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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-10 10:47:00

Iconic Heroes Wrestling Excellence announced the following:

On Thursday, March 31st, at the historic Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, Texas, Where the West Begins, Iconic Heroes Wrestling Excellence (IHWE) presents a full day of events, during the biggest week of the year in the industry, the leadup to WrestleMania. The day begins with the 2021/2022 Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame Ceremony, followed by IHW Insane Hardcore Wrestling, the alternative brand, as IHW Presents" X-Treme Combat" followed by a Meet & Greet with fans featuring IHW & IHWE Stars, IHWE Premier event "Old School Hustle" event ends the evening.

 Here are the day’s events and some of the stars featured:

-Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame (SWHOF) Ceremony 3 Pm
Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic IHWE refrained from inducting individuals in 2021, so IHWE has decided to do a joint class to be honored on March 31st.  The ceremony will be available to the fans that purchase VIP tickets to the IHW/IHWE Doubleheader that day.

Class of 2021 will feature:
NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion, IHW Champion, IHWE Champion Main Event Mike Foxx
NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion Showtime Scot Summers
NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Champion, XCW Champion The Professional John Allen
NWA Texas Tag Team Champion, Pro Wrestling NOAH Alumni Bull Schmitt
Military Veteran, Pro Wrestling Broadcaster, Sports Broadcaster, Journalist Stew Myrick
Director for WCCW, ROH, MLW & WCW Television Dan Bynum
Promoter & Wrestler Fred Urban
DFW Tag Team Champions, XCW Tag Team Champions Jeff & Jerry Brown
Official IHWE, NWA Super Dave Miller
Father & Son-Promoter, Wrestler, Trainer Tugboat Taylor, Wrestler, Promoter, Actor Chaz Taylor
Class of 2022
Military Veteran, Multi Time Champion The Destroyer Dick Beyer
Promoter, Manager The Original Playa Lance Romance
IHWE Queen of the Ring, ACW American Joshi Champion Jessica James
Promoter, Director, Producer Austin Kellerman
NWA Texas Tag Team Champions The Overboys w/ Mike Paige
Promoter, Agent, Trainer Bill Behrens
4 Time NWA Texas Tag Team Champion JP Black

-Insane Hardcore Wrestling (IHW) X-Treme Combat 5 Pm
IHW returns with an alternative brand to IHWE. IHW began in 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas, with somewhat of a cult following. Hardcore Wrestling & Shock Television was on the rise. With Rodney Mack & Jazz at the forefront, Necro Butcher character being born in the brand, Regional Stars Canyon, Joey Corman, Samir, Dexter Hardaway, and The Colossal Kongs all coming through, the cast of characters & content of the show was a perfect fit with the late 90's wrestling crowd. This event will not be deathmatches & hardcore wrestling. It will serve as a different type of live event. Taping for a weekly series Insanity Online that will debut later in Spring. Fans will be treated to distinct characters, talent, matches from IHW in 2022.

 Matches on March 31st include:

Texas Slugfest IHW Championship Match
Sam Stackhouse vs. Rugged Wilder vs. Tommy Prince vs. Aaron Mercer vs. Steven Kirby vs. Korey O'Neal

UK Wrestling/YouTube Sensation Making his North American Debut Simon Miller
Making DFW Debut Sam Beale

Morgan Mercy vs. Nova Phoenix
Reggie Lincoln vs Phil Noir

1st Time in Texas
Vinny Pacifico vs. Jaden Newman

Plus More!

**Meet & Greet will take place after IHW, Prior to IHWE**

-All Tickets include admission to Both IHW & IHWE Events plus Meet & Greet-


IHWE Old School Hustle (IHWE) 7 Pm
IHWE will relaunch with its 1st live event Supercard since 2017. IHWE Began in 2008 and served as a hybrid of the Old School Wrestling that fans grew up attending & watching on Television in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, with the current style of wrestling that fans were accustom to in North America and beyond. Over the years IHWE has had some of the biggest & best talent in the industry appear & compete at IHWE. Stan Hansen, Jim Cornette, Maniac Matt Borne, Kyle O'Reilly, Johnny Gargano, Athena, Rodney Mack, Jax Dane, Charlie Haas, Myron Reed, AJ Gray, Fuego Del Sol, Shane Taylor, Laynie Luck, Veda Scott, Amber O'Neal, Dominic Garrini, Terrale Tempo, Matt Riviera, Skandor Akbar, Bill Mercer, to name some. This event will be the 7th installment of Old School Hustle.

Matches Include:

Battle Of Fort Worth/ Luiguy Salas Memorial Match
10 Man Tag Match
Tim Storm, Chris Carter, Aaron Mercer, Tommy Prince, Mysterious Q
T-Ray, Sam Stackhouse, Tommy Becker, Max Heights, Joe Angelo Garcia

IHW Texas Brass Knuckles Championship
Hoss Holding vs. The Unknown

IHWE Queen of the Ring
Amaris Blair vs. Laynie Luck

 Plus: we will be making announcements on the athletes in the following two title matches

 A match to crown the inaugural IHWE Excellence Champion

A match for the IHWE World Heavyweight Championship

Appearing: 2015 SWHOF Inductee Marc Lowrance
2010 SWHOF Inductee Rob Moore
NBA Alumni, Head Coach of TCU Alumni Basketball Team "Fort Worth Funk" Lee Nailon
Semi finalist from America's Got Talent AGT Kadie Lynn

Tickets are available:

**All Tickets gain admission for IHW & IHWE Live**
***VIP Tickets gain admission for SWHOF, IHW & IHWE Live***

Events on March 31st all at
Ridglea Theater
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

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