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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-15 10:00:00

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While I did enjoy the Jeff Hardy/Darby Allin match on Dynamite on 5/11, I honestly thought a few times it was too much.  Maybe I’m too old school, but shouldn’t the really crazy stuff not be given away on free TV?   One or two painful or dangerous spots maybe, but that was pretty wicked.

Frankly, some of the stuff I saw them do just shouldn’t be done at all.  The art of wrestling is to do things that don’t hurt and present them as actually being painful.  When a guy does something that is actually painful, and real, they aren’t pro wrestling in my opinion.  With that said, it all depends on where they should present it.  If the owner thinks it will get viewership up, he should put it on TV.  Me?  I am of the opinion that AEW is pigeonholing itself by marketing to the hardcore fans.  I think the casual fan, who tunes in for storyline arcs and characters, will mostly tune out.  To them, the actual wrestling is not what they tune in for.  I would love to see AEW cut back on giving away marquee matches and start doing more character building.  Look at Wardlow.  People are totally into him and it’s not for his history of mind bending matches.  I would love to see more character development and storytelling on Dynamite.  I would love to see the effect it would have on viewership.

I really enjoy Chad Gable’s current iteration and feel he is woefully underrated. What’s the general consensus of his current gimmick among the IWC and the journalists? I hope he’s impressed Vince because his current character adds personality to compliment his solid ringwork and Gable deserves a push. Do you like his gimmick too?

I don’t follow what the IWC says I can’t tell you what they think.  We journalists don’t get together and talk about all things business so we don’t have a consensus either.  I think Gable has a ton of talent and is making the most out of the gimmick WWE gave him.

I really enjoyed Darby vs. Jeff Hardy on Dynamite this week but upon rewatching something didn’t sit well with me. Do you find it in bad taste to have someone like Darby doing death-defying falls in a tournament honoring Owen Hart?

To me bad taste would come down to intent here.  I don’t think Tony Khan or either man had any bad intent with the match.  To me, it wasn’t about whether it disrespected Owen, it was about the truly stupid beating that the men took, as I said above.

I think you misunderstood a previous question I had asked about wrestlers that insult fans. I love when wrestlers insult fans in character and I have an affinity for great heels. However, when wrestlers get into spats with fans on social media, some wrestlers insult the fans with some variation of “You are just an ‘Incel’ who lives in their mother’s basement.” Where did the “Incel” wrestling fan slur come from? Is that how most wrestlers view the fanbase? Moreover, why do some wrestlers insult fans in such a manner? Do they not realize wrestling fans already endure ribbing from their friends for even being adult wrestling fans? I can’t think of another industry that has such a bizarre and sometimes unkind relationship with its fans; who are incredibly loyal. It seems like bad business to me. Your thoughts?

I can’t comment because I didn’t see the statements you are talking about where wrestlers said whatever you saw them say.  What I can tell you is that on social media, some people can be real assholes and overstep.  I don’t think that a person that crosses the line should be let off the hook because they are “a fan”.  It’s like the clown on the plane that messed with Mike Tyson.  I am glad Tyson beat his ass.  The guy was a jerk.  I have seen fans get totally out of line with wrestlers on Twitter.  I don’t blame them when they call someone who is a turd, a turd.

Does Vince not know or care that when NXT wrestlers are cut mid-storyline or have their whole personas changed upon coming to the main roster - that he is killing his own NXT viewership? For example, I gave up regular viewing during the changeover to 2.0 and only scan through the show for big matches, backstage skits, or certain wrestlers. My boo actually LIKED the new 2.0 and started following it religiously, but is now wondering, “Why should invest my time in NXT, if stories or wrestlers I like get dropped suddenly or nothing that happened in the NXT Universe matters when wrestlers get called up?” It seems like Vince is cannibalizing his own product and is unconcerned that he is eroding the NXT audience with this practice because it keeps happening! Am I wrong?

I don’t think he cares.  He didn’t keep NXT as a strong third brand when it was a strong third brand so that showed me how much value he placed on it.

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