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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-02 10:00:00

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What’s your take on WWE’s tweaks to Cody’s entrance and presentation?  He’s got no entourage, no Brandy, no special entranceway, and he’s giving his weight belt to kids like Bret Hart did.  Do you think all that makes him a more effective babyface?  I personally do.

So far, they are presenting Cody very well in my opinion.  I hope it keeps up.

Not a question but instead a rant: I know I’m not telling you anything you new that Tammy Sytch is just a disgusting human being. I just finished reading her saying how the car legally registered to her boyfriend was her car which makes as little sense as it seems. But to try to hide behind having a seizure that caused the accident? I’ve had seizures for over a decade and at one point lost my license for over half of a year because I was deemed unsafe to drive until it was under control. So, let’s just go with her lie and did have a seizure. She also commented on having one before that caused an accident years ago, too. The fact that she would know this is a possibility and continued to drive (illegally) does nothing to make her look like any less of a piece of garbage.

I can add nothing other than she is a vile human being and I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison.  She is a menace to society.

Because it is WWE, we know that, sooner or later, Randy Orton will turn on Riddle. And it’s such a shame, as RK-Bro has been one of the rare bright spots on whatever show they turn up on. And I fear they will lose at Backlash. I was enjoying the tribute to Orton, yet I knew something wold happen to mess it up. Especially when Seth Rollins opened his big mouth. And I was right. Am I missing something?

You probably aren't missing anything.  WWE has conditioned us to expect exactly what you mentioned above.

Admittedly, I am not a lawyer and realize I may be 100% wrong in my thinking. But, what are your thoughts on the MLW lawsuit against WWE? The more I read MLW’s statements about WWE’s alleged misconduct, it actually comes across more and more that MLW doesn’t have much ground at all. It feels like the endless wellness/CTE lawsuits that WWE faced in the late 2000’s/early 2010’s from former past WWE performers that didn’t help them at all and probably won’t end up doing MLW any good.

I am not a lawyer either so my layman's take is that they have a tough case to prove.  Considering that WWE has a contract with FOX, why wouldn't Stephanie McMahon go right to them if she had an issue?  Plus, with the talents that WWE released, who went immediately to AEW, it seems it will be hard to prove restraint of trade.  But again, I am not a lawyer.

Do you anticipate any change to the availability of ROH episodes on Fite TV?  I’m struggling with the loss of it on Stadium.   

It depends on what Tony Khan decides to do going forward.  If I were guessing, I would think he would leave the older content that’s on FITE now in place.  I would think if he creates new ROH content, he would want to monetize it.

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