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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-09 10:00:00

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How did you feel about William Morrissey wrestling against Wardlow?  He looked amazing and was wrestling like a classic giant in all the right ways.  He worked the crowd like a big man trained by the WWF should.  Is WWE or AEW missing out by not signing him full time?

Eps and I talked about this very subject on the FMB on Saturday.  Morrisey has finally found himself as a big man.  I think he is on top of his game for sure.  He has really found his groove.

What’s your best guess— what percentage of wrestling fans know that the business is a work?

I don't have a best guess but it's pretty clear that the vast majority of fans know what they are watching isn't a real fight.

Do you think Yuta fits in with the Blackpool Fight Club? His “out of nowhere” push seems forced and I don’t buy that his character would be hanging out with Danielson or Moxley at this stage in his career.  Don’t you think a more vicious or imposing character, such as Miro, Archer, or Wardlow - could have benefited more and been a better fit in Yuta’s place? For example, Archer looks like an a**kicker and joining the BFC, could have paved over his underwhelming booking and elevated him. Your thoughts?

I think Yuta fits in perfectly.  The BFC is about finding young talents and taking them to the next level.  That was the whole reason why Danielson and Mox got together in the first place, remember?  It's not about finding big, established monsters.  Yuta fits perfectly with the group in my view.

One man that never gets talked about for the WWE Hall of Fame is Dick Ebersol. He greenlit Saturday Night’s Main Event and helped WWE take its tv production to network quality. Your thoughts?

If he wanted to go in, he would be a first ballot Hall Of Famer is the Hall was based on legitimate voting.  He was a huge ally of and asset to WWF back in the day.

Because of Mick and Noelle Foley I've seen a lot of Frank the Clown. He is very enjoyable and quirky from what I've seen. What have you seen? Is he NXT/AEW material? Can he get there?

I honestly haven’t seen enough of his work to say if he can get to the next level.  Tony Khan has shown he likes indy characters so maybe be has a chance there.

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