Bobby dodges and puts him in a fireman’s carry. The ref tries to get rid of the brick but Cruz sips back and low blows Orlando! Bryce can’t get back in time and Brick City picks up the W in this tournament preview match!

Winners: Brick City Boyz

Match 2: Paris Van Dale vs “La Chica” Clara Carreras

Paris with a pie face early as the crowd is very against her. Clara sends her backwards but Van Dale rebounds with a clothesline. She leg chokes in the corner, X factor for two! Backbreaker for another two. Clara kicks off the corner! Cross body off the second! Corner cannonball! Moonsault for three!

Winner: Clara Carreras 

Match 3: Dante Drago vs “Iron” Rip Byson

Drago is having an afterparty but no one is invited. Not us. Not rich Palladino. Not Kevin Quinn. Drago doesn’t want anything to do with Byson or his chains and spiked gauntlets. The crowd informs Drago that his death is imminent. Drago with a weeeeeeeeeak chop. He dodges a lariat and does a victory lap. Byson meets him with a boot and big slam on the floor. Elbow drop to the floor! Burning Hammer finishes Drago off in the center in a little under three minutes!

Winner: Rip Byson

Match 4: Johnny Santos vs CPA

Santos doesn’t have a tag partner to dance with tonight so he’s gonna have to face the taxman alone. CPA has a problem : He’s going to a wedding soon and he needs to learn how to dance. Santos is down to dance. He offers to let Santos off the hook with claiming this dance instructor income on his taxes if he wins. We chant TAX FRAUD and Santos is down for this. They dance through hammerlock, CPA gets a little Saturday night fever before he almost gets rolled up.  He catches Johnny in the spin and just drops him like a klutz. Santos drops him with short ddt for two! Suplexes! CPA rolls up the third amigo! They trade the rollup about ten times. Double down on a dizzy head collision. Missile dropkick from a recovered CPA. Santos dodges the Form 619. Santos hits all three amigos! CPA dodges the swanton! Rip the shirt! Form 619! Kickout! He goes to crunch the numbers but Santos offers free dance lessons! They shake on it! It’s a trap! CPA tries to counter but gets butterflied and trapped back for the pin!

Winner: Johnny Santos

They shake at the end and have a little dance. Santos dips him! This was ridiculous but a lot of fun.

Match 5: “The Shore Thing” Ray Jaz vs “Da Big Boofa” Dezmond Cole

Worcester has clearly missed booing Ray Jaz for the last two weeks, we saved up our (my) vitriol for this. We wanna chant for Boofa but Ray Jaz keeps winning and we have to boo him so much. Drape over the top rope, Jaz kicks him off. Jaz sent briefly to the apron but he slingshot sunsetflips over into a backslide pin for the win. I HATE how clean that was. Ugh. Ray Jaz.

Winner: Ray Jaz

Match 6: “The King’s Road Slayer” Derek Neal vs Rex Lawless

I’m really stoked for this meat fight. The crowd showers Neal with the Southeast Last chants. Neal tries to grab a headlock but Rex is power. Lawless gut kicked but rebounds with a big shoulder block. Whip yo the corner and a big back body drop! Running chest chop lights up Neal before he takes the short flight to the other side. Rex with a slingshot senton Into the ring after he boots Neal in the face. Neal unloading with strikes, hard dropkick to the corner! Short right to the nose! Back suplex! Kick out! Neal whiffs another corner dropkick, Rex comes in hot!! Fallaway slam for two! Double chop from Neal! Running knee strike for two! Rex catches him with a big boot on the ropes but Neal rebounds with a lariat for two! Trading in the center! Double cross

Body and they’re both dropped! Rex with a lariat and chokeslam! Neal is down! This was a good meat fight!

Winner: Rex Lawless

Even Stevens are out for a tag match but who is Dan Barry’s partner going to be tonight?!? Barry has had so many…tonight he has to bring out the BIG GUNS.

Match 7: Even Stevens (Steven Azure & Steven Somerset) vs Locked & Loaded (Dan Barry & 50 Cal)

ES are NOT happy to see 50 Cal! 50 arm drags all these Stevens. Barry in with the kneedrop somesault for two! The Stevens isolates Cal as Barry protests. Big backbreaker for two! Dan Barry clubbed to the floor! Cal fights off a neckbreaker, tag to the Detective! The Stevens forced to ddt/cutter themselves! They toss Dan, 50 Cal eats a superkick, headlock slam for two! They try a hart attack?!? Barry cuts it off, 50 Cal with a jackhammer and Dan Barry lands a swanton to end their tag team debut!

Winners: Locked & Loaded

It’s Stetson Ranch time. Stetson’s marketing team scoured the world for the best new third man for them. Danny Miles is their new partner! Miracle Generation needs to have a new third man since Waller isn’t cleared to compete tonight. We need another cowboy in this fight…ONE. CALLED. MANDERS!!!

Match 8: The Stetson Ranch (Steven Stetson & Brett Ryan Gosling w/ his trusty steed Clip Clop) and “Dreamcrusher” Danny Miles vs Miracle Generation (Kylon King & Ichiban w/ Dustin Waller) and 1 Called Manders

Stetson is not happy. It didn’t go well the last time he crossed paths with Manders. They take turns putting on Manders’ hat. Kylon steals BRG’s hat and wears it better. This is just a hat wearing competition. It’s great. BRG with a big strut around the ring with King until he gets LAUNCHED with a German. Stetson tries to save it but gets dragged right down. Miles in but Manders tags in. Miles WANTS this fight. Manders obliges and drops him with a shoulder block. Ichiban and Miles getting lit up with double Dusty punches. Kick out! Stetson tags in, rana’d right to the buckles! Handspring elbow! BRG runs interference as Mile kicks Number One’s head off. Ranch triple teams Ichiban in the corner. BRG’s strut is so good. Ichiban finally escapes the bad corner, tag to Manders! Miles and BRG getting chopped up! Powerslam to BRG! Manders comes in but Miles hits a codebreaker! Lungblower to Manders! Kylon dropped in the corner but dodges the cannonball. Stetson too busy getting in Miles’ face to notice

Manders behind him. He vacates, Kylon suicide dives after him, Manders hits a lariat for three!

Winners: Miracle Generation & Manders

It’s WORLD CLASS time.

So uh….we have a Deathmatch? With Bakabella? Wait no, he tries to join commentary. Paul Crockett. Wants nothing to do with it and just leaves Bakabella solo in the booth to go…take a s*** or something. Who is is the World Class opponent? Crockett returns, saying he has to be a professional. 

Match 9: World Class Channing Thomas vs Sigma (Death Match)

Running dropkick to the corner! Northern lights toss! Piledriver! Thomas asks Sidney for the pizza cutter. He holds it up and drops an elbow to get the pin. This was the most world class death match.

Winner: Channing Thomas

Channing Thomas uses the pizza cutter as a hand mirror. Bakabella says SLADE can’t do what Thomas does. Next week? We keep the Death Match train going! Fans Bring the Weapons! On his way out, Bakabella yells at a small child and threatens to thrown his stroller out the fire door. Magic.

Pedro Dones is out here but decided that Tina San Antonio wasn’t needed to take out the likes of the Flavortown Toy Brigade. He has a replacement making her return to Worcester though!

Match 10: Teddy Goodz & Little Mean Kathleen vs Pedro Dones & “The God Queen” Delmi Exo

Dones lets Exo start once Goodz shows he’s game to kick this off. LMK wants a piece of the queen though. LMK sends her to the corners and jogs her chest into the mat for two. Dones in and poses off with LMK. He turns and misses the tag to Goodz! Goodz surprises him but the God Queen takes over the beatdown. LMK tags in! High crossbody to Exo for two! Figure four! Dones kicks her head off. Goodz in! Cactus clothesline! They battle on the floor! Exo is distracted, LMK sneaks in the rollup! 

Winners: Goodz & LMK

Main Event: “The Prize” Alec Price vs “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister (Submission Match)

Bacon doesn’t wait for Price to get in the ring and goes right for him. Price swinging for the fences, he launches off the stairs, uppercuts out of the air! Bacon launches him into the chairs! Price firing back! Pop up dropkick! Bacon set over the top and Price flies out after him. Battling around the room, Price hits a flying knee! Hollister annihilates him in the merch tables! Hollister batters him to the bar. Price up top and sentons off the bar! Discus elbow and slingshot cutter back into the ring! Price applies a deep Boston crab! The crowd wants this tap! Bacon kicks free! Price’s face meets the mat hard repeatedly. The prize is limp as Hollister recovers. Brad tries the powerbomb but Price out…huge pop up and Bacon bombs him! Camel clutch! Price fights out! Club to the back of the head and Brad reapplies the hold! Price squirms free again. He tries a trip roll but Hollister gutwrench slams him and blasts a huge lariat! Hollister gets chairs and sets up a door on them. It’s wild that we already HAD our “deathmatch” tonight. This is a technical classic! I kid, this is awesome. Price fights off the superplex…enziguri! Hollister goes for it again, Price with gut punches….Hollister blasts headbutts and lands literally the best looking superplex through a door I’ve ever seen. I’ll track down a gif. Here we go.

JUST PERFECT, RIGHT? Door snaps, both chairs fly out to the sides in sync. Physics on point. <chef kiss> Anyways, enough gushing about broken wood. Hollister grabs a shard of door and tries to cut up Price! Trading fast in the center! Price misses a kick, Hollister with the RNC! Price out, tries the block bustah….Hollister catches him right back into the RNC! The ref tries the hand check but Price is up at two and half! Hollister breaks the hold with an overhead toss! Wild! Hollister sets up another door, Price trips him neck first into the bottom rope! DVD through the door! Price gets some tape and wraps Hollister’s legs up and tapes him to the post! He grabs Brad’s singlet and chokes him with in until Big Bacon goes unconscious! This was f***ing great. Price is our Ace but damn, Hollister was a beast through this even if we chant “Turkey Bacon” at him as he exits. 

Winner: Alec Price

Teddy Goodz and LMK are back out to Bloodhound Gang’s Fire Water Burn. HA! They are here to announce their intentions for the Saturn & Kronos Tag Team Eliminator Tournament. Brett Ryan Gosling is out here too, he doesn’t want them in the tourney and LMK challenges them for the Stetson Ranch’s spot in the tournament! Rich Palladino confirms this match for “Please Come Back” in Foxboro. The spot in the Eliminator Cup is up for grabs. You gotta win it…to be in it! See you next Thursday!


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