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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-18 10:00:00

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Do you have an opinion or idea on what makes a one word name work for some wrestlers and not for others?  Theory and Riddle and Butch sound ridiculous but Wardlow works.  Is it the the name and the presentation of the talent?  Is it that WWE shortened talent’s names to one word but Wardlow came into AEW as Wardlow from the start?

I think the presentation of the talent is a big part of it, for sure.  Wardlow is impressive no matter how many names he has.  Another thing is I think they hurt talents when they start with two names and then are shortened to one.  It's just odd.  As for Butch?  Well, it's a dumb name.

Has the entire island of Long Island turned heel, or has it been heel from the start?

It gave us Vince Russo.  I think that says it all.

If AEW books Mick Foley to show up on Dynamite to get beaten down by MJF, does the crowd boo MJF or cheer him?

That would be interesting, for sure.  It would probably take another guy from the Island that they like to get the crowd to boo MJF.

Has Orange Cassidy been played out at this point or should he have evolved beyond what he was 3 years ago?  His high points were a feud with Jericho and a title shot at Double or Nothing, but that was a year ago at this point, he still does the same act, hasn’t been in anything relevant, and he might just be overshadowed by Danhausen at this point, just because Danhausen is still fresh.

I think his gimmick limits what he can do.  During the feud with Jericho I hoped that he would evolve from Pockets, as Jim Cornette calls him, to something more than a novelty and borderline comedy character.  He didn’t though.  Now?  He’s just kind of there.  He has a lot of talent and I think he could be more than he is.  I hope he gets the chance to show that.

This is the 2nd time that Sasha Banks walked out.. I mean, in the end it's a billion dollar business and you have to do what your boss wants you to do.. and tbh Naomi is not on the level of Sasha so imo it's going to hurt Naomi even more.. Sasha proved she's not a reliable asset for WWE and walking out again n again will make other promotions hesitate to sign her (if she's future endeavored).. your thoughts, Sir?

First off, no one HAS to do what their boss says.  If they are ready to walk away because they don’t like how they are being used or what their job is, they can do so. People do it at jobs every day.  So if I am Sasha, and I think they creative presents me in a bad way and I am ready to lose my job for standing up in what I believe in, I do it.  Steve Austin did the same thing a few times, as have many others.  Also, if I am Sasha, I know I have other options, like acting.  She is 30 years old and has a ton of potential in other areas.  I wouldn’t be shocked if she leaves the business altogether is WWE released her.  I bet she will find success in whatever she chooses to do if that happens.

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