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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-26 10:00:00


Is there any real understanding of what happens to the responsibilities held by Stephanie McMahon now that she's taking time away/quit/whatever from WWE?

In the short term, it is believed Nick Khan will be overseeing Stephanie McMahon's former team.  I would expect WWE, if they aren't already, to begin looking for someone to oversee the Brand Marketing for the company.  No one I've spoken to believes McMahon will be returning anytime soon, so the company will need to have someone full-time.

I saw it was reported that a lot of people within WWE were shocked about Stephanie McMahon taking time off.  How did they find out?

They found out pretty much in real time the same way you did, when Stephanie McMahon tweeted about taking time away from the company.  It was a very tiny group that were aware before she made her tweet.  There were lots of high-up executives who had no inkling this was coming until it very quickly spread across the company after she tweeted.  There was no company statement internally before the announcement was made,

I've seen it advertised that at signings The Undertaker won't sign any trading cards from his debut year.  That doesn't make any sense to me that he'd refuse to sign something people are paying him hundreds of dollars to sign, so any idea what the deal is here?  Does he hate the card?  I don't get it.

The story that has been passed around is that the same company that handles Undertaker's signings have decided to also sell those cards themselves, so my guess is that this is their way to maintain the prices they want for those signatures on that item.

If Mick Foley had as big a problem with the screwjob as he claimed to have in his book, including almost quitting, how come a year later, at the end of Survivor Series 1998, he was involved in mocking the incident? Was he forced into this, or did he just not care anymore? 

Foley was indeed angry about the Montreal incident and actually walked out on the company, but as he wrote in one of his books, the end result of that walk-out would have seen Bret Hart making millions for WCW while Foley would have been making nothing and perhaps sued by WWF for contract breach. So, he had no choice but to deal with it and go back to work. A year later, the screwjob was simply part of wrestling history and honestly, everyone was making a lot more money by then, which always makes one a little more agreeable to doing things they might not have wanted to do previously. Hart has always spoken highly of Foley for sticking up for him, so he obviously was not upset by Foley taking part in that angle.  

I have a lot of fond memories of the old WCW video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  It seems so random the game came out, since the NWA/WCW didn't have a big footprint compared to WWF beyond wrestling fans at the time.  Any insight?

According to the excellent book Wrestling with Pixels, which looks at all the known wrestling video games that have been released, the WCW game is an American version of a Japanese wrestling game titled Superstar Pro Wrestling from publisher Nichibutsu.  The original version of the game featured unofficial versions of known stars in Japan and when the game was brought over from Japan to the United States, they licensed the WCW name and characters.

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