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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-05-26 08:50:00

While most of the data breaches highlighted in the news regard government agencies and large corporations, it so happens that the vast majority of businesses that fall prey to hackers are small businesses. One may wonder why that is so. Small businesses are typically under-protected because they believe that they cannot afford to protect themselves significantly. However, this is just a myth and using the MITRE ATT&CK framework can help.

The point to note is that despite all the attention to cyber security, if hackers can crack into huge corporations, it is no big deal for them to target smaller companies that do not afford the same level of protection. However, small businesses can easily ensure adequate computer security if they follow the below-listed cybersecurity tips:

Improve Password Protection

In today’s day and age, passwords are a common method to protect computer networks. Companies must implement stringent standards to make the most of this security system. 

It is necessary to employ strong passwords. Furthermore, users should be prompted to update passwords regularly. Additionally, there should be policies regarding sharing of passwords, even with coworkers, 

Limit Access

If you want to keep sensitive data safe despite a security breach, then layered security is how to go about it. This simply means limiting access to certain information and adding levels of protection, for example, encryption, additional passwords, etc. 

Monitor Personal Devices

Being a small business, it is likely that you do not have the capacity to provide employees with laptops, tablets and smartphones. Therefore, employees may be using their personal devices to access company data. 

In this scenario, you must implement policies that allow your network administrator to install monitoring software, push automatic updates, and prompt users to change their passwords regularly. It is not necessary to invade personal privacy or disallow the installation of specific software and apps. Nonetheless, you must protect your business if you find that the network is at risk because employees use their personal devices.  

Train Employees

Despite having technical support staff on your teams, if employees are not trained appropriately, they will inadvertently cause security breaches. It is imperative to ensure that employees know how to use company resources; additionally, penalising employees if they fail to follow security protocols is also a way to deal with the problem. 

Plan for Attack

It is always best to prepare for the worst using the MITRE ATT&CK framework because these attacks are becoming more and more common these days. It is wise to have a backup in place so that your company is prepared if there is any data loss.

You should work with an experienced IT consultant or in-house IT staff to develop a plan that will be executed in case of a data breach.  


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