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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-26 22:01:00

Welcome to's Impact Wrestling on AXS TV report!

Impact is emanating from Kissimmee, Florida.

Tom Hanifan and Matt Rehwoldt are your hosts.

Trey Miguel vs. Alex Shelley.

They noted Shelley has been mentoring Miguel the last several years.

They had some really nice back and forth grappling.    Shelley goes to the floor after a dropkick.  He misses a sliding kick to the outside and is drilled with a hard chop to the chest.  Shelley went to toss him back in but Miguel rebounds with a swinging kick and went for a standing moonsault off the apron to the floor.  Shelley blocked it and again worked over Miguel, sending him into the ring post.  He went to chop Miguel, who moved, so Shelley smashed into the post.  Miguel nailed a moonsault off the post to the floor.

Back in the ring, Miguel went for a swanton but Shelley moved.  Miguel rolled through but was nailed by Shelley, wiping out his momentum.  Shelley charged and kicked Miguel hard in the corner, then attacked the leg.  Shelley used a Dragon Screw Legwhip.  

Shelley began working over Trey's back and went for a suplex but was nailed with a series of strikes.  Undaunted, Shelley went back to the Dragon Screw Legwhip and nailed several kicks to the back before cinching in the Motor City Stretch.  Miguel was able to get to the ropes to force the submission.  Shelley held on and worked over Trey's arm, contuining to maintain control until being hit with a double stomp for a two count.

They battled back and forth with big forearms and strikes, hitting each other harder and harder the longer they went.  Shelley nailed several chops, wiping on Miguel and holding onto his arm for continued control.  Shelley snapped his arm, trying to hyperextend the elbow.  He went for another Dragon Screw but was struck with an enziguiri and a series of strikes.  They battled in the corner with Miguel striking Shelley with a kick to the face.  Trey missed a Meteroa and was turned inside out with a lariat.  Shelley nailed a Michinoku Driver but Trey kicked up at the last second.

Shelley, shocked, nailed a kick and drilled him with Automatic Midnight.  Trey kicked up so Shelley went for the Motor City Stretch.  They went back and forth with counters, attempting pinfalls, before Trey scored the pin with a crucifix variation.   

Your winner, advancing to the Ultimate X, Trey Miguel!

Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander and The Briscoes, who will face Violent by Design tonight.  Mark Briscoe said they proved they are the best team in the world by winning the titles.  Jay said they proved they are better but they want to jump the Briscoes after the bell, so now they have Josh Alexander to back them up.  Alexander said he gets to send a message to Eric Young tonight.

The Good Brothers showed up and faced off with The Briscoes.  Gallows said they won't be considered the real champions until they beat The Good Brothers, but they haven't.  They told the Briscoes their title reign doesn't count.  The Briscoes said, "Let's make it count."   They are obviously facing off at Slammiversary.

Masha Slamovich vs. Havok with Rosemary

This is Masha's biggest TV bout to date.  They slap each other and start brawling.  Masha drilled her with a headbutt.  Havok sent her into the corner and nailed a big lariat into the buckles.  Masha avoids a boot in the corner and nailed a rolling kick to the jaw.  Masha began nailing a series of kicks and strikes before an axe kick to the back.  Masha nailed her with the Snowplow and scored the pin.

Your winner, Masha Slamovich!

Rosemary was shocked on the outside and it was played up as a big, shocking moment by the announcers.  

Backstage, Alex Shelley told Trey Miguel he was proud of him.  Miguel celebrated with Blake Christian but Kenny King showed up and mocked Trey.  Christian stepped to King, who acted like he doesn't know who Blake even was.  He said they were nobodies.  Blake challenged him to a match.  King agreed.  Blake challenged him to put his Ultimate X spot on the line.  King tried to back down but Miguel talked him into agreeing to a match next week.

Backstage, Rich Swann noted that Matt Cardona has been ducking him since he's made a challenge for the Digital Media title.  He said if Cardona won't come to him, he'll come to Matt.  He then turned his attention to Matt Rehwoldt and challenged him to step out from the announcer's table and face him like a man.  

Jordynne Grace vs. Chelsea Green.

Green tried to control things but running from Grace but it didn't work out so well.  Grace drilled her with a big forearm and a shoulderblock.  Grace followed up with another and nailed a rude looking sideslam.  Green was sent up and over to the apron and nailed Grace.  She went to the top but was snatched and hung from the tree of woe.  Grace drilled her with several kicks and a neckbreaker off the buckles.  Green rolled to the outside, where she raked Grace's face and kicked her off the apron.  Green nailed a flip off the apron, smashing down on Grace on the floor.  After a commercial, Green worked over Grace with shots to the back and scored several two counts.  Grace came back with a big spinebuster for a two count.  

The competitors fought to their feet, trying to take out the other with slams.  Grace missed a charge in the corner but still snatched on a sleeper.  Green escaped and nailed a kick to the face.  Grace snapped and wiped her out with a spinning backfist, then hit a nice spinning powerbomb for a two count.  

Grace placed Green on the ropes and pulled her into a muscle buster.  Green escaped and nailed an elevated Flatliner for a close two count as Grace bridges out of the cover.  Grace battled back and nailed some stiff shots to the chest and back.  Green ducked a clothesline and attempted an Unprettier.  Grace battled her way out and nailed some stiff forearms.  Grace elevated Green and went for an Electric Chair but Green battled her way out, only to be snapped into a Gracedriver for the pin.

Your winner, Jordynne Grace!

This was Green's best bout in Impact for this run and was a tremendous back and forth bout.

Honor No More confronted Scott D'Amore.  Mike Bennett was mad Maria Kanellis was hurt last week.  They wanted a rematch against the Good Brothers at Slammiversary.  Scott said that sounded good but the Good Brothers just signed five minutes ago to face The Briscoes.  Eddie Edwards said that if they don't get what they want, no one gets what they want.  He told Scott to think about it.  

Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo about the Queen of the Mountain match.  Gia asked her why Mia Yim went right after her when she returned.  Deonna said anytime anyone wants to make an impact, they come gunning for her.  She's the face of the Knockouts division and that's not going to change.   She said she was going to make history at Slammiversary. Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans showed up.  Steelz said they aren't friends but they have a common problem - Mia Yim.  She said Savannah is facing Mia next week and invited her to be at ringside next week.  They can take care of the issue before it becomes an issue for them both.

Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian.

They said Kazarian was back to help celebrate Impact's 20th anniversary.  Some really damn good back and forth wrestling early on.  Kazarian went for a sunset flip but Sabin rolled through and nailed a big lariat for a two count.   They continued with Sabin nailing a German suplex for a two count.   Kazarian battled back with some hard chops.  He was backdropped but landed on his feet, slammed Sabin and nailed a springboard legdrop for a two count.

Kazarian nailed a legdrop on Sabin as he came through the ropes and followed up with a slingshot DDT.  Sabin came back with a kick to the face and executed a tornado DDT out of the corner for a near fall.   Sabin nailed a big back superplex for a close two count.  They fought to get to their feet but Honor No More ran in and attacked both.

No contest.

They worked over both men and left them laying.

The action was good until the angle, which obviously sets up Sabin and Kazarian teaming.

Backstage, Honor No More said that they were supposed to celebrate 20 years but instead Chris Sabin and Kazarian are out in the ring.  They said the company has no respect and mocked it for 20 years worth of lies and disrespect.  Rhino and Heath Miller showed up and said they sound stupid.  Miller said they got fired, just like he did but Impact gave him a chance.  Instead, they were disrespectful pieces of trash.  Rhino said Impact is a company that doesn't handcuff you, but they are all complaining pieces of sh**.  They went to fight but security held them all apart.

W. Morrisey & Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Mahabali Shera & Raj Singh.

Raj and Gujjar started out.  Singh took him down and went for a back suplex but instead drilled him across the back.  Singh was sent intop the ropes and nailed with a dropkick.  Gujjar followed up with a Slingblade and tagged in Morrisey.  He picked up Gujjar and slammed him atop Singh, then dropped a series of big elbowdrops.  Gujjar tagged back in with another big elbow for a two count.

Gujjar went to rebound off the ropes but Shera nailed him from behind.  Gujjar fired back but the referee admonished Morrisey, allowing Singh and Shera to double-team Gujjar.  Shera nailed a series of shoulderblocks in the corner.  Gujjar fired back but was nailed with a back elbow.  Shera sent Gujjar into the corner and worked him over.  Singh tagged in.  Gujjar fired back but was worked over.  He finally nailed a powerslam.

Morrisey made the hot tag and wiped out Shera and Singh.  Morrisey nailed a big sideslam on Singh and clotheslines Shera over the top.  Gujjar hit a pescado to the floor.

Morrisey grabbed Singh and chokeslammed him hard.  He tagged in Gujjar, who nailed the spear off the buckles for the pin.

Your winners, W. Morrisey & Bhupinder Gujjar!

Moose was interviewed backstage.  He said Sami Callihan was scared of him, which is why Callihan keeps attacking him.  The last time they faced off, Callihan left on a stretcher.  It's Moose and Maclin vs. PCO & W. Morrisey next week.  Maclin told him to get Callihan out of his head.  Moose said he's not in his head and he's ready.

Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander & Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. Violent by Design

Deaner and Alexander started out with the Impact Champion in control. Alexander reversed a hiptoss attempt and cinched in an armbar.  Mark Briscoe tagged in but was caught in VBD's corner and worked over.  Eric Young ran him into the buckles.   

Mark fought back and tagged in Jay.  Jay worked over Young with a series of forearms and uppercuts.  He nailed a snap suplex and tagged Mark back in.  The wiped him out with a double shoulderblock and nailed a series of chops.  The Briscoes kept tagging in and out.  Joe Doering got involved, so Alexander knocked him to the floor.  Jay Briscoe nailed a tope con hilo to the floor.  Mark followed up with a moonsault to the floor on VBD.

After a commercial break, Jay continued to work over Young.  He was cut off and drilled with a big right hand in the corner.  He brought Jay into VBD's corner, where he was worked over.  Jay fired back with a jawbreaker and tagged out to Alexander.  Alexander and Young, the Slammiversary main eventers, battled.  Young worked him over with a series of rights.  Young was whipped into the corner and hit the Flair Flop and was knocked off the apron to the floor.  Deaner nailed Alexander and prevented him from tagging out.  He nailed a big elbow and ripped at his face.  Alexander was drilled with a double boot by VBD.

Young worked over Alexander and scored several two counts.   Deaner tagged in and nailed a neckbreaker.  Alexander's nose was bleeding.  Deaner was caught in a Northern Lights suplex but kicked out.  Alexander went to tag out but Deaner snatched him and dragged him back to VBD's corner.    

Alexander was worked over in the corner.  He tried to fight his way out and finally did so, nailing a leaping knee to Deaner.  Alexander fought to his corner and tagged out to Mark Briscoe.  Mark whipped out some Redneck Kung Fu.  Young nailed several elbows but Jay Briscoe tagged in and nailed a big boot and an neckbreaker.  Mark came off the top with the Froggy Bow elbow but Deaner broke up the pinfall.  He was tossed to the floor.  VBD isolated Jay and worked him over.  Jay fought to escape the corner but was caught by Young and sent into the ropes.  Jay shocked him with a big rana and tagged Mark.  Mark scored with several kicks and they nailed a double-team powerbomb/neckbreaker combination.  They called for the Doomsday Device on Deaner but EY nailed Mark with a flagpole.  Deaner nailed a DDT but Alexander saved Jay at the last second.  

Alexander went for the C4 Spike on Young but was backdropped to the floor, where Doering wiped him out with a high cross bodyblock.  The Briscoes battled Young and Deaner.  Deaner nailed Mark with EY's hockey mask.  Young nailed a piledriver and scored the pin..  

Your winners, Violent by Design!

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