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By James Kurokawa on 2022-05-26 23:01:00

Welcome to the New Japan on AXS TV report!

We are at Wrestling Dontaku 2022 at the Fukuoka Dome!

NEVER Openweight Championship:  EVIL, with Dick Togo vs. Tama Tonga, with Jado

Tama attacks EVIL on his way to the ring.  They battle all around ringside.   Tama gets thrown into the time keeper table.  EVIL had the advantage until Tama powered up and hit three dropkicks.   Tama punches Dick Togo.   Tama hits a Stinger Splash.   Tama with a Tonga Twist.   EVIL hits a lariat.  Two count on Tama.   Togo tries to interfere but gets knocked to the floor.  Tama hits a Death Valley Driver then a Supreme Flow.  EVIL kicks out at two.   Tama goes for a Scorpion but EVIL rakes his eyes.  Togo hits Tama in the head with a chair.   EVIL hits Darkness Falls.   Kick out at two.   EVIL tried for the Darkness Scorpion but Tama fights him off.   Tama locks EVIL in his own Scorpion Death Lock.   Togo pushes Jado into the guardrails.  Togo grabs the bell hammer and rings the bell.  Tama let go of the hold, thinking he won.   The referee is explaining it to him.  EVIL hits Tama from behind and into the referee, who goes flying out of the ring.  Togo jumps in and chokes out Tama with piano wire.   Tama powers out of the choke.  EVIL hits Tama in the back and they drop Tama with a Magic Killer.  Togo and EVIL tried to hit a super power bomb.   Jado hit EVIL in the back with the kendo stick.  Tama suplexes Togo.   Jado hits EVIL on the head with the kendo stick.  They reverse out of each other’s finishers.  Tama finally connects with the Gun Stun.

Tama Tonga pins EVIL.

Tama Tonga wins the NEVER Openweight Championship!

The crowd pops at the win.   Jado hugs Tama in the ring.   “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows hit the ring, with Bullet Club colors on.  They pound on Tama and Jado.  They hit a Magic Killer on Jado.   They beat down Tama.   Tanga Loa sprints to the the ring for the save.   Gallows plants Tanga with a sit down choke slam.   Anderson hits a Gun Stun on the NEVER Openweight belt.

Anderson looks in the camera and says “Tama Tonga, you are taking too much shit.  Do you realize what you have just gotten yourself involved in?  The Machine Gun is back!”

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship:  El Desperado vs. Taiji Ishimori 

Ishimori goes after the arm of Desperado.  They battle to the outside and Ishimori drops Desperado chest first on the guardrail. Ishimori takes the turnbuckle pad off and rams Desperado‘s left arm into the metal corner.   Ishimori worked over the left arm.   He tied Desperado’s arm up and locked in a triangle, with Ishimori’s legs around the head and neck of Desperado.  Rope break.  Desperado fights back with kick to the left leg of Ishimori and a Dragon Screw.   Desperado applies an Indian Death Lock.   Ishimori runs Desperado’s left arm into the ring post.  Ishimori hits a shoulder breaker but he uses his left knee and drops Desperado entire weight on his knee.  Ishimori and Desperado are in pain.   Ishimori goes for a 450 and missed.  Desperado hits a spear.  Ishimori hits a lung blower.   Ishimori goes for La Mistica, but Desperado blocks it and reverses into Guitarra de Angel.  Two count.   Ishimori connects with a high knee.  Desperado connects with a right punch.   Ishimori hits La Mistica and a Yes Lock.   Desperado screams in pain but reverses out and applies Numero Dos.  Ishimori wiggles out of hold and applies a modified Cobra twist.   Desperado repositions Ishimori on his back and drops to his knee, driving Ishimori’s head to the mat.  Two count.  Desperado hit Pinche Loco.  Desperado held on and went for another Pinche Loco.  Ishimori rolled out and applied the Bone Lock on Desperado’s left arm.    

Desperado taps out.

Taiji Ishimori wins the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship!

Big pop of surprise from the crowd.  

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