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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-08 10:10:00

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Has AEW indicated when they may start touring overseas?

I haven’t heard of any plans yet but I know that they want to do it.  The pandemic there a monkey wrench in things, for sure, but Tony Khan has a lot of roots in the UK.  I know he wants to tour there.  I think it’s just a matter of time.

Tammy Sytch smiled in her mug shot after being arrested for killing a man?  Really?

Yep, really.  That mug shut is the perfect example of what a selfish, narcissistic, menace to society that woman is.  She kills a man due to her actions, gets arrested and smiles for the mug shot.  She is a different form of vile.  I hope she gets the maximum sentence and acts up while she is incarcerated so that time is added to her stay and she is never released.  She has proven she is beyond rehabilitation and society will be a better place with her in a cell.

Why did Jeff Hardy debut in AEW with the Hardy Boys music? I thought it was a generic theme created by WWE. Am I wrong?

If they are playing it, they have the rights to it.  That simple!  Tony Khan is not going to get sued by WWE.

Who chooses the guests for Stone Cold's Broken Skull Ranch? Is it Steve, the company, or a combination of both?

From what I have heard it’s a collaborative process.

What would you say the state of the wrestling business is right now?  Obviously this isn't any boom period like the MNW or the Hogan Era, but its making money like never before.  As well as more content out there than ever.  Where would this business stand in your eyes?  Great? Fair? Fine? Poor?

It’s really hard to compare eras due to technology changes.  In the two eras you mentioned, especially Hogan in the WWF, there were very few options for eyeballs.  Pre-cable expansion, there were less than 10 channels in most markets.  That means less choices.  Now?  There are scads of options so we will never see combined 10 ratings again.  So, you have to go with dollars.  At this moment, WWE’s business is great.  Note I said business, not product.  AEW is still in that growing phase and where they will go really depends on that next TV rights deal.

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