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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-16 10:00:00

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I laughed when I saw a reader said you were out of line for calling Tammy Sytch vile.  I personally feel she is officially tied with Chris Benoit level in terms of vileness.  Am I out of line?

I think Benoit is worse.  He chose to murder his family.  I know he had issues with his brain but still, he was cognizant enough to call WWE and lie about why he couldn't make the show that night.  Tammy is a horrible person, for sure, but to me Benoit is worse to me.

With Edge’s body of work since his comeback, and his reinvention with this Omnipotent gimmick, could it justify a second WWE Hall of Fame induction once Edge calls it a career?

I could see WWE doing it but to me, it's the same wrestler just doing a different gimmick.  I don't think it warrants a second induction. Plus, Edge only got inducted because the company thought his career was over.

Watching the William Morrissey versus Wardlow match, which side of the crowd would you have been on, The side that wanted Enzo or the side that didn’t?

I would have been on the side that didn't want him and I would have lobbied that the people that wanted him should be forcibly neutered so that they can't reproduce.

“The Mandalorian” and “The Batman” filmed in these new sets created by Industrial Light and Magic called “The Volume,” which is a giant wraparound LED screen that show any setting needed for filming, any time of day, any background they want.  What are the chances WWE decides to get a Volume, stick a ring in it and create their own arena and their own crowd to cheer and boo for whatever WWE wants?  They already sweetened the crowd noise, they’ve already turned the wrestlers into actors playing parts… why not just take the crowds’ reaction (or lack of reaction) out of the equation and control that too?

They already do that with crowd reaction.  We hear things from the crowd that we don’t see.  But I see no reason right now for them to do what you suggested because they make a lot of money selling tickets to the TV shows.  Why give that up?

Should Jeff Jarrett be tapped as a booker for somebody?  By Tony Khan for AEW or ROH?  Or by CYN or Freddy Prinze Jr for his new promotion.  He started TNA from scratch and in four years he got it pretty hot for the next 3.  Not saying he didn’t make mistakes but you give him the book for five years, the promotion would probably be better off.

He could be but I don’t see Khan giving up the book.  I don’t see Prinze starting it up and not being hands on.

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