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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-03 10:00:00

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I saw that MJF shot you a zinger on Twitter.  To me, it proved your point, that he should stay in AEW because he will never get to be himself in WWE.  Thoughts?

The guy is so talented, ridiculously talented.  To me, people like him should be given creative freedom to do what they do best.  WWE overscripts everything so that concerns me if he were to go there.  I don’t think they would let him do the things that make him what he is.

Ok, I know this is going to get me thrown off the Internet and shunned by neighbors, but I got to ask... Marty Scurll.  Do you think Marty will ever be able to appear anywhere in a major promotion ever again?  I thought I read he was in Puerto Rico in the CWA.  Any chance he ever gets back to the States or even to Britain for that matter?

I guess there is a chance.  If I am WWE or AEW though I look at risk/reward.  Does he bring enough to the table to make it worth dealing with the potential blow back that will come with him?  If I am them, it’s a hard pass for me.

I just hate the thought of RK-Bro losing the titles. they have been one of the few bright spots on whatever show they are on. Your thoughts?

I agree.  Plus, at this point in Randy’s career, I hope they give this time to see where it goes.  They have turned him so many times everyone is expecting it.  That’s why they shouldn’t do it!

Do you know of an instance in which a vehicle containing a ring has been towed? This could be for any wrestling company big or small.

No I don't, but do remember going to an ECW show up in the mountains at The Flagstaff in PA when Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge were driving the ring there and would have gotten stuck had the bus with a bunch of internet fans not gotten stuck going up a steep road. Because we were stuck, they took an alternate route rather than making the same mistake that we did.

Whatever happened to Earl Hebner in AEW? I know he was gonna make some limited appearances as a referee a couple years ago. He called the match between Cody and Dustin at Double or Nothing 2019 but not again after that.

As I remember it, it wasn't a full time gig when he came in.

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