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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-14 14:46:00


Game Changer Wrestling will be honoring former ECW World Champion Sabu tonight at their 1/14 event in Detroit, Michigan, Sabu's hometown.  Obviously, his family has very entrenched roots in the market as his Uncle the late, great Original Sheik promoted the market for many decades.  The 1/14 event will be held at the legendary Harpo's Theatre.  Originally opening in 1939, Harpo's has hosted concerts for decades and is best known for being a major club destination for rock, hip hop and heavy metal concerts.

Harpo's other interesting connection to professional wrestling is Kevin Nash, who was once the bouncer there.  Nash will be appearing at the event tonight as well in something of a homecoming for the former WWF and WCW World Champion.

Announced for tonight's event, which will stream live on FITE.TV:

*Jimmy Jacobs vs. Alex Shelley in a reprisal of their feud from the early era of their careers.

*GCW Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon vs. Hoodfoot.

*Matt Cardona vs. Rhino.

*Leon Ruff vs. Rich Swann

*BUSSY (Allie Katch & EFFY) vs. 2 Cold Scorpio & Ricky Morton.

*Atticus Cogar vs. Matthew Justice

*Tony Deppen vs. Dark Sheik

*Scramble Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Nate Webb vs. Dante Leon vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Ninja Mack vs. Gringo Logo.

Tomorrow, the promotion returns to Chicago, IL with the following, also streaming live on FITE.TV:

*Matt Cardona vs. Ricky Morton for the first time ever.

*Allie Katch vs. Kylie Rae.

*GCW Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. The Rejects

*ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (which sounds AWESOME)

*PCO vs. AJ Gray.

*Blake Christian vs. Bandido.

*Tony Deppen vs. Mike Bailey

*Markus Crane Tribute 666 Deathmatch: Alex Colon vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. SHLAK

*Scramble Match: Gringo Loco vs. Dante Leon vs. Dark Sheik vs. Alex Zayne vs. Nick Wayne vs. Ninja Mack.

Jeff Jarrett has been announced as returning to the promotion tomorrow in Chicago, obviously to set up his match with EFFY at the Hammerstein Ballroom.  Jarrett is very much running with a "Man in Black" look inspired by the legendary Johnny Cash.

We've been asked about Nick Gage and GCW Champion Jon Moxley.  I haven't confirmed they will be working the Hammerstein Ballroom but it would be insane for GCW to take that big PPV step without one or both on the show.

Speking of Hammerstein, I've had a lot of readers ask me if they should order the show even if they don't know a lot of players involved.  To that, I say a resounding yes.  One, the average person reading this site knows who Matt Cardona, Jeff Jarrett and Homicide, etc. are but have never seen them in a GCW environment.  GCW is very much the closest thing we're ever going to get, albeit it very different, to that underground punk rock feel of a mid-1990s ECW.  In many ways, the Hammerstein Ballroom PPV, The WRLD on GCW PPV is the promotion's version of Barely Legal.  They are a very DIY, hand to mouth promotion held together by duct tape and spit, just like ECW was.  You may not like everything the promotion has to offer and it's rough around the edges for sure, but they very much provide an inclusive, diverse roster with lots of talents wrestling their heart and soul out with no parameters put on them.  That's the sort of thing that made me fall in love with independent wrestling when I was a teenager in the 1990s and I cannot imagine lots of others out there would feel the same if they sampled the show.  It's going to be worth your time to do so in my opinion.

Announced thus far for the PPV:

*ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian.
*Ruby Soho vs. Allie Katch.
*Matt Cardona (with Chelsea Green) vs. Joey Janela.
*Team Bandido (ASF & Bandido & Laredo Kid) vs. Team Gringo (Arez & Demonic Flamita & Gringo Loco.)

Teased but not officially announced is Eddie Kingston vs. AJ Gray.

GCW will run Atlantic City on 2/19 and 2/20 at the Showboat with 2 Cold Scorpio already announced.

Homicide and Thunder Rosa are set for GCW's return to Los Angeles on 2/25 and 2/26.


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