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By Eric Denton on 2022-05-26 19:23:00

Young Rock S2 E12 - Let The People Decide - Season Finale

Election Day 2032 has arrived. We see people at the polls. The Rock drops his ballot in the box and gives The People’s Eyebrow. Voters give their testimonials. Randall explains Candidate Johnson received a boost in support after posting a photo on social media of him and Dr. Echo making up. 

Watching from home The Rock explains to Casey and Sandy that Forest Whitaker (who is involved in all of The Rock’s major life decisions) was able to settle the beef between The Rock and Julian. Turns out Julian’s son is just like him and he didn’t believe his Dad went to school with The Rock, when he came around he was upset that The Rock hated his Dad. Julian decided to end their feud to earn his son’s respect back. Casey says the exit polling is moving in a positive direction. The Rock and Randall decide to go to the stables to feed the horses.

Randall is surprised The Rock can walk away and not pay attention to the results. The Rock then transitions into talking about Rocky taking bookings in Saudi Arabia despite having an exclusive deal with Vince.

Hawaii 1985....

Rocky gets a call from Vince explaining that he’s leaving Soul Patrol off WrestleMania to wrestle for WWF in Saudi Arabia. Rocky tells Vince “hell yeah” and is now double booked one show for WWF and one for Afa and Sika's promoter. 

At a backyard gathering, he tells Ata about it. She’s worried. Rocky says he doesn’t think anyone will notice. Lia is throwing the party to celebrate Ata’s success running the territory during her absence. She says she has a big announcement to make. Little Dewey is telling Macho Man, Afa and Sika about his four girlfriends and how he balances it all. 

At school, it’s picture day and Dewey has given his girlfriends Backyard Brawl-BQ shirts and they figure out what he’s been up to. He gets dumped four times over.

At Lia’s apartment, the wrestlers are gathered for Lia’s announcement. Lia says she learned the importance of having a partner and introduced Lars Anderson as the new VP of the territory devastating Ata. 

Back at home, Rocky encourages Ata to go out on her own. She booked a show that drew 60,000 on her own, once Rocky gets back from Saudi Arabia they’ll start working on her.

Vince is checking out the hotel in Saudi Arabia and he opens up the window and sees a giant advertisement for Rocky Johnson on the non-WWF show.

The Rock explains to Randall that Vince didn’t fire Rocky but that things were never the same after it.

Rock is told he’s lost New York as the 3rd party candidate is siphoning off just enough votes. He seems unconcerned. 

Nashville 1987...

Dewey is still shoplifting. He gets home to find out Rocky and Ata are packing up. Lawler decided to shake up the roster and they’re moving to Bethlehem, PA. Dewey is upset.

At the show he tells Brian Lawler he’s leaving. Bruno asks Dewey for a favor and he is sent into the dressing room to talk to The Fabulous Moolah. She’s upset and says she isn’t going on because her ring jacket is on a plane to Tokyo instead of with her. She tells Dewey her life story about how she was going to be a happy housewife. It sucked so she ran away from her life and became a wrestler. 

We see Macho Man (baseball until he blew out his shoulder, no mention about the family business), Andre (farmer) and The Iron Sheik (was always going to wrestle) all talk about what they planned to do before becoming wrestlers. Moolah tells Dewey to trust in himself and he’ll get where he wants to be. Dewey gives Moolah the jacket he had just stolen. He goes home and comes to terms with moving to PA.

The Rock and his team are watching the results. He wins Ohio. The Rock starts telling the story about his debut at Survivor Series. We see him mess up on what side the hard cam is on and him getting the pin on Goldust. After the match Vince tells him good match and that he’s going to get a push a the next big babyface star. Lia, Ata, Dany and Rocky are at the show. It’s the first time Rocky has seen Vince since the aftermath of Saudi Arabia and leaving WWF. They have a warm greeting. Lia tells him how proud they are of him. 

He then hits the road hard and we see him defeat Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the Intercontinental Championship. After the match it’s where he realizes the crowd hated him. The Rock explains to Randall the people had decided they wanted the beer drinking bad guy Stone Cold Steve Austin to be the hero but Vince continued to for Rocky Maivia down everyone’s throat. 

We see him vs The Sultan at WrestleMania and beginning of the “Rocky Sucks” chants Randall asks if this is the lowest point of his career and The Rock says no, that is just about to happen. We then see the post match beat down and Rocky Johnson’s run-in that flops. Backstage Vince and Pat realize it isn’t working. Vince asks Pat if he made a mistake picking Dwayne. 

The season concludes with The Rock winning Texas but losing Michigan, Florida and California.

Senator Taft is President-Elect....

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