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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-04 13:52:00

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Back to Tony Kahn's love of blood.  Who decides on the bloodletting?  Do the talents have to bleed via their contracts, do they get paid more or does Tony just ask nicely and they say yes?

In most, if not all, cases it's discussed and the talent can say yes or no to the blade.  I have been told that if someone doesn't want to do it, they don't have to.  If I were a wrestler, that would be me.

I was wondering how William Regal is able to use the William Regal name in AEW? Wasn't he always using Steven Regal before going to WWE and his real name is Darren Matthews?  Did WWE never trademark William Regal?

As we /article.php?id=155806/article.php?id=155806, he filed for both the William Regal and Lord Steven Regal trademarks.  WWE had owned William Regal in the past but let it expire.

I know that you think Dominick Mysterio is where he is because of his name. But what do you think of him as a performer? Does he have potential? Or is there a lot of work to be done? Personally, I'd like to see him go to NXT and evolve from there. There's something there.

Well, he is better than he was when he first debuted so he has shown improvement in the ring.  I would like to see him go somewhere and get reps.  Maybe it’s NXT, but given what they have done to that promotion it may not be.   

Logan Paul had an amazing match at Mania; his Eddie work was such a good heel move, and he is naturally a heel. But wouldn't he be better suited in an AEW environment, where he has freedom to be the natural heel he is, instead of WWE where he is scripted to hate?

Only if he wants to go to AEW.  Remember this, when a celebrity chooses to wrestle, it’s often in the biggest promotion.  As much as I prefer AEW over WWE right now, to many people WWE is the big time.  Plus, wrestling there gets them more publicity that wrestling in AEW.

Of all the Mania matches, I was most invested in Knoxville v Sami. Should WWE look to those two about how to promote a rivalry and a match? Every interview Knoxville did, he mentioned the match and wanting to end Sami. Sami responded wanting to finish Knoxville. I hate the star system, but looking at it, the promotion and story of this match was five star.

In that respect, it was well done for sure.  Both men wanted to beat the snot out of the other one because they had an issue and didn’t like each other.  That is exactly how I like my wrestling. Vince McMahon?  Well he sees things differently most of the time.

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