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By Cory Strode on 2022-05-25 20:31:00

It is Wednesday, and it’s time for AEW Dynamite as they come to us from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. The commentary team is Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

Wardlow vs Shawn Spears in a Steel Cage

MJF is the referee.

As MJF mocks Wardlow forgetting the Diamond Ring in the CM Punk match, MJF can’t find the handcuff key to free Wardlow. Spears attacks Wardlow as he is still cuffed. MJF and Spears attack Wardlow. After Wardlow gets a kick on on Spears, MJF comes over to Wardlow to mock him because if Wardlow touches MJF, the match at the PPV is canceled. Wardlow is able to break apart the handcuffs and goes after Spears.

The crowd, who has been super loud and all over MJF explodes as Wardlow starts his beat down.

Spears is able to get a guillotine on the top rope and then starts t0o climb. Wardlow meets him on the cage and tosses him to the mat. He covers Spears and MJF refuses to count. MJF keep taunting Wardlow, asking him to take a swing. Wardlow sets up for the power bomb, and MJF hits a low blow. Spears hits the C4 and covers for a two count.

Spears leaves the cage to bring in chairs. MJF holds Wardlow and Spears swings, Wardlow drops out of the way and MJF takes a chair shot right to the head and drops. GREAT camera shot as Wardlow rises up behind Spears.

The Power Bomb Symphony begins.

After three power bombs and referee runs to the ring. Spears is power bombed on the chair and the ref counts three.

Winner: Wardlow

Wardlow pulls MJF up for a power bomb, and security floods the ring with all of them getting tossed and the last one getting tossed into the cage.

Wardlow climbs to the top and poses on the top of the cage.

The Jericho Appreciation society watches as Jericho throws a fireball in the face of a man backstage wearing a Jon Moxley t-shirt.

In the ring, Tony Schiavone is going to host a face to face with CM Punk and Adam Page.

Punk gives a standard “I’m going to win the title” statement.

Page says he already said what he is going to do to Punk and there is nothing Punk can do to take his title.

Punk asks why Page is taking this so personally, because it’s just business to him.

Page goes over how he is going to destroy Punk, but he didn’t mean at the PPV, he means to do it now. He talks about how he has dreamed of this moment and tossing a pipe bomb in Punk’s face. He then says that now that they are here, he can’t do it. He says the more he thought about what he wanted to say, but now he doesn’t hate him, he pities him. He says it’s the little moments when the camera isn’t on that makes a champion. He says he loves AEW, and he is defending AEW from Punk.

They had better do SOMETHING because Page isn’t making a lot of sense.

Punk says he doesn’t know what Page is so angry. He says the roads Page traveled down were paved by him. He built the house of AEW. Punk tells him to shake his hand.

They start to shove and then Page punches Punk. Punk sits on the mat smiling and Page leaves the ring and goes back stage.

We then get a video package for Anna Jay vs Jade Cargill.

William Regal joins commentary and it’s time for Jericho to join as well. Jericho cuts his music and he tells Vegas to sit down and shut up.

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley vs Private Party


When we return to full screen, Kassidy is able to get the hot tag and takes down Mox twice. He then leaps onto Mox outside the ring, and Kassidy hits a stunner and Quen hits a shooting star press for a two count. Private Party goes for the silly string, and Mox catches Kassidy and then drops him with a lariat. He starts in with the hammer and anvil elbows as Eddie holds Quen. Mox hits a paradigm shift and a three count.

Winners: Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley

The Jericho Appreciation Society attacks and the rest of Moxley's team come out and it is an all out fight with the referees trying to pull them apart. When they are pulled apart, Bryan Danielson is selling his injured leg in the ring.

Eddie meets Isiah Kassidy on the ramp, and Mox goes after Marq Quen in the ring. Quen is able to get a moonsault press and a two count before Mox drags him to his corner and tags in Eddie. Eddie has a Funk U shirt on tonight. He hits a side slam after tagging in Mox. Quen gets a Pele kick and tags in Kassidy and they get in a few double team moves while the ref keeps Eddie from coming in and we go to picture in picture,

We then get a video package of Toni Storm vs Britt Baker as well as Samoa Joe vs Kyle O’Reilly for the Owen Hart tournament.

Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Beretta) vs FTR (Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions)

Caprice Coleman joins the commentary team

Rocky starts with Cash with kicks, and then they trade wrist locks. They then run the ropes. Rocky hits a quick series of roll ups for two counts and then Rocky locks on the arm bar. Cash breaks away and tags in Dax.

Trent is tagged in and they lock up and quickly move to chops. Dax gets a German suplex and then tags in Dax, who gets dropped onto Trent for a two count. Super fast pace for this match with constant attacks flying. Rocky gets a blind tag and then he goes after Dax to break up his attacks on Trent. They hit a half and half suplex and Rocky covers with Dax saving himself with a rope break. They go picture in picture.

When they return to full screen, Dax is trying to break out of a headlock. Dax is able to break free and Trent is tagged in and stops Dax’s tag at first, but Cash is finally tagged in and he cleans house. Trent stops the attack by tossing Cash to the turnbuckle, ribs first. Cash hits a series of German suplexes, and Trent stops it by grabbing the ropes. Rocky breaks up the pin from a third German, and then tags in. Trent tags in when Rocky is pulled into the air so that Trent and Rocky hit a series of doubep team moves ending in a two count.

Trent sets up for the Strong Zero, but Cash breaks it up allowing Dax to get a near fall. They trade near falls and they are able to get the Strong Zero and the pin, broken up by Cash.

Jeff Cobb and Great O-Khan charge the ring and they take out both teams. Dax gets a Doctor Bomb through a table and O=Khan hits a claw bomb on Trent through another table.

They stand in the ring, holding the Ring of Honor titles.

No winner for the match

We go to a pre-tape of the Hardy talking about their upcoming match with the Young Bucks. Matt says that the hard roads they walked to get into the business, they could not have survived. Jeff says that while this is their last run, it will be their best run. This was a breat promo from Matt, not a new character, but seeming as himself.

Ricky Starks vs Swerve Strickland vs Jungle Boy

Here’s your AEW spotfest match.

Starks rolls out of the ring and lets Swerve and JB fight. As they shake hands, Starks attacks and takes them both dawn. JB and Swerve trade moves and JB gets on Swerve’s shoulders and hits a Hurricanrana on Starks. The fight moves to the floor where Starks is able to get the upper hand as we go to picture in picture.

This is a crazy match, with lots of quick moves that look impressive. No selling, of course, but just these three guys showing what they can do. Reminds me of early AEW with matches that move at 100 MPH. Still, that was an impressive sequence.

When they return to full screen, Swerve and Starks are fighting on the apron. Sstarks is kicked to the floor, JB hits a rana on Swerve to the floor. JB gets a cover on Swerve, broken up by Starks. JB then gets a two count on Starks. Swerve and JB go to the top and as they fight, Starks joins them. Starks gets facepalmed to the floor. JB hits a Poisonrana and Swerve lands on his feet. Everyone gets in kicks and when Swerve goes for a stalling vertical drop on JB, Starks spears him.

Starks get a Michinoku driver on JB and it’s broke up by Swerve. Swerve and Starks struggle to lock in a finisher. Starks gets a thumb to the eye and hits the Rochambeau, and JB sneaks in and gets the snare trap on the Starks. Starks gets a rope break, but JB slaps in back on and Swerve breaks it up, hits the Swerve Stomp on Starks for the three count.

Winner: Swerve Strickland.

And now the partners come out and it’s a free for all. Keith Lee, Luchasaurus, and Powerhouse Hobbs go at it with the sequence ending with Lee hitting a connonball over the top rope onto Hobbs and Luchasaurus.

In the back, Men of the Year and Dan Lambert say that smashing the belt would not mean they get the match they want. Dan has ordered a new TNT belt and it will be given to Scorpio Sky on Rampage.

On the stage, Tony is with Thunder Rosa. Rosa comes out without facepaint. She says she foguth for everything she has and Serena Deeb is not a champion. She gives a good rah rah promo about how she will beat Serena Deeb and keep the title.

In the back, Tony is with Red Velvet, who is upset about losing on Rampage Friday. Ruby Soho shows and Red gives her a scouting report on Kris Statlander. Ruby tosses the scouting report away.

Toni Storm vs Britt Baker in an Owen Hart Tournament match

Baker’s team goes to the back after they come onto the stage with her.

The crowd is solidly in Baker’s corner.

They lock up and Toni gets a strong wrist lock. Baker reverses it and then Storm is able to reverse that. Storm then hits a headlock takeover and they trade mat moves. Baker has to struggle to get to the ropes for a break. Storm is able to hit a drop kick on Baker, who is still kneeling on the mat. Storm followers her to the floor where they brawl. Storm control the brawl until Baker is able to run her into the steelo steps and we go to picture in picture.

A LOT of ads for Discovery channel shows that weren’t part of the last few months, so I think Discovery wants AEW viewers watching Food Network and HGTV

When we return to full screen, they are back in the ring throwing hands. Baker gets a thrust kick and tries for the Pittsburgh sunrise, but Storm gives her a swinging DDT instead. Storm gets a hip attack a water wheel drop, and goes for a Storm Zero. but Baker gets a counter and covers for a two count. Baker gets a twisting neck breaker for a two count.

They go to the apron and Toni hits a swinging DDT on the floor. Jamie Hayter gets on the apron and Storm is abel to knock her down. They trade holds and when Baker gets a quick roll up, Baker grabs the ropes and gets the three count.

Winner: Britt Baker

We get the rundown for Rampage and the Double or Nothing PPV.

Samoa Joe vs Kyle O’Reilly

They start with strikes and kicks. They then move to tryign to take each other down. Nice sequence that looks like a fight. They try to trade hold, with each blocking the attempt. Joe hits a chop that drop Kyle. Joe then slams Kyle brutally. Joe goes for the cover and gets a twoc ount. Joe starts in with strikes. Joe then hitds a snap suplex and gets a two count.

Kyle is able to get a rising knee and then a shoulder twist taking Joe down where he hammers Joe on the mat, working Joe’s shoulder. Joe is able to get to his feet. Kyle gets in a series of knees, but Joe is able to slap Kyle down. Kyle gets a Dragon Screw on Joe in the ropes and then he leaps from top and covers for a two count. Kyle gets a cross arm breaker on Joe as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Kyle has been working over Joe through the break and he keeps up the pressure with strikes and kicks. Joe is able to hit a rolling leg sweep to stop Kyle’s attack. Joe takes over with strikes, kick and a senton for a two count. They trade kicks until Joe hits a HARD lariat for a two count.

One fo the hardest things when you see a big guy against a smaller guy is to make the smaller guy look like he has a chance without the big guy looking like a failure. They are doing a GREAT job on this match.

Joe tries for a muscle buster, but Kyle locks in a locks in an arm bar. Joe makes it to the ropes for the break. Kyle goes back to kicks. Joe comes back with right hands. They trade blows and kicks. Kyle tries for a Okana roll, and Joe reverses it to the rear naked choke. Kyle goes to sleep.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Adam Cole comes to the stage. Joe is ready for an attack and we are desperately out of time!


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