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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-17 11:21:00

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I was just wondering what your thoughts are on J.J. Dillon? I just got finished reading his autobiography and it was terrific. I consider him very knowledgeable when it comes to pro wrestling and every promotion should have him or someone like him in their administration.

I always liked JJ.  He was great on camera with The Horseman and from what I have heard he gets the business.

WWE is going to Cardiff. Any other news about overseas cities getting the PPV treatment?

I think we will see more of them if it makes sense financially.  Money is the key.  I think WWE would run a show on the North Pole in the snow if the money was right.

And can the better handling of COVID in some countries be positive for shows going abroad?

That would be nice but I think at the end of the day, WWE will go anywhere they can if the price is right (see Saudi Arabia), except for places like Russia and North Korea.

Of all the big men that came after him, who would you most like to see Andre The Giant battle in both their primes?

I will go with The Undertaker.  That would have been a classic.

Tammy Sytch has smiled/smirked in her two most recent mug shots.  What does that say about her to you?

I think it shows how evil she truly is.  The first one you could maybe make the case that she was drunk but the second one?  Nope.  She chose to smirk when she was arrested for killing a grandfather (after saying on social media that she had nothing to do with it).  She is vile and evil.  I hope she never gets out of jail.  She is a menace to society.

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