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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-05-26 22:05:00

Your announcers are Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini.

We see MicroMan arriving at the building.

Cesar Duran’s masked men have a note for Mister Saint Laurent. He tells MicroMan if he loses, he is gone from MLW.

Rivera has something to say before his match. He tells the people he sees Von Erich Nation came out and there are people out here to see Davey Richards. You have no respect and that is why you are Cowboys fans. Rivera tells Davey Richards he is not a wolf, but he is an old dog and he is putting his Old Yeller ass down tonight.

Match Number One: Rivera versus Davey Richards

They lock up and Richards with a wrist lock . Davey works on the shoulder and Rivera goes into the ropes to stop Richards’ offense. Rivera wants a test of strength but it is a ruse and he kicks Davey. Rivera with a wrist lock. Davey with a kick to the arm to escape the hold. Rivera wants to slap Davey but Davey turns around and Rivera stops. Rivera with a punch and side head lock. Davey with an O’Connor roll for a near fall. Rivera with a drop kick.

Rivera gets a near fall and he applies a reverse chin lock. Rivera kicks Davey and he goes to the apron and hits a slingshot senton. Rivera with a reverse chin lock.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rivera pie faces Richards and Richards with kicks to the chest. Rivera with an Irish whip and Davey goes to the apron to avoids a splash. Davey with a dragon screw in the ropes and Richards goes up top. Richards misses a double stomp but rolls through. Richards with a trailer hitch. Rivera fights to get to the ropes to break the hold. Richards with a waist lock and a round kick. Richards misses a running kick and Rivera with a rollup and kick followed by a DDT for a near fall. Rivera sets for a suplex but Richards blocks it. Richards with a punch and Rivera with a punch. They go back and forth. Richards with a round kick and a German suplex but Rivera pops up. Richards with a clothesline for a near fall. Richards with a Gotch Piledriver for the three count.

Winner: Davey Richards

After the match, Rich Bocchini interviews Davey Richards. Rich asks Davey about what is next for him. Davey says there is no shame in losing to Alex Hammerstone. He says it has made him hungrier. I am coming after Alex Kane and the Openweight Title.

We go to Cesar Duran’s office door but the cameras are denied by two hooded men.

We have a video package for Alex Hammerstone and Cesar Duran that shows their history together.

We see Mads Krugger leaving Cesar Duran’s office.

We go to commercial.

We are back with more entrants in Battle Riot. They are EJ Nduka, Jacob Fatu, Mini Abismo Negro, Budd Heavy, Matt Cross, and Ross Von Erich.

Cesar Duran is in his office and Marshall and Ross Von Erich enter. Marshall tells Cesar that they want a tag title match. He says they are sick and tired of other matches. Ross says this is them being nice.

Cesar tells them he is training for his title match.

Match Number Two: Arez, Mini Abismo Negro, and TJP (with Holidead and Dr. Dax) versus Aerostar, El Dragon, and MicroMan

MicroMan and TJP start things off but TJP wants nothing to do with MicroMan so he tags in both his partners. Dragon and Aerostar come in as well. Arez sends Dragon to the floor while Aerostar sends Abismo to the floor. Arez sends Dragon to the apron and Aerostar with an enzuigiri and hits a twisting cross body. Arez holds Aerostar for Abismo but Aerostar moves and Abismo chops Arez. Aerostar drops Abismo into the ropes and then Aerostar rolls off Abismo’s back to hit a cutter on Arez.

Aerostar with a kick to Abismo followed by a springboard double stomp. TJP kicks Aerostar and connects with an elbow to the back of the head. TJP works on Aerostar’s shoulder by hyper-extending the arm. MicroMan comes in and TJP gets on his knees and MicroMan with a kick and an arm drag taek down. MicroMan kicks TJP and punches him followed by a bulldog. Dragon tags in and he lips over TJP and trips him. TJP hangs in the ropes and Dragon charges at him and goes to the floor when TJP moves. Everyone kicks Dragon while Holidead argues with the referee. Aerostar is sent back into the ring and TJP with a knee drop to Aerostar.

Arez tags in and he goes up top and then goes back to the mat and kicks Aerostar in the leg. Arez with a suplex to Aerostar while he had Dragon tied up with Aerostar. Abismo tags in and he kicks Dragon. Abismo gets Dragon on his shoulders for an accordion slam and Arez goes up top for a double stomp on Dragon followed by a frog splash from Abismo for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and TJP punches Dragon while Abismo chops Dragon. Arez sends MicroMan into the turnbuckles and chokes him with his boot. Abismo chokes Dragon in the corner. Arez sends MicroMan into the turnbuckles and chokes him again. Abismo chokes MicroMan in the ropes and sends him to the mat. Abismo with an Irish whip and then they Irish whip Aerostar and Dragon into the corner where MicroMan is but they go to the apron to avoid him. MicroMan forces Abismo, Arez, and TJP to stop in the ring and he forces them back into the corner. Dragon with a cross body to all three men but they catch Dragon. Aerostar with a drop kick into Dragon to take everyone down.

Aerostar with a splash onto all three men. Dragon with a splash as well and then Aerostar with another splash. Dragon picks up MicroMan and with a splash. Holidead breaks up the cover and she is put in the middle of the scrum as MicroMan gets another near fall. Arez flips off Dragon’s chest and Arez kicks Dragon to the floor. Arez with a moonsault onto Dragon. Aerostar with a double jump cross body. Abismo goes up top and hits a moonsault onto everyone on the floor. Dragon goes up top and he hits a twisting cross body. MicroMan goes to the turnbuckles but TJP stops hi. TJP goes for a Sharpshooter but MicroMan is too small. MicroMan with a Fujiwara arm bar and TJP fights to get to the ropes. Abismo with a double stomp to MicroMan. TJP goes up top and Abismo with a butterfly power bomb. TJP misses a frog splash when MicroMan moves. MicroMan with a Tiger Feint Kick to TJP and then he gets the three count with a victory roll on Abismo.

Winners: Aerostar, El Dragon, and MicroMan

We take a look at Calvin Tankman.

He says the company elevated him to give him an opportunity to show what he can do. Now it is his time to elevate this company. He is here to leave his mark. He says he came in with an undefeated streak and that happened until he ran into the World Champ. He is looking forward to bouncing back from that loss and getting another shot. It hurt a lot to miss the Opera Cup due to injury. All I want is to be financially stable and take care of my family. I don’t want to be someone who wakes up every day hating what he does. He wants to be a legend, not just in wrestling, but in his family and in his community. Everyone should want to be the best.

We return to Kung Fu Cesar and he is told that the Parks are here and he tells them to open the door.

The door opens and it is Jacob Fatu and he takes care of the masked men. Fatu says he will see everyone later.

We go to a video for the return of Killer Kross.

We are told that next week, NZO faces KC Navarro. Flamita will face Bandido.

Cesar takes the mic before the match and he asks everyone if they are ready for violence and to see Alex Hammerstone humbled. Before I humiliate you, I am going to give you a Gift of the Gods. I will give you an excuse when I kick your ass. You will have one arm tied behind your back. Cesar tells Alex he should have the cajones to fight him with one arm. Do you want to be a chicken like all of the neckbeard fans or do you want to be a real champion?

Hammerstone says he would have no problem doing it with both arms tied behind his back.

Cesar says there is one more thing for this match. To give you a better excuse, he gets a prop to play with. One of the masked men brings a chair into the ring.

Match Number Three: Alex Hammerstone versus Cesar Duran for the MLW World Championship with One Arm Behind Hammerstone’s Back

The match starts and Cesar grabs the chair and is about to swing it, but Richard Holliday’s music plays and he comes to the ring with Alicia Atout.

Holliday says if he is being perfectly honest with the situation, this seems like a giant joke, a farce, if you will. You should not be wrestling for the Heavyweight Championship, at least not under these conditions. If anyone is going to be wrestling for the heavyweight championship, it should be me. It was always me. Am I right, or am I wrong?
Holliday kicks Hammerstone and connects with forearms and kicks in the corner.

The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone (by disqualification) [retains championship]

After the match, Holliday is pulled off Hammerstone by the referee. Holliday grabs the chair and he hits Hammerstone in the midsection with it and then in the back. Holliday with forearms to Hammerstone. Holliday with kicks to Hammerstone.

The referee checks on Hammerstone.

Duran tells Hammerstone that everybody knows he loves to give surprises and consequences. You are in good fortune because you are getting both.

Mads Krugger and King Muertes come ot the ring and they attack Hammerstone.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich make their way to the ring because their music plays. They force Krugger and Muertes from the ring.

Duran tells the Texas idiots that they will pay for it. You will face Krugger, Muertes, and Holliday in a Trios match.

We go to credits.

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