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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-23 10:00:00

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How do you deal with stupid people on social media?  I see people writing ridiculous things to you all the time. You guys don't get paid enough to deal with imbeciles.

I agree. We definitely don't get paid enough to deal with imbeciles, so we don't.  I know other people in our position seem to live to respond to social media attacks.  We don't bother.  Like you said, if someone is a moron and I try to enter into a discussion with them all that will come of it is two morons going back and forth.  I'll pass on that.  The best way to deal with a moron is to ignore that person.

Do you think Sasha can make money while suspended using her real name if she got commercials or acting or is being under WWE contract prevents that? Like can she also accept interview requests and go on podcasts with her real name?

I don't think it, I know it since she has already had acting credits under her given name.  She doesn't need the Sasha handle.

We always hear about WWE’s international fan base, but how big is this fanbase really? I suppose one can assume there’s 2 to 3 million American WWE fans of varying dedication, from hardcore fans to lapsed fans who check in periodically, to some who just watch occasional YouTube clips. Would you happen to know an estimate of the number of international WWE fans? Lastly, what would be a rough guess of total worldwide wrestling fans from the alleged “hotbed” countries of the U.K.,Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia?

They definitely have fans world wide, no doubt, but the vast majority are here in the US, which makes sense given that they are a US company.  Back when they used to release the WWE Network Numbers, pre-Peacock, I remember that probably 90 percent or more of the fans were from the US.  I think that's a pretty good gauge.

In WWE's attempt to make Sasha and Naomi look bad with the statement the company released, could they have made a huge mistake, legally?  The statement basically said their product is scripted, and that their independent contractors rehearse. Is this something that could end up biting them in the butt from someone like the Screen Actors Guild?

Nope, it's not.  WWE has stated for years now that there is product is scripted.  No new ground was broken here.

Assuming wrestlemania continues to be 2 nights in the coming years, do you think wwe would ever try again having multiple locations, night 1 in New York, night 2 in Los Angeles sort of thing?

I don’t see that happening, for a couple of reasons.  One, they sell Mania to a city/building based on bringing in upwards of 100,000 fans for the better part of a week.  If they had two places, that wouldn’t happen, plus they have the issue of which city would get the better show.  On top of that, with Smackdown on Friday and Raw on Monday, WWE doesn’t want to have to put TV crews in two cities.

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