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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-24 10:00:00

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Is it just me or is Ric Flair wrestling again (even if it's in a tag match for a minute or two) completely insane?

It's not you, it's completely insane to me as well.  I don't care what a doctor told Ric.  He's 73 years old and almost died.  It's insane to me that he even risk doing this.  Plus, we all saw his lat run in Impact.  He was done then.  All he could do was bleed.  This is just a bad, bad idea to me.

And what does it say about Conrad Thompson, his son-in-law and promoter of the show, for essentially putting the life of his father-in-law at risk? I mean Flair is broken physically, a former alcoholic, and was placed in a medically induced coma for a month a few years back due to heart issues.

I sure wouldn't do it if I were Conrad.  I guess he may think if Flair is going to do it, at least if he promotes it he will have some control.  But again, it shouldn't be happening in my opinion.

I just saw the article with the clip of Tammy Sytch's BF/Fiancee James Pente complaining about how he's out 22k due to the prosecution not initially declaring her a dangerous offender and instead allowing her to be released on bail. Putting aside what a douchebag he is to be act like losing some money means he is "suffering as well" when there is a family who just lost a loved one due to his Fiance's actions..... Isn't he also full of s**t??  Sytch is back in custody now so any surety he posted to bail her out should be returned to him correct? Or is there something else I'm missing here.

That statement from him explained why he is with Sytch in the first place, he ain't that bright.  He clearly doesn't understand the law.  Yes, if bail is posted and then the person is remanded, bail is returned, so the dim bulb wouldn't be out anything.  On top of that, it was a bond agency that put up the money, so all Pente probably did was agree to pay it if Sytch skipped out.

Should James Pente be charged as an accomplice since he let Tammy Sytch drive his car?

I don’t know the law but I would love to see him charged and convicted.  There is no reasonable way I can see that he didn’t know Sytch had her license taken away so to me, he is an accomplice for his role in the crime.

Freddie Prinze Jr. wants to start a wrestling company with all of the talent receiving benefits under the Screen Actors Guild union.  Do you think this will actually happen?

Will it happen? I think it depends on how much money he wants to spend/lose.  I don’t see many, if any, top talents jumping from WWE or AEW to Prinze’s group.  Who would leave a billionaire for a start up like this?  And the promise of SAG membership isn’t enough to make them jump in my opinion.

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