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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-13 10:00:00


I saw  Bill Demott is calling for Sunny to be removed from her WWE Hall of Fame position.  Has there been any movement or discussion within WWE about such a thing?  They did so for Jimmy Snuka when he was indicted.

There's been no discussion, yet, that we have heard about.  It may be that the company is taking a wait and see attitude.  The Snuka situation received far more mainstream attention as he was a much bigger star in the pro wrestling pantheon than Tammy has ever been, so that could be the difference.  My feeling is that WWE would generate more attention removing her than ignoring the situation, so they might as well ignore it for now.  After all, they can always point to how often they attempted to help her over the years, which would be the 100% truth.  A lot of people tried to help Sytch.  She just squandered all those chances.

I've seen Tammy attacking people including DeMott on Twitter.  Who do you think is advising her at this point?

I sort of suspect her boyfriend may be making some of those comments as he's been very argumentative with those on social media previously, but I can't say that with 100% certainty.  I think the fact that the comments are even being made points to the fact that no one is advising her more than anything else.  If we are going to be fair, there's always a chance she doesn't even know the comments are being made on her Twitter account.  We don't know.

I saw the video from the Dayton Times from a few months back where Tammy Sytch tells the police, on their bodycam, that she doesn't know what she does when she gets "blackout drunk."  Given the level of alcohol in her blood according to the police when her car struck that poor man's car, could this be evidence against her?

I can't say 100% but I have talked about this on Elite audio, that her giving that statement of her own free will and choice while speaking to police officers months before the incident where Julian Lasetter was killed could come back to haunt her, but that would be a choice made by the prosecutors and who knows whether her defense attorney could have it bounced out.  I don't know the letter of the law for Florida on this one.

Will New Jersey issue an arrest warrant for Tammy Sytch if she doesn't show up for her hearings when she obviously isn't allowed to leave Florida?

Possible, but not likely.  The impression we have been given is that Florida will have precedence due to the severity of the charges and when that situation is resolved legally, New Jersey will still be waiting.  She'll also have to deal with money owed to the different courts in New Jersey for previous cases that she has yet to pay off.

I saw someone online saw Tammy also has outstanding charges in PA?  What happened there?

That would be factually incorrect.  There are no charges against her currently in PA.  She does still owe thousands of dollars in court costs, which keep accruing interest.  It's possible that the court could issue a warrant for her arrest for non-payment and ingnoring their demand for payment but there's been no movement in that direction to the best of my knowledge.  They last contacted Sytch and her attorneys about being over 1,000 days behind in payment back in March.

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